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Blood Bunny by puinkey
Blood Bunny
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Blood Bunny by puinkey
Blood Bunny
by puinkey
The shade by puinkey
The shade
by puinkey
I'm in a writing mood, but I'm stuck on my current story so I guess I'll write a bit about myself.

First of all, I'm terrible at drawing things. My stick figures leave much to be desired, so don't expect me to be posting up even any sketches or anything.

My "Fursona" as cyph34r is really just an avatar of me that I use on the internet, so most things that apply to me will apply to "him" except that I obviously Don't have fox ears and a tail, whereas he does. Also in real life I'm a bit less social than on the internet.

I enjoy writing and photography, though at the moment I'm between cameras, so writing is my sole current creative outlet. I also enjoy using exploding dinosaur powered machines to go entirely too fast, and currently use a Toyota MR2 (4AG for life!) and a Hyosung V-Twin 650 motorcycle for this purpose, with a Datsun 510 sitting in my yard waiting for parts. I enjoy computer gaming, mostly strategy games or KSP, but I sold my computer a few weeks ago and am currently using an M$ Surface 2 as my primary machine, so I haven't done much of that recently.

I am also a fan of firearms, and have a collection consisting of a couple of SIGs, a couple of replica black powder service revolvers, and some other assorted boomsticks. This is not to say I go everywhere "packing heat", but more that I enjoy going to a range or a quarry a couple times a month to waste some money putting holes in things.

I used to do independent IT contracting, and still pick up occasional contracts to make ends meet, but I'm trying to start a business making custom Kydex (Thermoform plastic) holsters
and car interior parts.

You'll find that my various characters will have some of my interests and hobbies, since Its easier for me to write about things I know, but I try to avoid making any of my characters simply be "me" because then I feel bad when I do terrible things to them in my stories. (Like put one in the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds because I needed something stressful to occur for the other characters in the story.)

Not sure what else to put here, other than:
I Know I'm easy to identify and find (physically/IRL) through my google and steam accounts, but its worth noting that people I don't know or expect appearing at my door tend to be greeted with a "please go away now", I get significantly less polite after that.
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