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Page O'Chus by BobHoppe
Page O'Chus
Beach Babes Art Contest! RESULTS!
[Contest Winners] The results are in for the "Beach Babe" contest! 1). Quasar Daniels from Moonbeam City 2). Anthropomorphic Anime Cop Being Bad At Being Undercover 3). Orca-maid 4). Judge Death 5)....
4 weeks ago
Beach Babes Art Contest!
[ART CONTEST!] I'm feeling feisty, so time for another one! The theme is "Beach Holiday!"  Send me *any* character, and I'll draw it as a sexy, beach-going lady! 3rd place gets a pen/marker chibi dra...
4 weeks, 1 day ago
Valentine's Day Art Competition: WINNERS!
[ART CONTEST] The Valentine's Contest is closed at 10 submissions! They are: 1). Freddy Kreuger 2). Werewolf 3). Sushi with the creature from the black lagoon 4). Cthulhu   5). Chimera DD 6). ...
1 month ago
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Page O'Chus by BobHoppe
Page O'Chus
Beach Babes 3rd Place - Kobold by BobHoppe
Beach Babes 3rd Place - Kobold
Valentine's Day Art Competition: 3rd Place Winner by BobHoppe
Valentine's Day Art Competitio...
Fimo Jewellery Set by BobHoppe
Fimo Jewellery Set
Decarab the Beautiful by BobHoppe
Decarab the Beautiful
New Year's Contest Picture Set by BobHoppe
New Year's Contest Picture Set
Baby Dragon in a Bottle by BobHoppe
Baby Dragon in a Bottle
Scrap-Dragons ADOPT by BobHoppe
Scrap-Dragons ADOPT
Zigzagoon by BobHoppe
Werewolf by BobHoppe
Pastel Unicorn by BobHoppe
Pastel Unicorn
Toriel: Keeper of the Ruins by BobHoppe
Toriel: Keeper of the Ruins
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I'm a UK based digital artist specialising in figure drawing. I love anime, furry-art and am more than happy to draw lewds, as well!

Like what I do and want to support me?  Why not become a Patron: patreon.com/joephilliactheblack
Or buy me a coffee: ko-fi.com/A2581GB3
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