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little trains, little houses, and a green world, populated by people who look like furrys.

there's space technology too.  most lnanarans (that's the name of their planet) use their tech to live closer to the natural world though.

if that doesn't say enough about me, well my first love was model trains, starting when i was less then a year old.  growing up in the woods, it wasn't hard for me to figure out nature is where the air we breathe comes from.  so technologies which tread lightly have always been of considerable interest and preference over using combustion in any form to generate energy or propel transportation.  

i also started trying to illustrate my dream, when i was very young, and that was more then half a century ago.  i've never gotten as good at it as many, who are far younger.  this doesn't stop me though.  i only want people to be able to see what they could have.  the kind of world we could all be living in.

that's what motivates me to do what i do.  so i'm not very good a making characters.  just enough to populate that world i was talking about.  to make it look lived in, and give some idea about the sizes and shapes of things.

the first place i posted my images on the net, i think was vcl, after that i think side-7, then biorust, and up until now, so far, fur affinity.  i go by themnax everywhere i can.  so i'm sort of all over the net, though i'm no longer active many of the places i have been, or not as much so.  

you will find me as themnax on a number of forums in odd places.  including archives from back before there was an internet.
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