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New Submission by CeilYurie
New Submission
Feeling good
"Do you remember, the 21st night if september. I remember it was a cloudy day." I caught a Mew! "21st of september" Caught a mew! "You know I'll remember! Oh it was a cloudy day!" Play playing polemon...
3 weeks, 6 days ago
Nintendo Switch Online SUCKS
and of course they announce a splat fest NOW so that they can sucker p[eopel into trying the trial then forgetting to cancel and being forced to pay for a month of service...wonder how dead the spaltf...
4 weeks, 1 day ago
You're welcome!
For the thanks for the faves messages....sorry I can't reply prop[erly.
1 month ago
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New Submission by CeilYurie
New Submission
Floof Wyvern by CeilYurie
Floof Wyvern
Driving the Flying car. by CeilYurie
Driving the Flying car.
Spiro the Doot by CeilYurie
Spiro the Doot
New Icon by DemonicEevee by CeilYurie
New Icon by DemonicEevee
Behemy by CeilYurie
Bellany by CeilYurie
Kitties by CeilYurie
Friendship and love... by CeilYurie
Friendship and love...
Cuteness by CeilYurie
Zekal Used Adorable! by CeilYurie
Zekal Used Adorable!
Expressive SPie by CeilYurie
Expressive SPie
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Running Ceil by CeilYurie
Maw Shot and internal by CeilYurie
My birfday! by CeilYurie
Ceil, Sis Kiffin, my mate, nyala...shunamir will be here!
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 Skyler waking up by CeilYurie
My art
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Bellany by CeilYurie
Behemy by CeilYurie
For my behemoth characters
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Munchie the Caterpillar
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NSFW #Inktober2018 Day 12: Fre...
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The Sigj: Sew Evil Page 21
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The artist
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Sweetie's Dessert by lumineko
Sweetie's Dessert
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New to making furry art I will try my best but am not very good at drawing humans OR animals so..expect mostly text works., if anything.

Ceil is my wolf character and is usually 5-10 and has gold fur and big emerald eyes. He is short for his age but is very friendly if shy sometimes. He is sometimes a girl but usually a male. His nose is black and so are his pawpads and his inner ears a nice pink You can do all pink though if you feel like making me some art so he seems even younger. He does look younger than his age and is very cuddly and fluffy. As a mage he usually wears a robe over jeans or shorts and a T-shirt. Or sometimes he likes to crossdress. In his words: "A robe is not THAT different from a dress." He loves having fun and will die for his friends. Is also a male herm mostly. Unless you rther have pure male.
NEW: Above is only if you specify you want that one. F-lists detail Wolf Ceil.

Shunamir me/fursona:
CUB: I am a mir but kinda think of myself as a boy more...not that I dun like me girl bits! Just...well I feel more boy and like boys stuff...like action figures and stuff. Though i do wuv me plushies... Anyways I wuv to play in all kinda ways and snuggles are great...also if you like me i like you...just no startle mes please. Me gets scared easy. -Curls up in a fluffy ball, shy of new people.- Um...me like pets too...and ear rubs...just me shy at first... (note: I am usually more into a mother than father role though if I am not a cub and we are talking about that kind of rp,)
Pubescent/older: is now pretty much an outcast and renegade from her species, I've also playing her in a more teen style role more often. I rarely have any interactions with other shunamir so it's not like it effects interactions much. She avoids any and all ascendency ships and large gatherings of shunamir in general.

Is mommy! What do you mean shi isn't Shuna? SO?
is me brother and took my vaginal virginity. We're no longer mates but still good friends.

Nathan: My nephew (RP)

Golden Idea: A pegasus pony with no cutie mark. Gold tones all over with a "rainbow" mane of gold to orange tones. Inventor but despite a few successes his failures keep him from feeling confident.

Sammy=A small, childlike silver colored slime "boy" who loves to play. He can with concentration, take on a more solid shape.

Michelle And Eevette: Playful Mew and Eevee siblings, both "shiny", Michelle can take human form.

Sandra: hermaphrodite anthro shiny sylvally, looks 10

Danny: Standard 6-7 year old human shota with green eye and dark brown hair, about 4'3

Chris: Human/Pokemon SHifter. Pokemon trainer that as a result of experimentation as an embryo can become a Charizard/Salamence hybrid. Lucario used as a catalyst for the other DNA as well as a few other pokemon. At younger ages he is of course the lower lvl evos.

Karma: VERY dom feral vaporeon she is a shiny and very protective of her mates, tends to prefer children/cubs

Dragole: Dragon mage/warrior, anthro, 8-9 ft tall, taller as he transforms, spikes at elbows and knees and his tail ends in a series of spikes that merge to form a blade.

Karen: Red Fox girl who is nice and likes younger boys. Aged 12-16. Succubus/vampire too.

Xion: feline shifter with pink fur and golden wings and B-cup breasts. MATED

Kyra: Tigress, black and red stripes. 14-16, athletic and agile in fantasy settings she is a thief or assassin. In modern she an be a daner and a pickpocket. She usually starts as homeless in RP.

Betha: 8 year old anthro heffer, hermaphrodite and dim but very friendly.

Static Spark/Shock: Deep blue coated filly, bright blue eyes and electric blue highlights in her mane and tail. Can be feral, MLP, or regular anthro. Young, about 4, curious and a prankster. She has seen hints of sex but remains innocent. As a regular anthro pony (NOT an Equestrian one.) She wears jeans or shorts, with a loose tanktop. Despite being active she does have some layer of babyfat. She is a Unicorn, so tends to be shy around non-virgin males as a true feral. Note that doesn't mean you have to be a virgin or innocnet. Just means she is shy if you have had sex. Her Magic has a lot of potential, regular defensive bolts tend to look like charged rods/bolts of blue lightning.

Damion: Shifter boy who can shape shift, loves cuddles. Is about 4-5 and very kind. Has bright blue eyes and dark lavender scales as a dragon.

Seth: Cow-boy, intersex, has small breasts that are milkable, udder like balls that cna be milked, and a largish cock. Also has a pussy,  younger brother of Betha, very smart.

Behemy: Behemoth shota temple guard. He's only a few hundred years old, very young for a demon, and very shy, carries a barbed spear for temple duties and wears a loincloth. His fur is very fluffy and he has wide hips, and he likes to paint his horns for decoration. For ebing a very powerful demon he's really not threatening. https://www.f-list.net/c/behemy/

Ballany: A Female Behemoth, https://www.f-list.net/c/bellany

Tam: Otter boy, transgender, likes to be called a girl.

Kaitlynn: toddler human girl, very energetic and loves to play bright, firey red hair and green eyes. Has a soft and cute baby fat body.

Selric: Shy and intelligent elf prince, feminine with a girlish body and a soft face and upturned nose. Light tan sklin and red hear with lavender eyes catch the eye of strangers. He knows basic magic and archery as well as being able to talk to animals. Can use small blades too.

George Marcus: 27, independant captain. Owner of a small fleet of 2 Miranda Class frigates, 2 Vesper class cruisers and a Mogai class warbird modified with twin hangars for flagship use. Other fleet assets include 4 mk III transports with fore and aft launchers and twin dual phaser cannon  turrets, various small craft, and a well fortified colony world. Star Trek RP character from my days on Gaia Online. Recycled to be 11 year old shota boy. Bisexual.

My cute kitties, both can morph to anthro. Roxie is a girly party girl who loves having fun, appears to be 10 as an anthro. Her bright colors make her stand out

Vixen is an athletic girl, her brown colors may be more subdued but she loves rough and tumble play.

Cassandra the dragontaur, herm, purple scales and hair on her human half, force blast "breath" attack, 3 foot hemipenes.
== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
100% Exhibitionist
100% Switch
100% Ageplayer
100% Voyeur
98% Brat tamer
98% Brat
94% Boy/Girl
94% Non-monogamist
92% Primal (Hunter)
82% Daddy/Mommy
78% Experimentalist
75% Primal (Prey)
75% Pet
66% Dominant
63% Owner
63% Submissive
55% Master/Mistress
49% Rigger
47% Rope bunny
41% Slave
33% Masochist
18% Vanilla
2% Degradee
1% Degrader
1% Sadist

[Put this on your page if you role-play)  can't rp on here anymore... https://inkbunny.net/journalview.php?id=264231
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