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Rinaldi Vitello by DemoWeasel
Rinaldi Vitello
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Rinaldi Vitello by DemoWeasel
Rinaldi Vitello
Frankie Ancelotti by DemoWeasel
Frankie Ancelotti
Just another long-tailed weasel. Get out of here!

I'm a sophomore Animation major at Laguna College of Art and Design.

HERE YOU WILL FIND: Vigilante weasels (among others) who beat the snot out of criminals and regularly find themselves up against a small collection of eccentric villains.

Oh, and some other stuff, too.

Video games are a pretty major hobby of mine! These days I can only get in any sort of significant gaming time over the summer since my classes take up 90% of my time from fall to spring. My favorite games tend to run the gamut of genres (except RPGs, which I can rarely stand), as the two Super Mario Galaxy games are right up there in my top 10 along with Patapon 2 and GTA IV. Who says you can't like stomping on goombas and mowing down gangsters with a machine gun? I also like to watch animated (and non-animated!) films! My absolute favorite movie is Who Framed Roger Rabbit; the animation in it is just so incredibly well done! Music is something I'm far more picky with. My two favorite musical genres are alternative rock and cool jazz, and my favorite bands are Sunset Rubdown, Modest Mouse, and Wolf Parade.

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