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Maternal Instinct by KiyaraSabel
Maternal Instinct
Volunteers Needed for Matri Preproduction
First, a note about the employment opportunities coming soon: I am going to be taking Matri very seriously, it is my baby. I am going to be as ruthlessly professional as I can be for taking this proje...
6 years, 10 months ago
Uncanny Valley Studios is a Go!
Okay, okay, it’s been awhile and I have some pretty big plans for my art starting again next year, hopefully at Further Confusion. I am currently living in CA and looking for a real job. I am going t...
6 years, 10 months ago
Custom Ponies and Badges for Anthrocon Delivery
In addition to the items offered here ( https://inkbunny.net/journalview.php?id=34616 )  I am opening for the following sorts of projects as well. *Custom OC Ponies* Sample ( https://kiyarasabel.devi...
8 years, 1 month ago
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Keelan by KiyaraSabel
I have an announcement... by KiyaraSabel
I have an announcement...
Indigo Breeze Custom Ponies by KiyaraSabel
Indigo Breeze Custom Ponies
Peace Corps Custom Pony by KiyaraSabel
Peace Corps Custom Pony
Edward Elric Pony Custom by KiyaraSabel
Edward Elric Pony Custom
Preening Ponies by KiyaraSabel
Preening Ponies
FRIENDSHIP by KiyaraSabel
Charming Maternal Unit by KiyaraSabel
Charming Maternal Unit
Dragon Tiger Viper Reference Sheet by KiyaraSabel
Dragon Tiger Viper Reference S...
Quit'chyer Bellyachin' by KiyaraSabel
Quit'chyer Bellyachin'
Whatever you'd like... by KiyaraSabel
Whatever you'd like...
Under a bad influence. by KiyaraSabel
Under a bad influence.
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The TRUE Story of Pinkie Pie's Cutie Mark! by SmudgeProof
The TRUE Story of Pinkie Pie's...
Jenova (Hardstyle Remix) by VaileCearo
Jenova (Hardstyle Remix)
MLP: A Winging Personality by furnut5158
MLP: A Winging Personality
I am an up-and-coming(I hope) artist. I sculpt, I draw, I work on fursuits and plushies and amongst my many skills and talents I'm also a taxidermist. I'd like to be a veterinarian one day, but alas, I'm of poor stock, and it is really hard to pick yourself up by your bootstraps to escape poverty. On that note, I would love you forever if you commissioned me for stuff or donated to the cause.

My primary account is over on FA where pretty much all the art I've done over the last three or four years has been uploaded, and I've still got a DA with even older art in it.

My species is Striped Hyena. Hyenas aren't dogs or cats, we have our own separate family. There are four species of us, the biggest and most well known is the Spotted or Laughing Hyena, are the most successful hunters in Africa rather than the scavengers they're known as. They also have a fascinating lack of sexual dimorphism. Striped and Brown Hyenas are primarily scavengers and opportunists, eating a wide range of food from fruits, produce and insects to carrion and small game. The Aardwolf is sometimes considered not to be a Hyena, with their weak jaws and teeth they eat primarily termites.
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