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Today's Lesson Will Be Abou- BFFRRRRRT! by MagnificentMudkip
Today's Lesson Will Be Abou- BFFRRRRRT!
It Has Begun!
Okay! So, been on here for a little while, but finally decided to post some of the stuff I've drawn these past few years XD I'll be posting stuff gradually as time goes on. Anyway, you should expect ...
3 months, 3 weeks ago
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Today's Lesson Will Be Abou- BFFRRRRRT! by MagnificentMudkip
Today's Lesson Will Be Abou- B...
Liam and Sunny Foster by MagnificentMudkip
Liam and Sunny Foster
Gluteus Fairy Species by MagnificentMudkip
Gluteus Fairy Species
The Majestic Flight of Izzy and Bunsen by MagnificentMudkip
The Majestic Flight of Izzy an...
Izzy the Spinda by MagnificentMudkip
Izzy the Spinda
The Gassiest Mask by MagnificentMudkip
The Gassiest Mask
Big Gassy Fruity Booty by MagnificentMudkip
Big Gassy Fruity Booty
Diego the Durian by MagnificentMudkip
Diego the Durian
Gassy Georgie by MagnificentMudkip
Gassy Georgie
Georgie! by MagnificentMudkip
Hello everyone! I'm Mags! I finally decided to create an account on here, but I'm not sure what I want to put on here. I'm a writer and an artist who likes to draw fat things and gassy things and sometimes vorey things. Currently my main base of operations is FA but I have an account on DA as well. I might at some point begin uploading here but I don't know yet. Probably... anyway, I'll see you around!
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