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Weird Text by toyapup
Weird Text
Problems submitting...
Hey, guys! I was going to go on another submission spree, but I keep getting an error when I'm submitting stuff. It keeps saying I have to select a gender... thing, or click the not applicable button....
6 years, 10 months ago
Still here!
And I still have a buttload of commissions to add text and stuff to. Just haven't had the time with our call center closing and people leaving, putting me in about 8 positions at once. But I'll get ar...
6 years, 11 months ago
Tonight's Mission Statement:
For every post that I make, I'll take a shot of SoCo. Let's watch the degradation. EDIT: Radix is now controlling my alcohol consumption.
7 years ago
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Weird Text by toyapup
Weird Text
What's worse? by toyapup
What's worse?
Stars in your Eyes, Kid. by toyapup
Stars in your Eyes, Kid.
I found one! by toyapup
I found one!
All tied up with nowhere to go... by toyapup
All tied up with nowhere to go...
Magic Wands Stink by toyapup
Magic Wands Stink
Just a Toya! by toyapup
Just a Toya!
POPORING! by toyapup
Gaius, Ricken, and Nowi! by toyapup
Gaius, Ricken, and Nowi!
New Submission by toyapup
New Submission
Ain't got no face by toyapup
Ain't got no face
Chubby Puppy by toyapup
Chubby Puppy
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Hey, all!
Well, being that FA has decided to make it clear that my commissions are unwanted or unappreciated on it's site, I've decided to take all my business here. I may still be posting things to FA in the future, but for now, I appreciate InkBunny's business model quite a lot more!

Get ready for a lot of the old, and some of the new commissions of Toyapup. :D
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7 years ago
Good to hear of course! Still though, even with the more messier variant of regression, it's bound to happen. Not like FA was free from that sort of thing, just more subdued and more "I wanna change their diaper!" than "Damn that pup's sexy!"

But the more 'tinky Toya there is in the world, the better.
7 years ago
Well, I try my best to keep my material out of the "porn" variety. I don't really enjoy cubs in sexual situations, but moreof, the situations you've already seen on this account. :P

I don't know if I'll permanently leave FA per se, but until I get a proper explanation as to why the material was taken down, I'm comfortable having a gallery here, at least to store the material.
7 years ago
You hold my condolences and love Toya. You were an incredibly awesome force on FA, and Inkbunny is lucky to have you. Though the whole 'cub-porn' angle stuff might solicit those comments on your images for good or ill depending on your views.
7 years ago
Oh well its their loss in the end, heh
7 years ago
Yeah! They deleted some of my posts back during my last posting spree, and I just haven't trusted them since. They gave me some really bs explanation as per why the work was removed like "the thumbnail doesn't match the submission" or it was "posted under the wrong context" both of which I see frequently enough on FA to make me sick, but hey- They made their decision.
7 years ago
that is odd because of the amount of stuff that I have seen that is just diapers on there
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