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Look back by FullRings
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Look back by FullRings
Look back
Metal twin by FullRings
Metal twin
KEEP OFF by FullRings
Feel blue by FullRings
Feel blue
Speedpaint: Silver by FullRings
Speedpaint: Silver
After blizzard by FullRings
After blizzard
I still believe in heroes by FullRings
I still believe in heroes
Pray for Japan by FullRings
Pray for Japan
"Stamp on the ground" (Sonic vs Shadow) by FullRings
"Stamp on the ground" (Sonic v...
Give me a breath by FullRings
Give me a breath
Boulevard of broken dreams  by FullRings
Boulevard of broken dreams
The pub by FullRings
The pub
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AppleDash sketches by Mimy92Sonadow
AppleDash sketches
Rainbow Daaaasssshhh!! by Mimy92Sonadow
Rainbow Daaaasssshhh!!
Anthro RainbowDash by Mimy92Sonadow
Anthro RainbowDash
RainbowDash! by Mimy92Sonadow
New Signature (only for MLP) XD by Mimy92Sonadow
New Signature (only for MLP) X...
AppleJack by Mimy92Sonadow
Rainbow Daaassshh by Mimy92Sonadow
Rainbow Daaassshh
Secret Obsession Comic 82 by Mimy92Sonadow
Secret Obsession Comic 82
Secret Obsession Comic 81 by Mimy92Sonadow
Secret Obsession Comic 81
Secret Obsession Comic 80 by Mimy92Sonadow
Secret Obsession Comic 80
Secret Obsession Comic 79 by Mimy92Sonadow
Secret Obsession Comic 79
My pantherrrr!! by Mimy92Sonadow
My pantherrrr!!
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Hello peoplee!!!! ^^
I'm  new user here and I'm so lost...!!! I don't now where I am!!!! xDDD
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5 years ago
omg here goes my long ass comments again Sorry -_-. I guess You were right I love talking alot :D.
5 years ago
Hurry and grab me before I get sucked in all the way to Sonadow my friend D:. I might not last on the Shadonic side D: much longer... (cough cough) LOL XD.....Oh? Frii was like me? I wonder what made her change and go to the dark side.... maybe cause of Mimy's art too? XD and that also makes me wonder How Mimy went to the dark side aswell XD. Hmm.... o-o You must stay on the light side my friend and stay strong.... cause it might already be to late for me D:.....unless something happens with Mimy art like her making a Shadonic picture....or something but still.... I highly doubt that.... and yeah I told her that I see some Shadonic pictures LOL XD in her faves I wonder if she slowly coming on the light side XD....and thanks but I like your art better than mine XD.
5 years ago
Yeah you see it's all depends on what I am doing with Sonadow and Shadonic... But... I am thinking I like Sonadow more cause Uke Shadow is SO freaking sexy XD. (Yet again blame Mims for and her art for making me love it so much). I mean I used to be such a Shadonic fan you wouldn't Believe me if I told you. So it's all Mims fault LOL XD I might be going to the dark side aswell D:.  Hurry and grab me before I get sucked in all the way to Sonadow my friend D:. I might not last on the Shadonic side D: much longer... (cough cough) LOL XD.....Oh? Frii was like me? I wonder what made her change and go to the dark side.... maybe cause of Mimy's art too? XD and that also makes me wonder How Mimy went to the dark side aswell XD.
5 years ago
OMG SHADOW AS SEME O-O IS O-O NOSEBLEED MATERIAL O-O. I MEAN HIM MAKING THE HERO SONIC THE HEDGEHOG ALL SUBMASSIVE LIKE THAT IS BOSS AND BADASS O-O SCREW SHADOW AS UKE. HE'S MUCH BETTER AS A SEME I MEAN O-O HAVE YOU SEEN HIM IN THE GAMES O-O HE'S MORE FIT TO BE DOMANTE THAN. SONIC XD. So screw Sonic as seme (even I don't mean screw Sonic as seme. I am just in a Shadonic moment" and sometimes their are stories where they which positions as seme and Uke (yet their rare to find) which makes me REALLY happy cause I get to see both of Shadonic and Sonadow in action
5 years ago
Maybe I like speaking. Maybe not XD. Joking yes I love speaking it gets you to know people you know? XD. Are maybe I did know you were kidding or where you? LOL >:D. Yes I love both Shadonic and Sonadow. I can't decide on which pair I love better. I mean there just so sexy XD in bed . It's hard to choose and it's all depends of what I am reading or watching for Sonadow and Shadonic. Sometimes when I read a Sonadow story I am like " OMG I LOVE THIS COUPLE. SONIC AS SEME IS SO HOT AND UKE SHADOW IS SO CUTE AND SENISTIVE D: . Screw Shadonic. Sonadow is better (but I don't really mean that I am just in a Sonadow moment XD) I mean Sonic the hedgehog making the Ultimate life form all submassive like that is so hot o-o.". But if I read a Shadonic XD
5 years ago
muy buen estilo, un saludo y un watch desde Mexico n_n
5 years ago
(damn it I really need to tone down my long ass comments sometimes I am sorry Sara. I guess the comments here a differnet from the art page comments. XD. I mean when I comment on Mim's work it's usually VERY long to read and probably takes almost a full page or something. Can you imagine if these comments on the artist profil where on the art page. I bet I would have like 20 comments on Mim's page leaving people less room to comment cause you have to scroll down my long ass comments just to comment on her works lol XD. AHHHHHHHHH! I need to stop say the word comment is giving me a headache XD anyways sorry for like commenting on your profile for like the 8000th time lol XD.
5 years ago
XD I see that Mims faved a Shadonic picture interesting. It looks fishy to me >.>. Maybe she secretly likes Shadonic but doesn't admit to people she does? XD. Yep I love you pictures not matter what  by heart XD lol Heart like my avatar name here Shadow'sHeart XD and Yes I do know what you mean I think? o-o.... LOL I will call you Sara your real name since I bet alot of people on here call you Fullrings. But in real life I know people call you by your real name lol XD OBVIOUSLY XD.. Btw You name and avatar name is awesome Fullrings very original XD. Mines not..>.> XD.
5 years ago
Oh so I am not the only one here that's is trying to convince Mims and Frii to make some Shadonic pictures XD. Oh and Frii yeah she's also one tough cookie to crack when it comes to her making a Shadonic picture XD >.>. I still do like to bug then especially Mimy to like Shadonic. Hm maybe I should start it again it's so fun XD. MIMY SHOULD DO SOMETHING NEW AND PUT SOME SHADONIC IN SECRET OBSESSION! XD. Just you wait Frii and Mims one day your going to like Shadonic and BAM! you'll be hooked on it.
5 years ago
Oh I know you like Shadonic more that Sonadow XD ^^. I mean your like obsessed with it :D. But trust me you not the only one that's loves it. I sure in the hell love it with all my heart. Shadonic is so cute and sexah it hurts. XD But I also love Sonadow too. So you can say I am a big fan of both. But I used to be SUCH a big fan of Shadonic o3o and didn't like Sonadow that much o3o. Since I thought by the games Shadow looked more doinmante for Sonic and Sonic looked more like a girl like character you know a uke XD. But once I looked at Mim's pictures of Sonadow and once I read Mim's comic's here it got me hooked on Uke Shadow XD. I just f*cking loved see Shadow the ultimate and powerful lifeform getting f*cked by Sonic the hedgehog XD. Making Shadow all weak and submassive and crap XD. So
5 years ago
^^ Yep it's nice to finally get to talk to you. I mean you look like such a sweet and nice person to be friends with ^^.  I finally wasn't got the guts to talk to you XD. (cause of my shyness in all XD. I know I don't look like a person that's shy. I look more like  excited and out going person XD). Oh? so I was right other people see my and read my random and funny comments not just Mims here. XD. Yeah I love to make people laugh on Mims comment but you know what Her Serect obsession comic and pictures make the people laugh more. XD Aww that's I didn't know my comments were cute (blushes cause I'm shy ^^).
5 years ago
Hey Fullrings or Sara whatever you like me to call you ^^ . My name is Emily and you may know me as the person that does the most random comments on Mimy Art. I heard so much about you from Mims and Frii and I see you already their art alot ^^. I just wanted to you know say Hello and that I love your art ^^. It's so Beautiful and creative I can't stop staring at it O3o. I also heard you like Shadonic? me to I mean it's so f*cking sexy it hurts :D. Well I hope to see more of your awesome art and maybe we can become friends too ^^. I hope your day is going well and I hope we can talk again soon. ^^
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