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Oh god, I have to fill this thing out.

Alright, jeez. Okay, this is a lot of pressure. Okay, okay. Okay.

Just... take a deep breath...


Sup. I'm Calcibar, Calsibar, Calcibar, JJCM... etc etc. I write things. I write sex!

Sometimes sex.

Sometimes violent action adventure conspiracy government justice whatever stories and supernatural stuff. Not like, the show Supernatural. Like... magic, curses, powers, demons, and so on.

Fuuuuursona. Er. I guess I should discuss that.

The fursona I usually... fur... around as...

Would be a real monster. Ten feet seven inches tall, approximately five hundred pounds. Instead of a ribcage, she has tentacles! How fun is that? They can go rigid, thicken with fluid engorgement, thin out. Tentacles sprout off her back, four of them typically though nested inside of her are another forty four that can emerge from just about any point on her back. Sixteen tentacles of static thickness but variable length form what would be a tail. Instead of a tongue she has... you guessed it, sixteen more thin tendril like tentacles. All of the tentacles are black wherever they emerge from her body, but they slowly shift to red as they head towards the tips. The red glows. The redder the tentacle area, the more glow!

She doesn't have a vagina, or any of those ladyparts. She's essentially trans, male to female. This lovely demoness is a broodmother! She lays eggs. Through a specific organ that is capable of dilation to a rather large size. The organ being a penis. More of an oviposidong, really. Those eggs get laid er... in people. In willing people! Not unwilling people, that'd be straaaaange.

Anyway, her hair is red, shoulder length, her horns are a mixture of red and black metal, her lower legs (From the knee down) are synthetic mechanical prosthesis - it's a long story. Cyberdemons man, they all god one, I tell you. Most of her internal organs have tentacles woven around them, protecting them, including the broodmother organs. Her eyes are like a reddish, glowing starfield, dark but full of little points of glowing light.

The tentacles are genitals, by the way. I mean, come on. Of course they are. A broodmother with tentacles that WOULDN'T be genitals? That's just silly. The make pre, they cum, etc. She doesn't have to lay eggs every time she has sex, so that's fun. Her chest is generous, but to be fair, she's gigantic.


I'm a writer, I write things. I do some graphic art stuff, but I'm terrible at it. See the Icons I make for my stories, the thumbnails. I keep forgetting to make them at the 200x200 resolution so they look SUPER GREAT when I have them at a higher resolution then they shrink down and suck. So, that's a thing I gotta... you know. Work on.



I will be opening a donations thing eventually, since I am a sort of starving artist. I will also do commissions eventually, I suppose. Within reason. Writing is tough. Still figuring out prices.

I reserve the right to be obnoxious.

Have fun with reading my stuff, in all seriousness. I hope you get entertainment out of it or something.
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5 years, 5 months ago
what's the eta on  the next story; I really like them
5 years, 7 months ago
Hah. Valentine's six hundred pounds of fun. Wait until the next part goes up. Something, something, twincest.
5 years, 7 months ago
Loving the stories so far!  By the way, what's Miss. Mercy's schedule like? >.>
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