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Happy Campers 1-1: House away from Home by ChocolateKitsune
Happy Campers 1-1: House away from Home
RT @DG_Nick: Oh no, Kizuna Ai learned a cuss! What have we done? https://pic.twitter.com/gYRSINXsS3
1 hr, 42 mins ago
New Milestones & Good Momentum
Today, I hit 30k total faves on all my submissions over on FurAffinity. That might not be too impressive given how long I've been on that site, but I actually took note of the tally when it hit 20k e...
20 hrs, 57 mins ago
Vacations, Burnout and Everything in Between
So the past week was set aside as a vacation; full time off of work where my friends had organized two weekend events after another. I attended a LAN party two weekends ago, and I got back from a week...
3 months ago
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Sketch Plays Stream: An Elysian Tale Print #2 by ChocolateKitsune
Sketch Plays Stream: An Elysia...
Greetings from the Hot Chocolate Bar by ChocolateKitsune
Greetings from the Hot Chocola...
Wolfie's October Stream - Fox Sticker by ChocolateKitsune
Wolfie's October Stream - Fox ...
Wolfie's October Stream - Looming Fox by ChocolateKitsune
Wolfie's October Stream - Loom...
Tahoma - Playing Dressup by ChocolateKitsune
Tahoma - Playing Dressup
Fragile. by ChocolateKitsune
Sketch Plays Stream: An Elysian Tale Print #1 by ChocolateKitsune
Sketch Plays Stream: An Elysia...
Trouffee - Teenage Diaper Critter Pt. 2 by ChocolateKitsune
Trouffee - Teenage Diaper Crit...
Boredom With Friends - Big Puff Bird by ChocolateKitsune
Boredom With Friends - Big Puf...
Wolfie's Sep. Stream - Friskus in the Trolley Buggy by ChocolateKitsune
Wolfie's Sep. Stream - Friskus...
Wolfie's Sep. Stream - Mommy's Quiet Little Boy by ChocolateKitsune
Wolfie's Sep. Stream - Mommy's...
Wolfie's Sep. Stream - "Right here in public?" by ChocolateKitsune
Wolfie's Sep. Stream - "Right ...
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Happy Campers 1-1: House away from Home by ChocolateKitsune
Happy Campers 1-2 by ChocolateKitsune
Happy Campers 1-3 by ChocolateKitsune
Happy Campers Chapter 1 - House away from Home
The first chapter of Happy Campers!
11 submissions
Project Campervan character studies by ChocolateKitsune
Happy Campers character sheet - Austin by ChocolateKitsune
Happy Campers character sheet - Russel by ChocolateKitsune
Happy Campers Miscellany
Miscellaneous content related to Happy Campers, which doesn't make a part of any comics.
5 submissions
Happy Campers Teaser - page 1 by ChocolateKitsune
Happy Campers 1-1: House away from Home by ChocolateKitsune
Happy Campers Index
The first page of every part of Happy Campers, for easy navigation.
2 submissions
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[Short story - Secret Santa 2016] A Snuggle by dmfalk
[Short story - Secret Santa 20...
by dmfalk
soften it up by tanukeki
soften it up
by tanukeki
[CM] Groggy Morning by Malachyte
[CM] Groggy Morning
by Malachyte
Red and Yellow by skidoo
Red and Yellow
by skidoo
[commission] Magica manjiiiiiiiii by felicechan
[commission] Magica manjiiiiii...
A Revealing Tie Lift by AvaBun
A Revealing Tie Lift
by AvaBun
Puin Paup by AvaBun
Puin Paup
by AvaBun
Happy Halloween! by Leosaeta
Happy Halloween!
by Leosaeta
belly~ by Ende
by Ende
Easter Bunny by Ende
Easter Bunny
by Ende
bunny waiter 2 by Ende
bunny waiter 2
by Ende
Loupy devil by Loupy
Loupy devil
by Loupy
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8 months, 3 weeks ago
NP at all
11 months, 1 week ago
1 year, 2 months ago
Oh okay! Thank you for the response!
1 year, 2 months ago
:( Did I say something wrong? I only said that scat wasn't my thing, and my comment was deleted I think.
1 year, 3 months ago
do you have your skype and such so I can contact you? c:
1 year, 4 months ago
You just reminded me I had to update my info on IB! :0 But my skype is "lumarinra" and my telegram is "@soubiglowheart" c:I have all my contacts on IB anyway so I dont mind saying it openly XD
1 year, 4 months ago
It was in my latest watchers faves! That's how I got confused! Because Im an airhead and thought that was their gallery but it linked me to you! :3 It was that latest pic I faved though c: Also wouldnt mind chatting sometime and being friends! ^w^ I mean if you dont mind! c: Also if you play overwatch we can play together sometime if you want! ^w^ Unless Im being too pushy ;u; or you dont want to! Thats okay too! I just like making friends ^w^ And you seem really nice c:
1 year, 4 months ago
Though Im glad I got a nice comment back ^w^ Main reason I was worried was because of someone I once knew on Wildcritters that kinda made me paranoid! I was good friends with them plus he was really sweet and I found them on FA yrs later! I had a different name on Wildcritters though! He thought I was a girl though back then and I was worried if I told him I was a guy he wouldnt like me anymore s; But I wanted to tell him on FA! I decided to send him a shout leaving a nice message! c: But he told me, "Idk you. why are you talking to me?" Then I got sad and thought, maybe I shouldnt say anything... then said, "Oh... Sorry.... Just thought I'd try to make a friend..." And didnt talk to him since ;n; Oh! But sorry for rambling ^^; It's really nice to meet a fellow artist! ^w^
1 year, 4 months ago
Yeah what happened was someone watched me and faved something of mine then as always I always do I thank them for their watch and tell them it's nice to meet them! But I stopped and saw art of yours he faved! Though since he didnt have anything in his gallery I thought he drew it! I looked and was like, Oh this is adorable art! Then I started remembering an art buddy I once had and like the airhead I am I thanked you for the watch and everything even though I meant to say it on their page! So when I realized he had no art and I accidently went to his faves I was like, (Oh crap! Thats so awkward and embarrassing to me!!! ;//n//;) So I edited the post to you since I thought it was cute art anyway! Then I thought (I better say sorry for the random post! I hope they dont get mad... :c )
1 year, 4 months ago
Sorry for the random post lol
1 year, 4 months ago
Hello there! Cute art! c:
4 years, 2 months ago
Hi!  I can't note you on FA due to it being in Read only mode.  I hope this counts as getting in contact.  (I am a truck driver by trade so gladly I got home in time.
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