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Boo the Babysitter - Part III
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Boo the Babysitter - Part IV

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The smell of da-feet! Sure stinks to get beaten by a child, don't it?

Not really a true part 4, so much as just a scene from near the end of the story, something that shoulda been added as like a bubble-box in the corner somewhere. X3 Tis Remy making Boo smell his dirty lil' boy feet. And ya know what? I'll even toss in the story from part three here for your convenience. Didn't do that for my FA and DA crowds, ya know, you should feel special. ;3

So Boo thought her babysitting days were through. At least with Remy. And good riddance too, he was such a brat, and she got the last laugh. Figuratively speaking, of course. She didn't consider that she still had a job, she knew that Remy would go whining to his parents and get her fired like all the sitters before her. Much to her surprise, she received a call. She let the phone ring and go to voicemail, and listened to it with some hesitation over lunch a little while after. It was in fact Remy's parents, but instead of the earful she was expecting, she was offered another couple afternoons at his house! This was bewildering, she never even imagined ever seeing him again. At first, she knew she never wanted to see him again. But on the otherhand, she was paid well, and Remy was probably gunna be more obedient again after what she did to him. Or perhaps even he told on her but his folks were less doting. Regardless, after a brief moment of being against the idea, she decided to return the call, and remained uncertain until the moment her mouth opened and said "Sure~".

The next afternoon, she arrived as before and greeted the family, Remy not really looking at her directly. After seeing them off for the day, she went to the kitchen to prepare lunch for her and Remy, who had gone into another room without a word. "Heh~ This is gunna be, much easier. He really seems to have learned not to be such a butt." She thought to herself as she wiped peanut butter and rose jam onto the bread. "Remy?" She called out, but no answer. She walked into the room with the sandwiches, and found him sitting on the couch watching TV. She set the food down and said, "Hey, here's some lunch hope yer hungry~" She found it impossible to hold a grudge against a kid, especially since lil' Remy seemed to have cleaned up his act real well. To her surprise, she heard a little, "thanks" from Remy. She smiled and bid him welcome, taking a sit beside him and nomming a sammich. They watched TV in relative peace, not really exchanging words, as she decided not to push her luck and enjoy the afternoon while he was silent. She had not forgotten how much of a snot he was last time, and even after a hard punishing tickling, she still couldn't help but be cautious, but ultimately didn't speak unkindly to him at all, her maternal instincts restoring her compassion little by little. She began to feel kinda bad about last time now, having just noticed he was wearing his shoes and socks even though he was on the couch, recalling he was barefoot when she had just showed up.

After some time of silence, apart from the chattering television, she began to feel a little awkward from his silence, even if it really was preferable to his bratter-chatter. "Hey, ummmmmm, howwww's life for ya?" She asked softly.
"Mmm, it's fine." Remy responded. Boo smiled some, oddly happy to hear at least something from him, especially something pleasant. "School going alright?" She asked.
"Eh, it's school." He said frankly, not making eye contact. Boo nodded. "I know the feel." she replied. Her eyes darted around trying to think up something else to say. "Mmmm, still doing gymnastics?"
"Yup." Was all she got from him.
"Cool cool. You were really good at them last time I was here." She looked away, recalling the nightmare of her last visit. He didn't respond to it, but continued with the TV. She decided from that point to keep her trap shut and enjoy the silence while it lasted. Which was just a few minutes, til the cartoon block ended, and the anime block began. Remy didn't really understand care for anime as much, cuz he's a terrible little brat. Also because he didn't really understand them too well cuz they were aimed more at teens and had stories instead of slapstick. But he liked the high octane combat which made him more active just to see, and that's when he spoke on his own. "Hey Boo! Can we play?" He asked, sounding a little in better spirits. Boo was pleased that he actually asked instead of demanding. "Sure~ Whadday wanna play?" She asked with a small but pleasant smile. "You get to be the Saiyan's girfriend, I'll be an evil alien android." He said, smiling now. Appropriate enough since DBZ was playing in the background. And appropriate more so since Remy was the bad guy, which made her smile. "So what kinda powers do I have?" She asked.
"Not really much, you can use energy blasts and are a decent fighter, but are no match for the cyborg. Your boyfriend will come in and save ya later." Remy explained.
"Okayyy, fine, but don't hit too hard, alright." Boo said to him.
"I won't..." Remy grumbled, going to pull out a plastic lightsaber from his toy box.
"Aww, do I not get a weapon?" she playfully whined. Remy responded by tossing her a foam-rubber sword. "That's a sword, but my lightsaber is set to 'stun', so it won't kill you, but it'll paralyze your limbs when they get hit." He explained, then got into character. "Mwahaha! Foolish Earth girl! Who are you supposed to buh?" He asked in a dramatic if not doofy voice.
"I'm... Uhh, Princess Boo, lover of..." She started. Remy interrupted with "Yajirobe." He grinned when he said it. "Lover of Yajirobe! My handsome prince~" She said elegantly. Remy was giggling at her. "Fine. Prepare to duh!" He shouted, charging at her with his lightsaber.
"I thought that was set to stun!" She said, raising her sword to defend.
"It is, whatever." he said, swinging childishly and slow, but with some force and gusto.
"Hey hey, easy~" She said, blocking him with some ease. Remy let out a "Booshhhhh!" Cupping his hands at the wrists. "That was my energy blast, it knocks you back!"
"Oh! Wahh!" She playfully cried out, stumbling back, with Remy following up with more swings, which she met with her own foam sword. She also noticed he was making lightsaber noises now as his blade touched hers, spitting on her face some while making the sounds. She closed her eyes at that. "Ah, Remy, yer spittin'. Ow!" He wacked her in the knee while her eyes were clenched. "Yer leg's paralyzed now!" Remy informed her.
"Right right..." She said, trying to keep up with the energetic child, dropping to one knee. "You said I could do energy blasts too?" She cupped her hands like he did and thrust them out. "Bwahhh!" she shouted, Remy spun around and regained his stance quickly. "Ha ha ha, silly earth girl, your powers are no match for my strength!" He said in the doofy villain voice. Boo slightly rolled her eyes, it was typical of the kid to be invincible. they duked it out a little more, she landed a poke to his belly with the sword she wielded. Remy kept on fighting back. "Hey, I poked ya there!" She said amidst the duel.
"Yeah, but I'm a cyborg, it takes more than a small wound to hurt me." He said in a brief pause in the combat. "Bah." She uttered, trading a few more blows and poking him a few more times before deciding to let him get a good blow in. Of course it went to her noggin. "Ow!" She rubbed her head. "Bam! That knocks ya out, yer my prisoner now!" Remy said, then got back into character. "Mwahahaa! You're mine now, earth girl. Your boyfriend will never defeat me!" He gloated whilst pulling her to a chair across the room. She followed along with him, sitting down. Remy pulled some short ropes out of his toy chest and started tying her hands to the side of the chair. She layed there with her tongue out, pretending to be unconscious like her character. Then he tied the other wrist to the chair. She mumbled, pretending to come to. "Mwuumumuhh... You fiend. Yajirobe will come and break ya to pieces, ya know!"
"That weak, fat fool? Hahahaha! He couldn't even be bothered to climb the mountain my secret lair is on!" Remy said valiantly, on his knees now to tie her ankles to the chair. She kicked him playfully away. "H-hey! Feisty girl!" He grabbed his lightsaber and bopped both her legs again, both times a little hard, making Boo grunt and roll her eyes with a sigh. He continued tying her ankles to the chair. She was a bit uneasy being tied up, but let it happen since she knew Remy could barely tie his shoes, much less bind her to anything. He laughed evilly and dramatically. "Mahahahaaa! You're mine now, Boo!"
"Hmpf! That's PRINCESS Boo to you- ahhhh!" She fell backwards in her chair, pushed over by Remy. She hit her head on the carpeted floor as she went down. "Oww! Remy! Easyyyy!" She complained. She had a high pain threshold, but was easily enough irritated by the act. Remy giggled evilly, and started unlacing her shoes, and yanking them off, tossing them across the room. "Remy! Now what are you... Ahh!" She started shivering as his little fingers wiggled their way into her socks, and she struggled against her bindings as he peeled them off, tossing them away too. "Crahahap!..." She groaned, realizing that Remy could tie a knot after all. He had just been super lazy, making Boo tie them for him. He'd not even bothered to tie them on the couch earlier. but he slipped his own shoes and socks off, now safe from Boo's wrath again. He pinched his nose, peeking over the chair at her face, blushing from foot-shyness. "Pee-yew! And you told me MY feet were stinky!" He taunted.
"Sh-shaddap, they're just a little sweaty from the game, is all! They don't... Stink... Not much..." She said quietly and embarrassed. He walked over next to her. "They smell WAY worse than mine!" He said loudly, placing his freshly bared toes over her nose. Her nose crinkled and her head recoiled. "Guh! No they DON'T! Remy staaahp!" She shook her head away, but his toes followed for a bit, making her moan miserably. She still didn't much like this kid. Which is a shame, cuz she woulda been quit happy indulging her fetish had he been a sweet kid, but his rudeness made that impossible for her.
"Heheheheh~ But now for the extra fun part again." He said, walking back around to her bound feet.
"R-Remy! Let's stop this now! You've had your fun, but this is going too far, if you don't stop..." She paused as she spoke.
"If I don't? You're... Gonna tell my parents? He said, smiling at her.
"Yeah... I'll tell on ya, I'm not afraid to." She said, looking rather flustered now, but half certain where this conversation was going.
"Mmm-hmm... right, and I'll let them know how badly YOU tortured a lawyer's son last time you were here." Remy replied with no small amount of satisfaction. Boo was right about her instinct just now. "What? I tickled your feet for a little while, I didn't torture you!" She adamantly responded.
"You tickled me for over an hour until I passed out! And besides, my dad's a lawyer. He could get ya locked away for assault real easy." Remy lightly circled a finger around Boo's arch as he spoke. Boo shivered and wiggled her foot away, lips quivering as they slowly bent into a smile.
"Nngnn... He-he'll n-never go for... Thaaat... Snrk~" She groaned out.
"Yeah, he will. Notice how I never kept a babysitter for long? My parents love me too much to really question me. They all got fired cuz they didn't do what I asked and I gave them bad reviews." He said, twisting a finger into Boo's clenched toes. She jerked on her bindings again, trying to sit up some and clenching her toes even harder. "Hnnnnggg! S-So why no ff.... Fire meeheee?!" She gritted her teeth and really strained her throat trying to speak.
"Oh no. You're special to me, Boo~ You don't get off that easy. You are MY toy now. Youuuuu get the revenge." He taunted impishly, now tracing a finger around her other foot as well, making Boo squeak and whimper.
"Nnhnhnhnnn! ...I'm-I'm quihihiting th... Thehen! Sta-nnngggkk..." She clenched everything she could, wiggling in the chair, fully prepared to bolt out the door as soon as she could wiggle herself free.
"Uh-uh... Like I said. You're my toy now~ You quite, and I tell dad everything. And then some~" He said evilly. Boo squeaked more and more as his fingers stroked a little faster. "And dad believes everything I say, screw his lie detector training in law school. You leave, and I'll make sure you're someone else's toy in jail~" He didn't know what that meant exactly, but he heard it on TV and was happy to repeat it. Boo's heart sank anew, she knew that there was no winning this one. She couldn't even respond anymore, Remy had started tickling her feet with full force, his little fingers sliding around her soft sole fur was maddening. She shook, squirmed, and squeakily giggled, blushing helplessly from the intensely embarrassing situation. "And my folks are going outta town for the whoooooole weekend! Hope you're comfy. The baby is sitting you now~" He continued to taunt, skittering his tickly little fingers across her wiggling, shaking feet, making her yip and squeal miserably, shaking her head desperately to at least distract herself from this. That boy had tied her down surprisingly well, the ropes didn't even feel or look like they were loosening any.
"Ya know, that whole hour or so you were tickling me last week, I was paying attention to how you were doing it. It was awful hard to focus on anything else. Am I a good tickler? I learned from the best! So thank you, Boooooo~" He bent back her toes and worked his fingers between them. Boo moaned out a single high pitched laugh loudly, bending her foot back as if to pull his fingers off. Fruitlessly, of course, he simply followed and twisted his little fingers around between her toes without a care.
"Ahahawwwww, Remyyyyyy! Staaahhhhp!" She squealed out. Remy pulled his fingers from her toes and sniffed them. "Gahhh, no, you're feet really do smell worse! Ya need to wash the clodhoppers more!" Remy teased.
"Sh-shaddap!" Boo shouted. Remy grunted and started scribbling her soles wildly, both at once. "Nyaaahhh! Gahahahaaa-REMMMYYYYY!" She screamed, almost sobbing with tickled laughter.
"Oh! Here's something I wanted to try! I found it online while trying to look up ways to keep this interesting and tickle you worse~" He left her feet for a few seconds to dig around his toy chest and emerged a few seconds later. "Ta-da!" He brandished two hairbrushes, one hard and one soft. Boo's ears folded back. "Those... those won't work, ya just need to stick with fingers if ya wanna torture me..." She said, still catching her breath. The sight of the brushes easily made her panic.
"Meh. I wanna try 'em anyway. They tickled my hand real good." He strutted back over to her feet again, setting each on down square on the balls of her feet. She tensed up and clenched her eyes, but kept her toes uncurled in a faint effort to pretend they didn't tickle, and she held her breath to not laugh. But as soon as the brushes started down her soles, her toes immediately clamped shut and she spat six feet into the air as a harsh laugh blew straight through her lips. The brushes scrubbing her plush feet was akin to electrocution to her, the sensations jolting through her legs intensely with each individual nerve each individual bristle passed over.
"Oh, they don't tickle, huh? My dad may not know how to spot a lie, but I sure can." He scrubbed faster and harder as he spoke. Boo was now bucking in the chair, making it creak, pop, and rock.
"Wahahahahaaaremypleeheeheeeeease!" She sputtered through more laughter, followed by a scream. "STYAAAAAAAHHHHP!" Remy continued to scrub her tender soles ever so heartlessly, with no small amount of bitter vengeance permeating his young heart. "Ooohoho! OOOOHOOOOH! Remmmmmyyyyyy! I-Icanttakethebrushes! Can't takethebrusheeeeessss! Eeeheeeheeeeee! Ihihididn't tortureyouthisbad, onlyused... Myfingerrrrrs! PLEEEEEHEEHEEEHEEEEASE!" She squealed out every word, getting higher pitched as the sentence dragged on. Remy jsut giggled at her ticklish torment and kept on and on. Boo banged her head into the soft floor multiple times to distract herself or numb the tickling even just a bit, or even to knock herself out cold.
She started to cry a little as she realized this was her fate until he decided to show mercy or until he got bored and hired another sitter in her stead. Or at least until her Emovere siblings agreed to recombine, thus taking her outta the world as long as she was one with the others. But that wasn't for a while. If at all, they had agreed to gather resources in their own unique ways for a long while. Merrick was an entertainer, Lazlow a professional dom, Elwood an escort, Sheldon a bodyguard, and Boo a babysitter and caretaker. Though her previous lack of care has proven to make this stay a long one. Surely there was some way outta this mess, some sorta loophole she could exploit. Maybe he would screw up and break something or lose something important and she could counter-blackmail him or something. but she couldn't plot anything right now. Her mind could only fixate on those wicked brushes torturing her poor feet. Her wiggling only served to make it worse, essentially tickling herself by waving her feet against the brushes. This was the case when Remy just held the brushes still and let her do all the work. He continued for near five minutes more with the brushes, till her laughter got hoarse and she was clearly outta breath. "Hee hee, breathe you~" Remy said, dropping the brushes. She huffed and puffed as she regained her breath little by little, not even bothering to beg anymore. He went back to his toybox again, and found some tape. He let her catch breath a minute more, watching her, smiling cruelly. "R-remy... I'm sorry... I'm really sorry. B-but please... You can't do this, it's too cruel for a child... This is worse than what I did to you. All I did was tickle you for a while, I lost track of time, I didn't even mean to make you pass out. You've had your revenge, now please, lemme- GMMFF!" She was muffled mid sentence by a wide piece of duct tape, then another.
"Quiet time now." Remy said coldly. He sat down on her belly, making her grunt as he hit it. Boo grumbled from under her gag, growling as a set of toes found their way over her nose. "so you insist that my feet smell worse than yours. Fair enough, I'll let you be the judge of that. Take a niiiiice long smell, compare them good." He said impishly, legitimately expecting Boo to know what her own feet smell like all the time. She shook her head away, but Remy's sweaty little feet followed her nose precisely, not letting her any fresh air. She was tired of struggling and elected to just hold her breath instead. Remy caught onto this pretty quickly, and reached down to tickle her sides.
"Mmmhmhmhhmmhm! MMMMMHHMHMHMMM!" She screamed from under her gag, not even allowed the comfort of squirming from underneath the boy. This, of course, forced her to breath between each squealing laugh. The tickling made her try to arch her back, practically paralyzing her and holding her head in place. She inhaled the boyish musk sharply and rapidly as the tickling stole her control from her, the sweaty scent tingling her nostrils during and even between each breath. She groaned in ticklish, smelly torment through her gag, shivering under the boy's fingers, and both embarrassed and overstimulated by the company of Remy's smelly feet. If only she liked the boy even a smidgeon, she might be able to have fun with this. But there was no love left in her heart for this hateful little brat. Why was he so mean? Was it simply because his doting parents pandered to his every whim? Was it because he was made fun of in school because his last name is Bergleflanger? Or maybe he really was just an inherently cruel child? Whatever the reason, it was irrelevant. She was now, for the foreseeable future, the tickle-slave and foot-slave and whatever else slave to a very spoiled child. And more immediately relevant, the sun was still high in the sky, and there was officially no one left to enforce his bedtime. She began to tear up from the smell, the tickling, and wrenching thought of her enslaved situation...
But there was hope yet. A glimmer by the television. Something there that wasn't there before. She woulda noticed it previously when she was tickling Remy, getting her own revenge the first time. On the shelf was a shiny new figurine, with a poorly disguised lens. A nanny-cam, on the shelf scoping the entire room~ What she did last time, it would come to the light. But also the torture Remy is inflicting on Boo, and the confessions of his past lies, coupled with the disrespectful words toward his dad. A sense of hope and indignation filled her heart as potently as Remy's toes filled her nose. All she had to do was survive the weekend... And she's a tough girl~ Tough... But very, very ticklish.

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Published: 3 years, 3 months ago
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3 years, 2 months ago
Id wish boo luck but I kinda find this to funny X3
3 years, 2 months ago
Poor Boo needs emotional support right about now though. XD
3 years, 2 months ago
Love you boo I'd take your place if he'd let me X//3
3 years, 2 months ago
I thought you did last time it was your turn to babysit? ;3
3 years, 2 months ago
Well I want to be under his feet again ok! X//3
3 years, 2 months ago
That'll work out. cX
3 years, 2 months ago
Sweet when can I please with his feet? <3
3 years, 2 months ago
Eventually. ^ω^
3 years, 1 month ago
Yay! X//3
2 years, 9 months ago
Them paws smelling all vinegary with a hint of cheese >:3
2 years, 9 months ago
That's not implausible~ ;3
2 years, 9 months ago
At least that what my feet smell like sometimes X3
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