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Happy Campers 1-1: House away from Home by ChocolateKitsune
Happy Campers 1-1: House away from Home
The irony of this post being on a social media site is not lost on me but it is where it would be the most effective. Goodnight!
12 hrs, 23 mins ago
Work Hiccups, Streaming Stress and Schedules
As a first step towards keeping you all more regularly adjourned with the goings-on in my (supposedly) professional artist's life, I thought I'd write up a quick little update about what's happened si...
1 month ago
The Really Long, Complicated, Probably Unnecessary Birthday Journal
Well, today I turned 30, and the days/weeks leading up to it have been a mixed bag for me, to say the least. I think this is a very good opportunity to break the secrecy that I think I've been uninten...
1 month, 2 weeks ago
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Sketch Plays Stream: Night in the Woods Pt.1 by ChocolateKitsune
Sketch Plays Stream: Night in ...
Ofurwatch - Quilrynn as Pharah by ChocolateKitsune
Ofurwatch - Quilrynn as Pharah
February Patreon Rewards - Fiona by ChocolateKitsune
February Patreon Rewards - Fio...
February Patreon Rewards - WaveFox by ChocolateKitsune
February Patreon Rewards - Wav...
February Patreon Rewards - Tahoma by ChocolateKitsune
February Patreon Rewards - Tah...
February Patreon Rewards - Ihddn by ChocolateKitsune
February Patreon Rewards - Ihd...
February Patreon Rewards - Cezmera by ChocolateKitsune
February Patreon Rewards - Cez...
February Patreon Rewards - Ranthor by ChocolateKitsune
February Patreon Rewards - Ran...
Ofurwatch - Able as Genji by ChocolateKitsune
Ofurwatch - Able as Genji
Ofurwatch - Kauko as Sombra by ChocolateKitsune
Ofurwatch - Kauko as Sombra
Ofurwatch - Alice as Ana by ChocolateKitsune
Ofurwatch - Alice as Ana
Ofurwatch - Tenebris as McCree by ChocolateKitsune
Ofurwatch - Tenebris as McCree
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Happy Campers 1-1: House away from Home by ChocolateKitsune
Happy Campers 1-2 by ChocolateKitsune
Happy Campers 1-3 by ChocolateKitsune
Happy Campers Chapter 1 - House away from Home
The first chapter of Happy Campers!
6 submissions
Happy Campers Teaser - page 1 by ChocolateKitsune
Happy Campers 1-1: House away from Home by ChocolateKitsune
Happy Campers Index
The first page of every part of Happy Campers, for easy navigation.
2 submissions
Happy Campers Teaser - page 1 by ChocolateKitsune
Happy Campers Teaser - page 2 by ChocolateKitsune
Happy Campers Teaser - page 3 by ChocolateKitsune
Happy Campers Teaser
Just a little preview for my upcoming comic.
3 submissions
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[Short story - Secret Santa 2016] A Snuggle by dmfalk
[Short story - Secret Santa 20...
by dmfalk
soften it up by tanukeki
soften it up
by tanukeki
[CM] Groggy Morning by Malachyte
[CM] Groggy Morning
by Malachyte
Red and Yellow by skidoo
Red and Yellow
by skidoo
[commission] Magica manjiiiiiiiii by felicechan
[commission] Magica manjiiiiii...
A Revealing Tie Lift by AvaBun
A Revealing Tie Lift
by AvaBun
Puin Paup by AvaBun
Puin Paup
by AvaBun
Happy Halloween! by Leosaeta
Happy Halloween!
by Leosaeta
belly~ by Ende
by Ende
Easter Bunny by Ende
Easter Bunny
by Ende
bunny waiter 2 by Ende
bunny waiter 2
by Ende
Loupy devil by Loupy
Loupy devil
by Loupy
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2 weeks, 2 days ago
NP at all
3 months ago
6 months ago
Oh okay! Thank you for the response!
6 months, 1 week ago
:( Did I say something wrong? I only said that scat wasn't my thing, and my comment was deleted I think.
7 months, 4 weeks ago
do you have your skype and such so I can contact you? c:
8 months ago
You just reminded me I had to update my info on IB! :0 But my skype is "lumarinra" and my telegram is "@soubiglowheart" c:I have all my contacts on IB anyway so I dont mind saying it openly XD
8 months ago
It was in my latest watchers faves! That's how I got confused! Because Im an airhead and thought that was their gallery but it linked me to you! :3 It was that latest pic I faved though c: Also wouldnt mind chatting sometime and being friends! ^w^ I mean if you dont mind! c: Also if you play overwatch we can play together sometime if you want! ^w^ Unless Im being too pushy ;u; or you dont want to! Thats okay too! I just like making friends ^w^ And you seem really nice c:
8 months ago
Though Im glad I got a nice comment back ^w^ Main reason I was worried was because of someone I once knew on Wildcritters that kinda made me paranoid! I was good friends with them plus he was really sweet and I found them on FA yrs later! I had a different name on Wildcritters though! He thought I was a girl though back then and I was worried if I told him I was a guy he wouldnt like me anymore s; But I wanted to tell him on FA! I decided to send him a shout leaving a nice message! c: But he told me, "Idk you. why are you talking to me?" Then I got sad and thought, maybe I shouldnt say anything... then said, "Oh... Sorry.... Just thought I'd try to make a friend..." And didnt talk to him since ;n; Oh! But sorry for rambling ^^; It's really nice to meet a fellow artist! ^w^
8 months ago
Yeah what happened was someone watched me and faved something of mine then as always I always do I thank them for their watch and tell them it's nice to meet them! But I stopped and saw art of yours he faved! Though since he didnt have anything in his gallery I thought he drew it! I looked and was like, Oh this is adorable art! Then I started remembering an art buddy I once had and like the airhead I am I thanked you for the watch and everything even though I meant to say it on their page! So when I realized he had no art and I accidently went to his faves I was like, (Oh crap! Thats so awkward and embarrassing to me!!! ;//n//;) So I edited the post to you since I thought it was cute art anyway! Then I thought (I better say sorry for the random post! I hope they dont get mad... :c )
8 months ago
Sorry for the random post lol
8 months ago
Hello there! Cute art! c:
3 years, 6 months ago
Hi!  I can't note you on FA due to it being in Read only mode.  I hope this counts as getting in contact.  (I am a truck driver by trade so gladly I got home in time.
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