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How do you do!  I'm the Teal Ghost.  It's my hope in my afterlife to help provide enjoyable commissioned artwork for you in your current life, of anything that interests you from media, fantasy characters, anime, games, adult themes and related genres and so on.
My greatest hope is to help you see your most pleasant fantasy!  It's my wish that our cooperation will help provide for those I love and give you something that pleases you for affordable rates.  Please feel free to inquire about the types of subject matter you care for of an adult context, whether you prefer pin-ups and sexy single characters or scenes of passion, I hope to be of service to you.

Commission project types are numbered for your convenience.  All you have to do is tell me for example you want #4, and describe with as much detail as possible what you want including character(s), setting if any, whether black and white or in color, any dialog or actions, as much detail as you can offer.  The rule for additional characters is that more than half of a second body counts as a second character, so a scene of a woman making love which includes only a small part of a man's body for example would still count as a single character commission.  After two characters it's an additional $5 for each extra black and white character and $10 for each additional colored character on top of the picture price.

#1: Black and white, single character, no background= $25
#2: Black and white, single character, with background= $35
#3: Black and white, 2 characters, no background=$35
#4: Black and white, 2 characters, with background=$50
#5: Color, single character, no background=$35
#6: Color, single character, with background=$50
#7: Color, 2 characters, no background=$50
#8: Color, 2 characters, with background=$75
Additional $5 for extra black and white characters after 2 characters
Additional $10 for extra color characters after 2 characters

Limits (what I won't draw)
It's my hope to be as broad as possible in helping you to see your desired image, but I must put some restrictions on particular fetishes and subjects.
*No loli/shota/underaged material.  Will negotiate for characters that have a canonical adult form
*No violent/abusive/brutal content/torture
*No rape/non-consensual
 *No bestiality.  Furries are acceptable, but not a real animal being sexed
*No scat/urine/bodily secretions other than sexual fluids
*No suicidal/disturbing imagery
*No political/religious/social mockery or parody

The aim here is to produce your most pleasant fantasy, but if you have any questions feel free to ask, and thank you for giving me a look!

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