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Hello InkBunny! This is
, and welcome to my account for my Photography that I deem "better than general" photography (i.e. better than point and shoot camera type photos of random stuff). The photos you will most likely see here are pictures from photo shoots I do in regard to my Art Photography classes (working on a Masters in Fine Art in Art Photography). It will also include my practice in editing photos as well as anything I may get paid to do (if I'm lucky.)

I am a Furry Photographer from sunny California! If you wish to have some awesome and unique photos taken, I would be more than willing to help you! It also helps me with practice in Photography. So far I do local/con only photo shoots since I can't exactly afford a sudden plane ticket to you (I would if I could!). I try to take photos that are unique and at different angles rather than straight-up frontal/portrait shots. Why do what everyone else does?


Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSI

Lens Profile:
1) EF-S 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6 IS
2) EF-S 55-250mm 1:4.5-5.6 IS II

File Format:
.CR2 (RAW)

Color Space:
Adobe RGB

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4

DISCLAIMER: This is basically my Art Photography account, aka any photos posted here are for any form of an artistic perspective, not just "oh hey look, a paper napkin", but more like "This Paper Napkin has an interesting look to it, what kind of lighting and/or angle will make this look odd/different".

Camera FAQ:

Q: What is .CR2 (RAW)?
A: It is the type of file format for Digital Photographs that holds the most information about the photo (e.g color, etc.) which allows greater editing possibilities.

Q: What is Color Space?
A: Color Space is how much color range you have.

Q: sRGB vs Adobe RGB!
A: Look at your keyboard. See the size of the W key? Small, huh? Now look at your space bar. MUCH bigger than your W key, right? Well, sRGB color space is small, like the W key, and Adobe RGB is larger, like the space bar. Adobe RGB is the way to go (if you have the option). That's about what my current instructor told me. Pretty sure he's a closet furry :P Plus, with Adobe RGB, you can have a lot wider color range when editing photographs.

Q: Why Lightroom and not CS6?
A: Well, to be honest it was, at first, about the money. I got Lightroom to do some work at home, but after messing with both CS6 and Lightroom, I realized I don't do any editing that requires CS6, and frankly most of CS6 I wouldn't ever use. Lightroom has everything I need for working on Photos. Plus, Lightroom at has a tool called "Spot Removal" that is the patch tool in Photoshop CS6, just not allowing me to select odd shapes (it's a circle ONLY for Lightroom, but it does the job :3).

|||NOTE: IF YOU SEE "That Purple Fox/Foxified Photography" ON FACEBOOK (EXCLUDING the page on an "Entertainer" named That Purple Fox made by Phalynx Nova, that was made by me), OR ANY OTHER SITE THAN INKBUNNY, FA, TWITTER (@FoxifiedPhotos), OR AS A GAMERTAG/USERNAME, IT IS A FAKE. If you are unsure for any reason, note me here or on FA and I will tell you if it is me or not.|||[/center]
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