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Aftertale - Death Noogie by Redliger16
Aftertale - Death Noogie
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Aftertale - Death Noogie by Redliger16
Aftertale - Death Noogie
[C] Smol Lizard by KirumoKat
[C] Smol Lizard
by KirumoKat
Tumbleweed by Jyaki
by Jyaki
I'm Glitch ♥ by Kitsunal
I'm Glitch ♥
by Kitsunal
This is me by mangajag
This is me
by mangajag
hello and welcome to my page
Notice : i discontented furaffinity but i still own all art i drew and still would like you to not repost it.I been in the furry fandom for 5 years and its also my 6 year.my fursona snowy has changed a lot from being a wolf fox hybrid to a husky (wolfdoggo).Im pretty good at laptops and using autocad etc and being a small admin for websites such as furrry4life.org.which i use the most to upload art.I have a.d.d. so i might not understand you the first time round and may need things repeated and i may also spell words wrong.I have m.d.d. and anxiety so i will get upset or "weird" when talking about admins(because i got trouble with one in the past) or getting called racist and sexist names.Im also female :3

Commissions are on sofurry/youtube
i only do digital (pixel art) until i get a better camera
paypal only but mailing money is okay too
again im not using fa anymore but furry4life.org is recommend as well :)

you came for the fursona bio ? -__- fine

My Main fursona is a blue and white husky/wolf with light blue hair, black gloves and blue ears.Her collar is green and sometimes she will wear blue with spikes. Her underside is white, and so is her tail tip. SHe's cute and cool looking but she's more of the friendly type, and loves to play around ,but pet or nuzzle!She was born in a box and the first thing she saw was puro the dark laxture.Puro was 19 at the time and didnt have any knowledge of taking care of a blue doge so he just found a book on how to train dogs.Since she was a husky he trained her like one but smarter.after she turn 15 she was ready to go of on her own.She asked puro if she would have to transfur a hooman and couldnt leave the build.puro shook his head and told her she was a test but the science were all transfur before they could test her.She asked if puro was her grandfather.Puro *blushed and smile at her and noded*Her eyes were wet and cried and hug puro before leaving.She can turn herself into a dutch dragon and goo monster just like puro could.She talks to him in her sleep sometimes.she claims she could see puro always following her in ghost form and speaking to her but it's really hallucinations because she's in depression.

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1 year, 11 months ago
thank you so much for the watch
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