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S2 E36: Power of the Mind. by Evilest
S2 E36: Power of the Mind.
S2 E37: Season2 Finale
Tonight's the night; our season finale. Come join us as we hold a 6hr special. https://picarto.tv/WhitefireNomura
2 years, 1 month ago
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S2 E36: Power of the Mind. by Evilest
S2 E36: Power of the Mind.
Relaxing by Evilest
October 21, 2015 by Evilest
October 21, 2015
1/2 Acre woods 2 by Evilest
1/2 Acre woods 2
1/2 Acre woods 1 by Evilest
1/2 Acre woods 1
Whitefire 2015 Desktop Wallpaper by Evilest
Whitefire 2015 Desktop Wallpap...
Executioner by AvogadroToast
the Most Evilest Art Show

Whitefire Nomura
A humble Gray Fox PG fur-artist who is chained in the basement of Evilest's lair. (Please send pizza)

Walter C. Evilest
is the leader of his own World Domination faction called L.O.M.E.D. (League Of the Most Evil Domination) Unfortunately, He is the only member; Which works for him as he has no one challenging him for leadership. But that is not to say he doesn't have any followers. In short, he's just a normal backwoods evil raccoon who simply wants to rule the world.

Bocephus Foxworthy III
A simple gray fox with a simple mind. After being abandoned by his parents at birth, Bocephus was adopted and raised by a pack of wild cheese sandwiches. Unfortunately he got hungry and devoured them all. Now alone he has found a new mentor in Evilest and is learning the ways of the minon.

The only name she is known as, Feather is an assassin for hire who is a master of the legendary "Fish-Fu" She is a River Otter of few words and specializes in underwater missions. Even though she associates herself with L.O.M.E.D, Evilest is very reluctant to bring her aboard as a full time member; mostly because frankly he is scared silly of her.

Sketch -$10
Colored -$15
HD Color and Shading -$20
Connbadge -$30

Art Trades: None.
Requests: The Most Evilest Art Show is Saturday evenings from 6:00PM EST to 10:00PM EST.
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4 years, 9 months ago
Danka. :)
4 years, 9 months ago
dawww thank you for the watch! and welcome to IB! ^-^
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