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If Hell Had a Taste: Chapter 1 - Cover by Viro
If Hell Had a Taste: Chapter 1 - Cover
by Viro
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If Hell Had a Taste: Chapter 1 - Cover by Viro
If Hell Had a Taste: Chapter 1...
by Viro
Why Hello There.... How do you do! Me I'm doing fine. Thanks for asking! :3

Now so that you can learn a little moar about me: My real name is Jeremy.
Got brown hair and blue eyes
I'm about 5'8
Weigh about 220
I'm a male

I just got fresh out of high school and now I'm trying to figure out what to do in life... Its retarded when you plan your life out and when it all happens it never goes as planned I guess that's why life is really fun cause you never know whats going to happen. I'm trying to think of what I like to do in life and turn it into a career which is!!!!! hell idk.. I'll figure out eventually...

I became a furry when I was 14 cause back then I was like: omfg furries are sooo freakin keeeeewl plus I always had a furry childhood with animals Disney movies and shows that I watched NON STOP like Tom and Jerry, Pink Panther and my favorite show in the whole galaxy is SCOOBY-DOO! Yea I grew up watching the show forever! The oldies are the best but the new ones are not so great but I'm a true fan and watch them all still. I also grew up with a controller in my hands cause I loooove gaming! I have a PS3 and 360 but i play the ps3 to much cause i guess its cause of the freeness of the online gaming. I love the 360 alot but multiplayer games I buy for the PS3. I Love the outdoors alot and I also like to go swimming, fishing, camping and sitting outside watching the sunrise and sunsets. That's pretty much me but if you wanna learn more about me just talk to me I love meeting new people and making new friends!!

Sexual Life:
I'm straight in real life but the furry side of it I'm BI its weird I know... I have the hots for dragons or and well everything else really (Anthro animal Wise) Fetishes... To me the weirdest one to me is cockvore but I find it hot for some reason... Yea i know... I love to RP (Role Play) alot cause I have to much time on my hands and when I mean by time I mean my penis... lol Lame joke but I giggled cause its the truth.... <_< I hope to find a mate one day... But I came here to make friends and meet new furs!
Drawing up ref sheets and hope to commission from people but I have and extreme thing for Dragons and huskies.

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1 year, 10 months ago
Many thanks for visit my gallery.

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