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Huggles by Bengali108
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Huggles by Bengali108
Gift Art - Oreo Collas by Bengali108
Gift Art - Oreo Collas
Playmat - Bear Warrior by Bengali108
Playmat - Bear Warrior
Playmat - Djinntaro by Bengali108
Playmat - Djinntaro

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Playmat - Djinntaro by Bengali108
Playmat - Bear Warrior by Bengali108
Playmats that I design for either myself or my friends
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wolves snuggling by pandapaco
wolves snuggling
by pandapaco
Love Like You by Mytigertail
Love Like You
You and me, running up that hill. by Mytigertail
You and me, running up that hi...
A show in Zootopia - Fanart by Mytigertail
A show in Zootopia - Fanart
Waste of Carbon by Mytigertail
Waste of Carbon
Luke Lobo by ZetaHaru
Luke Lobo
by ZetaHaru
Chibi Icons by Mytigertail
Chibi Icons
Music by Mytigertail
One was the virtues I tried so hard to keep.
The other my vices I tried to hide from the rest of the world.
Neither can be without the other, this I have come to accept.
So this is me, born anew.

Er...I guess that's enough of the melodrama, nyet?  ^ ^;  Hey there, my name is Bengali Oleander  - a Bengal Tiger in the Northern Colorado area (Creative, right?) - but you can call me Ben.  I fancy myself a writer, artist, musician, gamer, crafter, and almost everything in between.  I'd like to think of myself as a Jack of All Trades; "Master of None, but often times better than a Master of One."  (Sorry, just a quote.  I do that often.  And puns.  Expect puns.)

Right now I'm in between tablets, seeing as how my old one died in the line of service - lasted a good 10 years if not longer, so I'm really not going to complain.  My art, when I do post it, will almost 100% be clean (I feel weird just thinking of doing something Mature let alone downright pornographic).

As you can tell from my icon I'm a bit of a Comic Book nerd.  I don't really collect all that much, but I'm a huge fan of Blue Lanterns from the DC Universe as well as Doctor Strange, Nightcrawler, Wiccan, and Ice Man from Marvel.  Right now I'm working on collecting Marvel's most recent line of "Doctor Strange" and Image's "The Autumn Lands: Tooth and Claw" which is actually a furry comic book.  If you want to talk to me about comics, go ahead, just don't expect me to be super knowledgeable (I get my info from Wikipedia).

I'm also very much into the Fantasy genre - High Fantasy, Modern Fantasy, or even Sci-Fi/Fantasy are right up my alley.

Feel free to hit me up!  I play a couple of games on Steam and in other places:
Mass Effect 3 (On PS3 only - I love Vanguards)
Destiny (On PS3 - don't play as much anymore, though)
Guild Wars 2 (Lvl 80 Mace and Focus/Greatsword Guardian)
Trove (Main class is Boomeranger, working on getting the others up to lvl 10)
ARK (Not really good at it, but I'm willing to stay home and build while you hunt the dinos)
Destiny (PS3 only)
Wizard101 (Not that much as of late, but I have several characters in several tiers of play, highest being in Celestia)
Pirate 101 (Not nearly as far, but I'll still play in the lower areas)
Archeage (I think I have a lvl 15?  I started, then my friends that played moved on to ARK)
Dungeon of the Endless (Still have yet to win)
Minecraft (I normally playon private servers and I use either FTB or Curse)
Warframe (Frost is my fav)
League of Legends (I typically play with either Malzahar or Twisted Fate)
Final Fantasy 14 (Just got my Scholar class, I play on the Maelstrom server)
Various 3DS games (Pokemon, Bravely Default, Fire Emblem, and Super Smash Brothers)
...there's probably more, but I can't think of them off the top of my head.  XD;  If you're interested in playing, drop me a line!  Otherwise, I hope you like what you see/hear/read.  ^ ^
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