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 Xuro by xuro915
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 Xuro by xuro915
Dryke by xuro915
I'm lazy putting information of myself so i'll just copy paste xD Sorry....hehehe.

First of all this is my FA: : https://www.furaffinity.net/user/kurorokanji/

Well, i do not know what to say here but yeah, if you ever wanna be friends come at me! I mean..I am friendly and crazy! Depends on the atmosphere and situation that is..So i am kinda new to Furaffinity and i am here to study on how this works. I have few questions about FA and i'll only ask friends cause asking is fun for me, asking is the first step to become knowladgable.
I am future artist. I am trying to become better at drawing so that i become like those famous furs just like blotch blotch , but i need time and money in-order to get that point, -(I AM NOT ASKING FOR MONEY :( )- I just need a tablet to start my digital art drawings.
I have second life just so you know so if you ever wanna hangout with me, send me a note ~! Tell me your username and i'll search ya or you can search me and send me a message, i'm always open for conversation! Name there is KuroKanji.

I am interested on good personality/traits/characteristics..etcetc. other than physical look, but to be honest, i do care the looks as well but attitude still my number one(1) Why loving the physical form if the attitude is crap? :p Riht? Right.
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