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Pinkie Pie Dressing by FenLlas
Pinkie Pie Dressing
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Pinkie Pie Dressing by FenLlas
Pinkie Pie Dressing
Dragon Kangaroo Blood Demon! with Coffee! by FenLlas
Dragon Kangaroo Blood Demon! w...
Lyra wants to be the Human by FenLlas
Lyra wants to be the Human
Down pour by Mirapony
Down pour
by Mirapony
HBD Mzstallion! by Mirapony
HBD Mzstallion!
by Mirapony
Mixed signals by Norithics
Mixed signals
by Norithics
Ambigudance by Brixton52
by Brixton52
Royal Tigress by CyanCapsule
Royal Tigress
{C} Walking the pet. by Veis
{C} Walking the pet.
by Veis
Aimmy Lockon! by Mirapony
Aimmy Lockon!
by Mirapony
Get Up! It's Your Birthday! by Ketzio
Get Up! It's Your Birthday!
by Ketzio

My name is Fen. I'm from the UK; England to be precise. I like coffee, cigarettes and wasting time online.

My drawings are of sub-optimal quality and may or may not improve: don't buy them!

I'm so bad, I couldn't draw a pack of cards.
I'm so bad, I couldn't draw a pair of curtains.
Once I played football: and drew. I was informed this was bad.
My sketches are sketchy.
My lineart consists of only perpendicular lines; I'm still working on parallel.
My colouring could use some work; it's been unemployed for as long as I can remember.
My shading is unenlightened.
My textures are rough.

My... er... favourite colour is purple. [Get it?!! No? Nah, I ran out :) ]

I think you're pretty; please leave me a compliment... er.. comment; Seriously, tell my exactly how I suck so I can begin to suck less!

My name isn't really Fen; It's Jamie. A fen is a marsh, just as a so-you-know. Also; It's a word in my conlang [constructed language- that's right, I'm full wizard].

Cheers for looking at my profile.

If you want a picture, please feel free to rightClickSaveAs or to screenCap or whatever. If I put a signature on it, remember it's only for my own ego's sake; I'll put it off to one side so you can shop it out- no credit/attribution/sacrifice needed!

I really /do/ think you're pretty :3
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