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group pic gift by Ron by ChimeraRootkit
group pic gift by Ron
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group pic gift by Ron by ChimeraRootkit
group pic gift by Ron
first drawn-up fursona by ChimeraRootkit
first drawn-up fursona
Snowman by ChimeraRootkit
Chimera Tavitag by ChimeraRootkit
Chimera Tavitag
My Fursona: His name is Chimera and he is 2 years old. But he also goes by Rootkit. Chimera is a nice caring fox kit who is considerate of everyone's feelings and strives to make people around him smile. He is a skeptic by nature and questions everything because he loves learning things. He also likes working with PCs and he likes gaming and watching TV shows / Movies. He also enjoys things more appropriate for his age including, but not limited to: toys, juice, babas, milk, naps, diapers, and babyish clothes

Likes: Diapers, Gaming, Toys, Cribs, IT stuff, swimming, cuddling, old cartoons, and eating candy
Dislikes: Bullies, Heights, Needles/pointy things, Anime, and leaky diapers


Me IRL: I'm a laid back individual with not much to say but lots to think about. I've lived in Michigan all my life and the only time I ever been out of state was when we went to Disney world and that was in 2001. So the only other state I've been to is Florida (not counting the states I flew over). Anyways, I enjoy activities such as Sailing, Drinking, ATVing, Snowmobiling, Hiking, PC Gaming, and more..as I'm open to trying new things..I'm probably one of the most open minded people you'll ever meet! I have Autism which I was diagnosed with at the age of 4. I also was diagnosed with Occipital Epilepsy when I was young around the same time. I may have all these problems but I do the best I can to be the person I wanna be and be the best at what I can do. I may be shy at first when meeting new people, but if you prove to be a good friend to me... then you probably found yourself a good friendship that'll last you a lifetime!
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6 years ago
Thanks for the watch *huggles*
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