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Say maaaaaaahhhh by Mauros
Say maaaaaaahhhh
Journal 6 - FeedADragon Quality 1, Twitter and stuff
It's been a bit longer than I'd like since the last time I posted an animation. I've been working on a new project, a story where you can choose your own direction. I will have images to accompany th...
5 years ago
Journal 5 - On the subject of internal shots
Internal shots are proving to be something that is requiring a lot of thought. The issue is that the throat, crop, stomach and guts are all very tight, and expand around things as they enter them. I'v...
5 years, 4 months ago
Journal 4 - A flash of a story
So I've been pushing on with flash development, it took a lot of research and such to figure out how to actually do it. <tech-filled paragraph> As a Linux user I bemoan paying for a product I would h...
5 years, 7 months ago
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Say maaaaaaahhhh by Mauros
Say maaaaaaahhhh
Popping Candy by Mauros
Popping Candy
"Warmup" by Mauros
The Turtle Incident by Mauros
The Turtle Incident
A Curious IM 0.3(Cleaner) - Dinner time by Mauros
A Curious IM 0.3(Cleaner) - Di...
Merry Christmas! by Mauros
Merry Christmas!
Heat... by Mauros
Feed A Dragon 1.0 - Nomnomnom! by Mauros
Feed A Dragon 1.0 - Nomnomnom!
Mauros - Expression meme by Mauros
Mauros - Expression meme
Pest Control - Rat Cam by Mauros
Pest Control - Rat Cam
Comedotech Fact File - Mauros, Page 1 by Mauros
Comedotech Fact File - Mauros,...
A Cautionary Tale by Mauros
A Cautionary Tale
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A Curious IM 0.3(Cleaner) - Dinner time by Mauros
Interactive Stories
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Pest Control - Rat Cam by Mauros
The Turtle Incident by Mauros
Feed A Dragon 1.0 - Nomnomnom! by Mauros
A collection of vore animations
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A Cautionary Tale by Mauros
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Just a relatively normal feral western dragon here. Nothing particularly special about me... no really.

You still reading? perhaps I should say some deeply insightful and epic stuff then... hah.
Maybe not, I'll just say a bit about myself instead then.

I'm a standard feral green and black western dragon. I have horns and breath fire.
I have two nice big wings that let me fly and soar and four strong limbs to walk on.
I'm quite bouncy when I'm with people I know, or who I feel at ease with.
If I seem a bit withdrawn don't take offence I just tend to be apprehensive with others at first.
Once I warm up I'll be setting you alight in no time, then you'll be trying to get me to cool down! :D

I don't believe in abstention from frivolous and harmless pleasures of life.
I don't consider myself shallow however. I seek meaning in what I do;
I just don't expect to find it everywhere in everything and that's ok!
Why can't the deeper meaning just be to have a good time for a while.

Hang about me for a while and I'm sure I'll corrupt *ahem* introduce you to some weird stuff.
Don't worry if you aren't into weird things though, I never want to force anything on anyone...
except as part of an RP. *whistles* I can be quite the forceful and dominant dragon there.
Just tell me if I'm overstepping bounds. I tend to squish those things.
I am quite a big, heavy and hungry dragon after all. *blinks*
Wanna judge me for liking weird stuff? That's ok I have my own way of dealing with that.
It's all lies about you being crunchy and good with ketchup you see, you taste just fine without it.
*flashes fangs*
Don't feel safe to be unfriendly because there is non around...

"We are Dragons.
Creatures of balance.
Strong and just.
Cruel and gentle.
Wise and knowing.
Understanding but merciless.
Guarding the world."

By the standard which says fitting into society is all important,
people like Martin Luther King are dysfunctional.
There is more important things than not being a freak; the freak may
find far greater fulfilment, more easily, than the highest paid of CEOs.
The highest and most powerful people must be ruthless and cold to succeed,
why do so many aspire to that? Why is that the definition of successful?
Come my friend, be and embrace being a freak with me;
for a single one-time-fee of effort you can be free from the shackles of conformity, forever.
Let's see what happens when we reclaim the standards by which we are judged en mass,
from scared children asserting they're better for bigger offices.

Will you depict...?
(Keyword/s provided so you can block it. Something not listed? Note me, I'll respond and add it.)
Implied/Threatened Vore: Yes - No warning (No Specific Keyword)
Implied Digestion: (Passing comments, etc) Yes - No warning (No Specific Keyword)
Soft Vore: Yes - Probably thumbnailed ("Soft_Vore" "Vore")
External Digestion shots: Yes - Probably thumbnailed ("External_Digestion" "Digestion")
Hard Vore: Yes - Thumbnailed ("Hard_Vore", "Vore")
Graphic Digestion: Yes - Thumbnailed ("Digestion" "Hard_Digestion" "Internal_Digestion")
Sexual stuff: Yes - Thumbnailed (Content Dependant)
Scat: Yes, although doubtful anything but post-vore - Thumbnailed ("Scat" "Post_Vore_Scat")

I will endeavour to use the keywords I have listed in any art containing that content, I apologise if I miss one though, please do tell me. If you have any suggestions for key-wording, let me know. The key-wording system is awesome and I want to support it.

IMs, Skype, etc
I use IRC, I'm generally connected 24/7 even when I'm not at my computer.
The networks I'm connected to are Furnet and Anthrochat using the nicknames GreenBlack or Mauros.
However, currently I am in a prolonged anti-social mood and am not online very much.

Thanks for Favourites and Watches
I want to take this opportunity to thank those who watch me or favourite my work.
After some reflection I have decided I won't post thanks on people's profiles anymore.
It was becoming a ritual and I'm not really a fan of social rituals:
since I choose to be here rather than have to, I'd prefer to be who I am.
I don't have anything against social rituals, sometimes they are needed.
When I say thanks through reflex or ritual however I feel I'm being dishonest.

Each +watch or +fav makes me feel a bit happier about sharing my work, so thanks everyone.
If you like my work, clicking +watch or +fav has an impact.
I am always curious about who watches or likes my work, so I may still make comment on profiles,
since I always take a look.

For those who post thanks on my profile:
I understand you mean well and it's nice to see people trying to return positivity to others.
Thanks to you guys too.
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Fur Affinity
Fur Affinity
1 month, 2 weeks ago
is there any chance of a pov vore animation in the future?
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