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Garou for you - WIP 2 by Kdbolitho
Garou for you - WIP 2
Accepting Commissions
‌I'll be opening for commissions for a short while Five slots will be made available, first come, first serve. ‌Thanks for your consideration. * ~Priceguide~* *-- Characters --* *• Sketch* $10 -...
5 years, 7 months ago
Now on InkBunny
G'day, Finally decided to bite the bullet and get an IB account. So far I'm liking what I see, but as I'm unfamiliar with the systems here at this point, if you notice a glaring error/mistake on my p...
5 years, 8 months ago
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Garou for you - WIP 2 by Kdbolitho
Garou for you - WIP 2
Abra knows how this will end by Kdbolitho
Abra knows how this will end
Bijoumon Image #1 by Kdbolitho
Bijoumon Image #1
Soulo - Bijoumon image #6 by Kdbolitho
Soulo - Bijoumon image #6
Cyrryl by Kdbolitho
LazarWolfe Comission by Kdbolitho
LazarWolfe Comission
Bijoumon - Crystal Pangolin - Tier 2 - WIP by Kdbolitho
Bijoumon - Crystal Pangolin - ...
Ringo Sketch by Kdbolitho
Ringo Sketch
Nemus by Kdbolitho
Bijoumon Creature Concept - Rainbow Sea Dragon by Kdbolitho
Bijoumon Creature Concept - Ra...
Bijoumon Creature Concept - Robit by Kdbolitho
Bijoumon Creature Concept - Ro...
Bahamian born Artist, 3D Modeler, Animator, and Programmer.
Currently attending college for 3D Modeling and Animation, and streamer for www.GamingFurever.com

Incoming Social Contact Heads-up:
1 - Although I don't perceive myself as rude, I have mild to moderate social anxiety, so please understand that it might take me a while to become comfortable socializing in return.
2 - Very Important: I am in a closed relationship, and happily so. Please respect that in any communications, be it private or public. I will also request the same treatment be given to any images depicting my character, "Chaos". The character is near and dear to me, as he has been for well over fifteen years, and acts as my online presence. so when you refer to my character in art, I will politely request that you refrain from vulgar or inclusive commentary.

Outgoing Social Contact Heads-up:
I'm not much of one for posting "Thanks" on the pages of every single person who watches me or likes one of my pieces. It is in no way a sign that I'm not appreciative of your attention or goodwill, -quite the opposite- but I'm usually at a loss for words when someone faves one of my works, and I feel guilty using a dusty, old, copy/pasted "thanks" message, like I see so many others do every day.

So, I'll put it down here that I am grateful for each and every notice I receive. It means a lot to me that you would take the time to look at what I've made, and show that it appealed to you in one way or another. An especially large thanks goes out to those who comment on my works. I appreciate feedback, as often I won't recognize flaws until many months down the road, whereas constructive feedback helps me to make larger leaps in progress in a far shorter time span. I hope that my art interests you enough to continue coming back for more, as I love seeing familiar faces/icons. :)

With those out of the way, I look forward to making friends, and being part of the Ink Bunny community. :)
For off-site communication, ask for my contact information via PM.
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