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Clothing Policy by Kattlarv
Clothing Policy
How to make a HTH style game
Contrary to popular belief, this *isn't *extremely complicated rocket science. In short you just need the following: - A main character. Or the "PC" as they are known. - NPC's that your PC can rub th...
2 weeks, 3 days ago
Amusing Analogy
A friend of mine pointed out something that I found funny: One of my roles in this fandom has basically been me going around to couples, and showing them irrefutable proof that their partner is cheati...
3 months, 1 week ago
I do find the irony in when I point out hypocrisy, discrimination, someone committing a felony or trying to shove their fetish down everyone’s throat, and I tell them to knock it the fuck off. There’s...
7 months, 2 weeks ago
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Clothing Policy by Kattlarv
Clothing Policy
Ladybulge by Kattlarv
What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse by Kattlarv
What a Horrible Night to Have ...
Fandom 101 Comics by Kattlarv
Fandom 101 Comics
Note: I have as of recently realized that beating people across the face with something is considered far too subtle... somehow.
So with that: I just wana point out that anyone thick enough to take my sarcasm, snide remarks and sass as LITERAL: Dude, stop your tantrums.
I parody the arrogance of the popufurs I expose as hacks/fraud. Along with the weak attempts at insults thrown my way.
I take the stupid shit people say, and parody the hell out of it. You wana keep whining over that I know that vaginas aren't located on the abdomen? Have at it. That's how the "vagina expert" came too. If you struggle to remember if it's above or below the navel, I can't help you with that. But: I CAN make fun of your ignorance.
While most of them are true. (Like, that roughly 9/10 "elite" artist have admitted that they are inferior to me in terms of female genitalia.) The reason I point that out as said is to make fun out of how truly ridiculous that entire statement is.
Like, lets get real here: When a "15+ year veteran" tries to insult me, by pointing out that they can't draw proper female genitalia, as they are too lazy to learn how... how is that in any way an insult towards me? It'd be like Gordon Ramsay tried to burn me by going "What's that? YOU know how to boil an egg? Lawl! I have no fucking clue how that works, neeerd! Next you're gonna tell me you know how to knead dough!". Correct me if I'm wrong here but: I barely know how to draw stick figures... yet I wipe the floor effortlessly with the "best of the best", because they are too lazy/inept to improve... and this is somehow supposed to make me feel embarrassed? Especially how most of them brag about how "My fans are too stupid to have a standard."

The one and only~

Decided to get around to this site, as apparently this is where most of the quality content was hidden. So, might as well inspect if that's true :P

Anyhow, I'm Kattlarv. Also known as "Satch" on some sites.
Mostly known for my tireless efforts of exposing scam, hack and overall dishonest artists on the web.

But I'm also a bit known for my writing in stories and/or comics. Alongside dabbling in some animations.
That, and inventing a bunch of new sex acts, fetishes and doing several "world first" projects. Mostly for the fun of it.
And to some: Invaluable help for new artists.

There's a lot of lies and propaganda going around about me. But, such is the price to pay to be a whistleblower. It is not popular hehe. Always shoot the messenger as they say~

Anyhow, irregardless: I do hope I can do a bit of a fresh start here. And hopefully find some quality content. Along with nice people.
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12 months ago
i suppose yeah.
12 months ago
oi. easy there. besides, all i said is i wont. its not exactly "hard" to draw hyper things like that. its jsut nothing i want anything to do with :B whati  know i cant do (at least not confidently) is backgrounds. brrr...
12 months ago
its not that i cant. i just wont. m is for muscle
12 months ago
no hyper pussy. D n T, limit on A and M
1 year ago
expose me daddy 😍😍😍
1 year ago
1 year, 4 months ago
It is the will of the grand lizard.
1 year, 4 months ago
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