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Just a ferrety ferret watcher here, nothing special. Ummm.....I can't think of anything else to
say here so...here! Some things about me o.o;

Name: Minty <3
Gender: A booooooy ferret x3
Species: A ferrety ferret :3
Age: Twenty!
Height: 5' 7"
Orientation: Bisexual in a ferrety way :3 ( Male Pref! )

Cloths: I'm usually wearing a long white robe with the bottom of it stopping right above my ankles. My robe is held closed with a white sash around the waist and there's also a slit in the back of the robe for my ferrety tail to slip out of so it can wag freely behind me. I never ever wear anything under my robe since I just think it makes me feel much more free that way :3

Special: My whole body has a nice combination of a peppermint and spearmint taste to it. That means my nose, ears, lips, fur....yup, everywhere you can think of taste like minty goodness. And my fur also has a very strong minty scent to it as well. But some spots on my body have a stronger minty taste/scent than others. Also, I'm very flexible and light due to being a ferrety ferret and all. ~<3

-And on a random note, I'm sheathless down there n//n
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