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You from around here? by Gauge
You from around here?
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You from around here? by Gauge
You from around here?
by Gauge
Out for a walk by Gauge
Out for a walk
by Gauge
At the trainyard by Gauge
At the trainyard
by Gauge
Secret Santa 2016 by RedrasPup
Secret Santa 2016
by RedrasPup
Want to use me in a commission of yours? Feel free to ask :3

My Photography account is
! Will be posting my best photography work there as well as some class work and previews of paid work. This account will still be used for general photos though! :3

Ok here are all the name's I have gone by: Vladimir Hizari, Kaida Düconi, Kimair Natova, Micha Burlakova, PurpleFoxyBoi, Razael.

Species for each name and fur color:

Vladimir: Black and Green Wolf (Pic may not be on FA)
Kaida Düconi: Typical black and white husky but with Violet eyes and violet nose (No art of this fursona)
Kimair Natova, Black and white Wolf (pic IS on FA)
Micha Burlakova: Snow Leopard with violet eyes (pic IS on FA)
Razael: Snow LeoFolf (Snow Leopard/Fox/Wolf hybrid (yet to be drawn)
PurpleFoxyBoi: Purple/Black Foxy (pic IS on FA) [Current Character also, but new name)

Hello everyone, I am Ph4lynx aka That Purple Fox, a furry musician/author. I play the drums and vocals as well as bass. I am in a one man band right now and am hoping for more furs to join. For writing I write horror, suspense, and the like as well as lyrics. Aside from being a musician and author I skate, surf, and snowboard. I'm very friendly and cuddly as well as random XD I have friends that can vouch for that! :P anyways, hope you enjoy my FA page of randomness! =^..^=

About me

Likes: Furries, Photography, Music, Gaming, Writing, Skating, Surfing, Snowboarding, and Bondage (Don't judge me! D:)

Current Bands/DJs I listen to:
Sleeping With Sirens
Breaking Benjamin
This Romantic Tragedy
I Set My Friends On Fire
Miss May I
Unwritten Law
Glamour Of The Kill
The Fall Of Troy
The D4
Dr. Acula
Falling Up
Hit The Lights
Silversun Pickups
Skyscrapers Walk Among Us
Does It Offend You, Yeah?
Breathe Carolina
A Day To Remember
Attack Attack!
Thousand Foot Krutch
Family Force 5
Big Chocolate
The Bled
New Found Glory
Pierce The Veil

Dislikes: People that have no grounds for talking shit/hating, people too stupid to realize they are wrong and try to argue anyways, people that are all bark no bite, people that can't finish what they started, people that use others and/or con others, and liars/thieves/assholes and folks with overly high expectations.

People that take "popufur" way too seriously are a fucking joke. Don't be popular because it sounds cool, do it with meaning, like be popular because you do charity events, run a con, or help people out and don't actively pursue it, just do awesome things that make others happy and help others. Oh and don't let being popular get to you and turn you into a "popufur". (Keep in mind that artists can be popular for just drawing art that a lot of folks like, but not all artists actively pursue it. Some do it just because they love drawing or that's the only way they can make any money.) And one last thing: I also hate furries that think being "Popufur" (Furry version of Popular if you didn't know that already) or even well-known means you can do what you want without consequence or act how you want. It's not right.

[tl;dr of previous paragraph: I hate self-absorbed, self-righteous, self-centered, selfish, elitist assholes who only care about themselves)

If I SOMEHOW became well-known, I wouldn't care in all honesty. You could call me Popufur if you want, I just don't give two shits about wanting to be popular. I'll hang out with people, have fun, party, help others the best I can, and meet new friends along the way through my life even if my social status was as such. I wouldn't let it cloud my judgment, perception, views, and beliefs. I won't chose to be that way, I'll just keep going on being the guy that just wants to make others happy.

Don't pose off of people, be creative. Stealing other's character designs and using it as your own is just stupid and lazy. I think of my character like a tattoo, I won't make it something I wouldn't want to live with my whole life. To give you a better idea of what I mean to say, don't get a tattoo because it "looks cool". Get something with meaning. If I were to get a full sleeve (aka entire left and/or right arm from wrist to shoulder) I would get a montage of all the things I love in life (i.e. hobbies, interests, etc.) rather than, let's say, flames. Flames can look cool, but it's not a part of me nor does it even describe who I am as a person. I personally think others should have the same views on their character, we'd see more and more amazing, unique creatures/creations in the fandom.

I am currently looking for a Master.

AWSOMENESS (More in journal header/footer :3):
  erro (Making my suit :P)

Further Confusion 2008
Further Confusion 2009
Further Confusion 2010
Fanime 2010
Further Confusion 2011
Further Confusion 2012
Califur 2012
Further Confusion 2013

Califur 2013
Further Confusion 2014
Further Confusion 2015
Further Confusion 2016

CURRENT THEME SONG: The City by Madeon[Link]

|||NOTE: IF YOU SEE "That Purple Fox/Foxified Photography" ON FACEBOOK (EXCLUDING the page on an "Entertainer" named That Purple Fox made by Phalynx Nova, that was made by me), OR ANY OTHER SITE THAN INKBUNNY, FA, TWITTER (@FoxifiedPhotos), OR AS A GAMERTAG/USERNAME (Note me for the list of games I have an account with), IT IS A FAKE. If you are unsure for any reason, note me here or on FA and I will tell you if it is me or not.|||
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