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Happy Valentine Panini! by MADJerk
Happy Valentine Panini!
Me on e621!
Ha-ha, some kind of admirer of my works posted some of my pics on E621! And  blessed be their system of pros/cons. Because in my case, the cons can be considered for the likes :D https://e621.net/pos...
2 weeks, 1 day ago
about hypothetical commisions
I have carefully read the instructions on PayPal website. And it seems that even the most stupid platypus now can bind his Bank account to account PayPal. And I thought, "what if I miraculously did it...
2 months ago
Check my toy cock!
Happy coming New Year 2017 dear IB users! In honor of this I even changed my avatar, which did not change over 3 years. Actually, I just wanted to show the cool cheap junk that I bought at the groce...
4 months ago
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Happy Valentine Panini! by MADJerk
Happy Valentine Panini!
After new year holiday by MADJerk
After new year holiday
Kid Friendly pg2 by MADJerk
Kid Friendly pg2
Kid Friendly by MADJerk
Kid Friendly
What`s twist! Pg. 3 and 4 by MADJerk
What`s twist! Pg. 3 and 4
Fifi Babysitter 3! Comic title by MADJerk
Fifi Babysitter 3! Comic title
The Super Dr.Robotnik and Snively Show! by MADJerk
The Super Dr.Robotnik and Sniv...
What`s twist! by MADJerk
What`s twist!
The brutal Spine by MADJerk
The brutal Spine
Ninja Turtles Movie 2! by MADJerk
Ninja Turtles Movie 2!
REN and Stimpy by MADJerk
REN and Stimpy
Kind Daddy Pin (and Pinky Pay etc.) pg 4 and end by MADJerk
Kind Daddy Pin (and Pinky Pay ...
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Kid Friendly by MADJerk
Kid Friendly pg2 by MADJerk
Sheriff Callie captured. Dress-ver. by MADJerk
Sheriff Callie
6 submissions
What`s twist! by MADJerk
What`s twist! Pg. 3 and 4 by MADJerk
What a twist!
3 submissions
Fifi Babysitter 3! Comic title by MADJerk
Fifi Babysitter 3
2 submissions
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Undine and Jerry by KikeRodz
Undine and Jerry
by KikeRodz
Classic Christmas by SMPTHEHEDGEHOG
Classic Christmas
Ni-Pul by Weasselk
by Weasselk
Billy Joel Dog by Junga
Billy Joel Dog
by Junga
Panini Sketches by Angelthehedgehog14
Panini Sketches
Modern Bubsy cast by sqrlyjack
Modern Bubsy cast
by sqrlyjack
Sheriff's Birth-Day Off by Zamboa
Sheriff's Birth-Day Off
by Zamboa
Hypno'd Isabelle by Pedr0vin
Hypno'd Isabelle
by Pedr0vin
Saloon Girl Priscilla by mousetache
Saloon Girl Priscilla
C-Perfect Gibbet by SMPTHEHEDGEHOG
C-Perfect Gibbet
Epilogue. Zootopia fanart by pandapaco
Epilogue. Zootopia fanart
by pandapaco
Dogtanian  by Dandi
by Dandi
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OK, in general brief description: I MAD Jerk.
 Trudge from scenes of bondage, slavery, humiliation and violence, torture, mild dismemberment. If this is done cartoon style. Or something similar. I like cartoon.
Respectively, and I draw in this style mostly scenes of bondage, domination and humiliation.
 I hate romantic and other snot, but I do not like but transcendent cruelty. I hang out in the middle :)
The main for me- it`s a humor and weird combination.

So, what else? And, yes, I like to draw comics with the plot than just pictures, and usually I post comics only when it is completely finished, so that updates can be veeeeery long time.
  I could take the Commishion, but do not know how to use a web wallet (i`m jerk), so just can write me a PM ...our original idea. Maybe i draw her.
 And EnGriCh LangUache- I communicate with the Google Translator Yandex Translate (he`s better Google`s piece of shit)
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1 week, 5 days ago
пасиб за favorite :-]
1 month, 2 weeks ago
ага! типа того! =]
1 month, 2 weeks ago
здаров бро! этой мой запасной аккаунт (autorun) =] буду пока рисовать говномазы XD
2 months, 1 week ago
Are you nuts?
3 months, 4 weeks ago
С наступающим дружище! =]
8 months, 3 weeks ago
Thanks for the kind words :)
9 months, 1 week ago
Just to the users who help.
9 months, 1 week ago
I used to do. But I am battling couple of haters who have been bothering my friends for years.
10 months, 1 week ago
впрочем тут ты прав. ибо в России снимают порнуху, но могут словить если ты в Рунете его выложил, а не в Инете. т.е. да с ВК пора завязывать как можно больше. но реальный идиотизм будет если в России останется один Рунет, а Мировой Интеренет будет не доступен. что реально идиотизм, ибо даже в Китае хоть и запрещено куча сайтов, но выход в мировой всё-же есть. Хватит нам Северной Кореи где обычные люди лишь по Дюал-апу в свой Интернат входят...
10 months, 1 week ago
любопытно как его исполнять будут. насколько он опасный
1 year, 1 month ago
Больной ублюдок :D
1 year, 3 months ago
спасибо за совет! вот пойду и куплю новые карандаши и резинку! а я вот думаю, че за срач на листе.
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