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Quick, let's go! by DiegoShedyk53182
Quick, let's go!
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Quick, let's go! by DiegoShedyk53182
Quick, let's go!

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Quick, let's go! by DiegoShedyk53182
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Popular Girl by Shadowwalk
Popular Girl
Fun-Time Foxy by Kayla
Fun-Time Foxy
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Sally's smallest fans
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Bunnie Rabbot !
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Bubble Bath
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Same as usual by WinickLim
Same as usual
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Show off by WinickLim
Show off
by WinickLim
Hi, I'm Diego, welcome! I'm new here, so do not be surprised if I'm too noob here.
For those who do not know, I am a user of DeviantArt, where I usually put all my drawings, almost all, in relation to the Sonic franchise. (Basically, 98% of my drawings are related to Sonic ... Yeah)

 But of course, I do not just draw this, but also expect nothing professional from me, because I am not. I have practice already, but I do not have advanced study or anything like that, the majority of what I do, it is on the basis of the improvisation itself, fortunately I have not had problems yet, just the lack of time (and inspiration at 0%), which disturbs me. Yeah .... being a bit depressed gives in to it ... it's annoying .... -_-

I should warn you, as well as in DeviantArt, I will not be doing Request here either. Commissions, will be available as soon as I know how to do it right .... But it might take some time .....
Art Trade is available, but first evaluate my work first in DA, if you think I draw well enough to do the drawing for you, okay?

Soon I put a journal leaving everything more specific, but I'll warn you, I will not draw especially: gore, yaoi or farting arts, if you like everything okay, I do not judge, each with their own tastes and fetishes, I just do not like I'd rather avoid some, sorry.

And if you're expecting to see I do something sexual in my drawings. Well, so far I have not done anything back, I mean yes, but not as "r34" (yet), just to train a little anatomy of the body. Maybe an hour, but it's not my focus, and yes, I know that InkBunny is more for those who enjoy it.

That's it for now, thanks for the attention.

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