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Judges by stefi heartlilly by Freddythepanda
Judges by stefi heartlilly
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Judges by stefi heartlilly by Freddythepanda
Judges by stefi heartlilly
Couple by Michele Light by Freddythepanda
Couple by Michele Light
Frosti Bunni - MFY Fursuit by FrostiBunni
Frosti Bunni - MFY Fursuit
Rhosyn Coloured Sketch by korrok
Rhosyn Coloured Sketch
by korrok
Yksi Coloured Sketch by korrok
Yksi Coloured Sketch
by korrok
*I'm a Big Blue Rabbit.... Moco is my character's name... (Character Reference Sheet was made by   tayalu <3)
*I'm 28 - Male - English - Libertarian - Country Upbringing - Now a Townie
*Techy - Can do bits of electronics, but mostly UNIX and general desktop stuff
*I'm a fursuiter - and I love it. In it for the smiles!
*I've been in the fandom proper for about 2 years; actively involved for just under a year.
*I can't draw, although I can passably trace and draught.
*I am somewhat crafty, I love making stuff when I get the time; I can do bits of: Sewing, Embroidery, Electronics, Mechanics, Woodwork, Leatherwork, and some other stuff.
*I am mad on medieval culture; I re-enact too, 15th Century (read; I pretend to be a big burly soldier at weekends in the summer... with swords!)
*I Table-top Roleplay, nothing more fun than pretending to be someone else with a bunch of friends at a pub.
*I love costumes, and portraying different personas, going out and about in different costumes and so on. In fact it was a halloween party when I realised I felt much happier dressed as a bunny than as a hooman.
*I am very "jumpy" and have little to no mental image filter....
*I love most kinds of music, but particularly like stuff I can dance to; being a larger fellow, this tends toward Industrial, EBM, Stompy Dance, Psy-trance, 80s Dance and so on.
*I am extremely open-minded; people are sometimes surprised at how I am fine with things other people would get in a tizz over.

* Happily in a relationship with   freddypanda <3 *blush*

I reckon that's enough for now; I know, TLDR.....

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