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All Hallow's Eve - Beginnings by KXG
All Hallow's Eve - Beginnings
by KXG
Hey folks
I know I don't, on the whole, pay this site a whole lot of attention for one reason or another, but my Third Thoughts finally whacked me around the head and neck enough to point out that I should at l...
1 year, 3 months ago
Yeah, no...
I haven't logged in in a while. Necessary evil. I've noted everyone who's faved and watched and the like, and thanks, but I haven't been in much of a mood to shake hands and kiss babies and the like, ...
4 years, 5 months ago
bad news everyone.
and believe me i DO wish it were better news, but it's not, and currently there's nothing *I myself alone* can do about it. so consider this my notice that i'm on indefinite hiatus TFN. yup, for the ...
5 years, 4 months ago
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All Hallow's Eve - Beginnings by KXG
All Hallow's Eve - Beginnings
If you wanna Know, ASK, otherwise just keep staring, I might do a trick, right? ::eyeroll::

Alright, base stats I -suppose- I can part with without it being too dear.

I'm a misanthropic snow cat, I'm almost 6'4", I'm Scots/Welsh/German, -very- heavy on the Scots (you have been warned). It's been said I look like if Penn Jillette and a Biker slammed into one another and created some sort of hybrid creature. I hail from Southern California's picturesque San Gabriel Valley. <sarcasm> I'm 34 years young and loving every minute of it... </sarcasm> I walk with a cane, so I'm easy to spot, and not a fast moving target. But as my canes are usually a meter long, that's the minimum distance people can feel free to keep between them and myself unless they're;
A) -very- cute
B) have basic hygiene and interpersonal skills
C) want to discuss my work in a somewhat intellectual manner and have a sense of humor and vocabulary consisting of more than "LOL idk, hwru??", and yes I'm aware I write smut, but if an artist doesn't get feed-back they fade and go into the West, or
D) are playing with my balls on a regular basis

before they have a rubber walking-stick tip lodged in their hyoid bone. And if you answer yes to all 4 of those, I will marry you no questions asked or at least abduct you and do things to your mind and body medical science may or may not have classified yet. Take it as you will.

Yes, I bite, hard, when asked sweetly. Also, I write Porn, so very little in the way of sexual commentary/chit-chat/flirting offends me (other than see above), so feel free. I'm not an artist, thank gods, but those of us who paint with words also need feed-back, comments, questions, and just support and to talk and chat about our work in general otherwise we fade and go into the west. -Good- written material takes time and a LOT of effort and energy, so if you want me to WRITE, feel free to contact me and bend my ear, write a comment, ask a question, frame a request, you never know, I quite often listen to them. The more I -think- about what I'm writing, the more into it I get, so comment, ask, send me nude photos, whatever. If you -don't- comment or support the stories you like or you give me "It was good."/"I liked it." and NOTHING else as fuel for further creativity expect me to laugh in your general direction and close the message if you ask when I might be posting something new sometime soon. If I haven't written anything in a while, it's because no one's showed me or my work any love and that's really kind of shitty, don't you think?

There, that good enough?

*P.S., I really, really, really seldom check into this site for more than half a second every few weeks as there's so little pertinent activity, so if you want to skip the time-lag between you sending me a note, what-have-you, it's really better to hit me up on an IM. Thoughtyououghttoknow.
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5 years, 7 months ago
Sure ^^
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