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 Sin vores Simba ^.^ Warning vore by sindragon
Sin vores Simba ^.^ Warning vore
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 Sin vores Simba ^.^ Warning vore by sindragon
Sin vores Simba ^.^ Warning v...
A gifty for a freind ^.^ by sindragon
A gifty for a freind ^.^
Sin and Nala walking threw the Pride lands by sindragon
Sin and Nala walking threw the...
Jinxy in the shadows by sindragon
Jinxy in the shadows
Teen Sin Injured by sindragon
Teen Sin Injured
Sin meets Jinxy by sindragon
Sin meets Jinxy
Hanging on mummy by sindragon
Hanging on mummy
Sin on a walk by sindragon
Sin on a walk
Nala use sin as a pillow ^.^ by sindragon
Nala use sin as a pillow ^.^
Zira stalking you  by sindragon
Zira stalking you
Sin in artho form by sindragon
Sin in artho form
Shingi head by sindragon
Shingi head
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 Sin vores Simba ^.^ Warning vore by sindragon
My vore pics (warning vore)
This are Pic of Vorei drawn so warning (vore)
6 submissions
Sin (First ok at drawing Sin) by sindragon
My OC Sin and Shingi by sindragon
Cub Sin on top of Pride rock by sindragon
old  ok art
basic my old ok  art i done
7 submissions
My OC Sin and Shingi by sindragon
Sin for England by sindragon
Christine (Sin mum) by sindragon
My others Oc
Pic of my other Oc I drawn
4 submissions
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Name: Stuart

Nicknames: Sin,Stu Sindragon

Age: 10th Aprill 1989 (22)

Born England, uk

Lives: England , Uk

Sex: Male

Sex Life: Bi

Speacices : Human/Lion

Freinds : TBC

Hobbies : Writing, Art, playing football, Photoghie of big cats. Jet sking, watch F1. Manchester untited and England football fan. Leader of the Nalahoilcs on Tlk pride fan site

Fav fur: Nala ^.^

Les fav fur : Zazu

Fav movie : Lion king

worst movie : Up WTF

What I do

Make art pics

Do fan fan fiction ,manily Lion king .

Also Do video shows and Amv on my,Youtube padge.

My youtube padge : https://www.youtube.com/user/sinala1.....9?feature=mhum

At the monemt all my stuff for commisoin i doing it for free.

Im also looking for a beta for my storys ,so if there some could help. That be cool ^.^

Hello Everybody ^.^

My name is Stuart , a 22 year old guy from England. I been a fan of Red vs Blue from the start, when it came out way back. I am a fan of The Blue team which funny when most,of teams i support in sport have Red kits. eg Manchester united FC.

Few things about me ,I have Dyslexia and Dyspraxia, 2 types of learning Disabilities. Baisc it effects my speach ,spelling, writing,gramma , social skills etc. It somthing to do with the brain im not sure the scince behind it. But i will have it for the rest of my life since there no clue.

Basic way i could describe it , would be it take me dobble the time a "normal "person would to do somthing. I have got better with my speach and spelling . So if I do miss spell or miss gramra understand im not doing on purpourse. Plus spell check is pot luck for me to check a correct spelling.

Well also im a big Lion king Fan ,Nala beeing my fav chatter in the movie . Im into sports wrestling (WWE), football (English), F1 and Jet sking. I support Manchester United and England also into cycling.

I have a xbox 360 and Wii , also had every Nintendo consoles that came to the UK. Im also a Sonic the hedgehog fan even if I played Nintendo manily. I many play Halo games or Need for speed/Burnout games. Also now got into the Dead Rising games.

I also do fanfiction storys and do below good art eg .

My nicknames pepole call me by are : Stu Sin ( Due to If you took the First letters from ,my first name middel name and family name you get sin)

So I hope to make some new Freinds ^.^

Here a link to show you about my Learing Disblitys


My main OC list

Name : Stuart/Sin

Age : 22

Species : Human

Sex life: Male Bi , mated to Nala in my Lion king storys

Family : Mated to Nala has to cubs with her in my story. Zira is his adopted sister in my story.

Evil or good : Good

bio to come

pic : n/a

Name : Sin

Sex : Male /Bi

Age : about 4

Specieces : Lion

sex life : Crush on Nala from Lion king mated to her in my stroys.

Family : Younger brother of Zira ,Mother is Christein.

Bio : to come ( Sin is my Furry form)

Evil or good - Good

Pic - https://www.furaffinity.net/view/5895660/

Name : Shingi

Sex : Female /Bi

Age: 2

Species : Lioness

Sex life - Has a huge crush on Simba and is paired with Simba in my Lion king storys.

Family - Yonger Sister of Nala , Mother sarfina ,Dad is Ni

Bio - to come

Evil/Good - Good

Pic - https://www.furaffinity.net/view/2652450/

Name : Christein

Sex : Female /streight

Age -10

Species : Lioness

Family - Mother to Sin and Zira in my Lion king storys

Bio to come

Evil/Good - Good
pic - https://www.furaffinity.net/view/2889318/

Name - Shadow

Species : Wolf

Age - 7

sex : Male /Bi

Family : Is Half brother to Balto and Son to Aniu.

Sex Life : Mated to my freind oc

Evil /Good - Good

Bio to come

Pic -https://www.furaffinity.net/view/2885545/

Name : Ice

speciaces : Wolf

Age : ??

Sex life : Male /streight

Evil or God : Evil

bio to come

pic n/a
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1 year, 6 months ago
Thanks for the watch <3
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