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Jest3r's First Edited by Jesterdragon
Jest3r's First Edited
Finally starting
Yes, I have been creeping here for a year now, and yes, I am just posting stuff. I realize that I'm kinda slow, but hey, when you spend time in a fandom as great as the furry fandom, shit gets kinda c...
7 years, 9 months ago
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Jest3r's First Edited by Jesterdragon
Jest3r's First Edited
Funkay Music by Jesterdragon
Funkay Music
Gran Conc3rto's Grand Piano by Jesterdragon
Gran Conc3rto's Grand Piano
Restl3ss Fingers by Jesterdragon
Restl3ss Fingers
Smokin' Deze by Jesterdragon
Smokin' Deze
East3rn my ass! by Jesterdragon
East3rn my ass!
El3ctricity by Jesterdragon
Classical j3sts by Jesterdragon
Classical j3sts
Jest3r's First by Jesterdragon
Jest3r's First
The percussion I provide, with Jest3r as a guide you can perceive with the mind. So don't fall for all the tricks of the eye.
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7 years, 8 months ago
Your music sounds "fresh" to me, it's an interesting mix. Keep it up! :D
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