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I am Bardu, it means born of the full moon light. i am also the owner of the character Silver. Silver is an art whore i use in my stores, so if you enjoy some erotic short stores stop by my gallery and read about Silver's exploits.


Sex: male

Species: wolf

Coloring: black body with deep blue parts and silver under belly,

Body style: is athletic/slightly toned, not thin not muscled but just slightly toned and about 6 feet tall.

Ears: are black to match the main body with blue tips on the top inch

Face: black with the back half of the bottom jaw silver leading down to merge with the underbelly, blue markings leading across the top of the muzzle and splitting to curve down on either side half way to cover the cheeks in the same blue color before, leaving the top second half of the muzzle black the blue pattern curves up half way along the side of the eyes, and stretched back to fur leading off the cheeks almost rounded if not for the ruff look of the fur coming off the cheeks, three flesh colored scars over left eye.

Body: black with short random placed horizontal blue stripes across whole body including back of head arms legs and tail. Silver underbelly merged with back half of lower jaw, no stripes on underbelly.

Arms: black leading down to blue paws, underside of paws silver with black pads, horizontal stripes to match body.

Legs: digigrade, black leading down to blue paws, underside of paws silver with black pads, horizontal stripes to match body.

Feet: blue with underside silver to match underbelly, black pads, normal wolf paws.

Tail: fluffy husky like tail, black with blue stripes to match body, last three inches of tail blue forming a blue tip to the tail. The black gently fades to the gray silver on the underside merging down in to butt crack.

Eye: dark green eyes with black pupils and three flesh colored scars over left eye that stretch from an inch above eye brows and down on to cheek, Blue eyes brows,

Hair: simple slightly short shaggy hair leading right down the middle of head between ears, blue with black stripes, able of being put up in a mow hawk fashion but usually left to lay lose. Hair stretches a quarter down back of head and does not come lower then eye brows on face.

Groin: wolf cock with black sheath and balls, crotch around sheath and inner thighs silver following the curve of the legs inward and merged with the underbelly, cock is dark blue with piercings (prince albert up thru bottom of cock and out uerthra, thick barbell acorss top right behind head, five thin curved barbles on underside peierced under cum track and curving up to form to cock, leading down cock each one spaced a inch or two form the last.)

Butt: black and blue striped to match rest of body, with silver on the inner butt crack barley visible when standing.

Clothing: black collar with white paw prints across it, black leather cuffs on wrist, loin cloth that is lose flap in front and back leaving out side of thighs and legs exposed, four inch wide piece of cloth connecting front and back flap of loin cloth around waist, loin cloth is blue with black tribal or Celtic knot design all across it.
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