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I'm a ball. I bounce around sometimes when the mood strikes, and I am fond of rolling about aimlessly just to see where people go. I'm generally spherical, although in a more 2-dimensional shot I am decidedly round. I'm not terribly heavy and while I have--on brief occasion--been accused of 'being full of hot air' it's really pretty much room temperature in there. I try not to make too many enemies but I admittedly am terrified of sharp pointy things. I have an uncanny ability to rise above the waters that try to drown me out despite my physique. Do I have a sense of humor? Of course! One cannot possibly be equally round in all directions and not have a sense of humor about it, can they? I can be a pillow for the tired or a toy for those who are tired of life. I am raised in celebration of victory and dropped with the pain of loss. I am cherished as a trophy and missed as one who got away. I'm adored by some, loved by others, and hated by few. I am the shape of the Earth, the moon, the sun, the universe beyond. I have been worshiped by countless civilizations since the dawn of time. People reach out to me because I cannot reach out to them. I am all things, and yet am so basic and elementary in shape and form that it is scarcely believable. I seek out you because I was curious. You sought out me because I am merely a ball.
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9 years, 4 months ago
I watch you on FA too, but since everyone else was jumping aboard the bandwagon, I felt I should do the same.  And thank you for the artwork.  Always nice to see your work.
9 years, 4 months ago
Thanks for watching my gallery. :3
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