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YCH (AUCTION OPEN) by Dedrawingboard
Hi, im new on inkbunny! Im dedrawingboard mostly found here http://dedrawingboard.deviantart.com/ I really hope you guys enjoy my artwork on here. Please have a wonderful day and never stop drawing!...
3 years, 11 months ago
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YCH (AUCTION OPEN) by Dedrawingboard
Ink (AUCTION OPEN + ART) by Dedrawingboard
The eye (AUCTION) + art (CLOSED) by Dedrawingboard
The eye (AUCTION) + art (CLOSE...
Trees (AUCTION open) by Dedrawingboard
Trees (AUCTION open)
Levi ackerman by Dedrawingboard
Levi ackerman
Commission 2 MostWanted06 by Dedrawingboard
Commission 2 MostWanted06
Commission for MostWanted06 by Dedrawingboard
Commission for MostWanted06
Anthro design reminder (OPEN) by Dedrawingboard
Anthro design reminder (OPEN)
Commission for SophieTheHedgeh0g by Dedrawingboard
Commission for SophieTheHedgeh...
 Anthro design ( OPEN) by Dedrawingboard
Anthro design ( OPEN)
Commissions (OPEN) by Dedrawingboard
Commissions (OPEN)
Jay on her way by Dedrawingboard
Jay on her way
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Peridot balloons by jenfoxworth
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Mia looks at you ^_^ by DelKon
Mia looks at you ^_^
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Angel by AngelofHapiness
Hello im DeDrawingBoard <3
Also found on Deviantart.com here http://dedrawingboard.deviantart.com/
My instagram is dedrawingboard.

My Commission info is found here http://fav.me/d8zkbtm

About me~

*What program do you use?

I like to use Paint tool SAI for my hand drawn sketches and hand drawn line art. I use it for coloring and cell shading and even my back grounds. I sometimes use Photoshop to edit lighting and such. Hopefully the more i practice with Photoshop i will be better at it and create better quality art.

*Do you play video games? What kind?

I certainly do! I enjoy resident evil 4, Disgaea especially the first one. I love kingdom hearts 1 and 2 and working on birth by sleep. Portal and portal 2 is just brilliant! I enjoy half life, Minecraft is just fun. I enjoy shooting like black ops 2 and fighting like street fighter, darkstalkers to soul calibur and mortal kombat. There are many i enjoy like sonic and alot more to come across! They have been a major inspiration in my life.

*Do you watch tv shows? anime or cartoons?

Who doesnt?! I love anime, probably a pretty big nerd for that one. I love anime like darker than black, death note, cowboy bebop, many Hayao miyazaki movies, my favorite being spirited away. I love inuyasha, Ao no exorcist, Kuroshitsuji, and many more. I loved the tv series dexter and breaking bad, i loved all those tv shows, more recently i love Gotham but havent watched alot.
As for cartoons i enjoyed the good oldies like ren and stimpy, I absolutely LOVE invader zim and dexters lab. Recently i enjoyed a little adventure time and fell in love with regular show. I love Dan vs and also love alot of other toons, favorite one right now is gravity falls.
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3 years, 11 months ago
No problem buddy
3 years, 11 months ago
no problem
keep rocking
3 years, 11 months ago
You are very welcome. ;)
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