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Splish Splash by Wolfblade
Splish Splash
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Splish Splash by Wolfblade
Splish Splash
by Wolfblade
A Meeting Between Old Friends by Shiuk
A Meeting Between Old Friends
by Shiuk
big bad wolf 3 by Reddywolf
big bad wolf 3
by Reddywolf
Feline Fantasy by Danza
Feline Fantasy
by Danza
Hey everyone, silver here. For those who want to know a little about me here it goes. I'm 21 years old and I live in Morganfield, Ky. I am currently enrolled in college with hopes of becoming a college art professor. My two passions are art and nature, so it's no suprise that I'm into furry. I hope to start posting some of my artwork in the near future once I've improved on my skills. Any drawing tips would be greatly aprecciated, but keep in mind that until I get an art program that most of my art will be traditional media. Feel free to PM me. Hope to make some friends.  
My fursona is a lean, 5'9", arctic fox, with violet eyes, and white fur with hair that goes down to my waist. He also has a human form: white male with icy blue eyes, and waist length white hair. He hates it when people he cares about are mad at him. He is usually submissive, unless you piss him off, in which case you have unleashed HELLLLLL.
He has the same powers as Storm, able to control the weather, and other aspects of nature. His powers are strongest when in nature (forests, fields, oceans, mountains, etc.), but weaken when away from nature (cities, towns, prisons, etc.).      
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