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OC data - Ebrahim H. Şemshyr
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OC data - Malek az-Ishtarsyn / Salahadeen

G3 : Kristijan Sedlar-Draženović

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by Nextime
G3 : Kristijan Sedlar-Draženović
OC data - Ebrahim H. Şemshyr
A little explanation before reading this... you have to know that this Oc was created for fun ^^. Mae purposely to be overpowered and over-the-top. Not to taunt other OP sonic ocs, but because I wanted to have one too XD.

Second point : The weapon is not the normal-scale ^^, it just big enough for that you can have a better view of it.

Inner Skill :
Malek doesn't have "inner skill" due to not being from Klein. However what is the closest of it is the superior strength, lifespan, stamina and intelligence that his kind owns. A race called "Ambrien", descending from World-maker and who rule over humans.

He can't die of injuries, be dismembered or die of illness and oldness (in any worlds other than is own). But if someone manage to wound him, his healing factor will insistently heal him.

He can only die if he kills himself or return in his homeworld.

To this, Malek acquired some artifact, like the Sinister Eye of Zoroaster / Burgundy Hidden Iris, that allows him to cast powerful illusions. And has learnt necromancy as well.
Malek's powers are also mediumship (the ability to see the invisible world, aurae and ghosts), astral body, telepathy, teleportation and dimensional travelling.
Beside from traveling into divine/after-life planes, Malek uses his psychopomp power to catch souls in his compendium and summon them. He can exorcise souls too.

-Malek's main weakness is his status. His his necromantic powers use departed souls as fuel, each time he uses a power he sacrifices and unleash a spirit... making him unable to use it again. Without souls inside of his compendium, his powers stop working.
- He can be wounded by supernatural/immaterial/divine stuff.
- He can't summon soul from heaven or hell, they are out of reach.
- When it would remain him just one life, at this next death every souls he has used, people he has killed will consume his soul for eternity.
- He never learned real magic and can't use it.
- He can't (doesn't want) to harm a child (he's the protector of children and has standards) and considers them as innocent.

Mystical Crest (Alâmat Erfâni [علامت عرفانی])
With a sign of his hand, Malek creates a seal-like magic shield expelling magical projectile/attack at the impact.

Soul Blast (Enfejâr-e Ravân [انفجارﯽ روان])
Malek uses his necromantic powers to summon several will-o'-the-wisps that stick to the opponent and Malek then ignites one which, in contact of the other will-o'-the-wisps, trigger the explosion of all the will-o'-the-wisp. Blasting the opponent with very hot and spiritual energy.

Burgundy Hidden Iris (Enabiye Šarâbi Nahấn [عنبیه شرابی نهان])
Hidden behind Malek's eyepatch, this powerful artifact is a parasite that boost its vessel's brain and unlock abilities.
When activated Malek can cast realistic or nightmarish illusion into the opponent head and alters the foe's perception. The artifact also have three level :
- Initial form :  Evil Eye ~ 【惡眼 - Akugan】
Consumes vital/stamina energy, but allows to cast illusions
- Special form : Perish Eye ~ 【滅眼 - Metsugan】
Consumes spiritual/mental energy, but boosts the speed, cognition and strength of the user. More it used, more the user fell into insanity.
- Final form : Calamity Eye ~ 【災難眼 - Sainangan】
Consumes stamina, spiritual, mental and vital energies but boosts brain at 300% plus enhances any abilities and states… in theory.  Even Malek can't use it more than 30 seconds before being knocked out automatically for the next days.

Absolute Slaughter (Koštar-e Motlaq [کشتاری مطلق])
Malek focuses ghostly energy on his fists and dealt some punches and kicks burning the foe, before jumping back with a flip, threw several throwing knives at the foe.  Then He unsheathes his saber and rushes to the opponent, and slices it with acrobatic maneuvers before slicing the foe with several shift sword strikes then sheathes his blade and the foe explodes by the ghost energy remaining inside the foe's body.

Illusory End (Vafât-e Kẖiyâlî [وفاتی خیالی])

Dives the foe in a powerful illusion and hopeless fight against the foe's own nightmare then Malek breaks the illusion, breaking the opponent's mind at the same time.

Fated Execution (E'dâm-e Taqdeer [اعدامی تقدیر])
Malek do a quick illusion which block the foe mind and immobilize it. Then loads dark aura into his saber's blade and rushes to the foe, slicing it several time with swift moves. While the blade of the saber weaken and wound the body, the blade's aura wounds the foe's soul. Then immediately Malek extracts the foe's soul with a hand and throws it in the compendium he summons. Catching and trapping the soul  in the book who write the opponent name on its page..

(Every souls in the compendium can be used as fuel for Malek's necromancy or can be summoned.)

Backstory :
Nothing is really known about him due to coming from another universe.
Son of an immortal Ambrien king and his favorite, the marchioness Hajalida of Tanakh, Malek –born Johann Kurt d'Herschel – had a good education as a prince like is older brothers fighting for the crown.

Malek however was not interested by this and instead followed a nomadic strategist and tactician to learn art of war and also followed a training enhancing his speed of move and agility, as knife throwing.. When his mentor died from snake's bit. Malek joined his mother's marquisate were they taught him the esoteric art, star-reading and the "Ancient Art of the Curved Blade" and became a master swordman. When he was old enough he changed his name for "Malik Ptoleimosh Idriss al-Ishtarsyn min Tanakh and be granted Rushariira, the national treasure enchanted samshir able to cut any matter as immaterial stuff

During one of his exploration he found some ruins in the desert and acquired his "Sinister Eye of Zarathustra" (češm-i-Nahees az Zartošt) aka the "Eye of Shin "al-Ayn ad-Sîn". But when he returned to his father's land, his brothers were in war and Malek was defeated after a clash against his older brother.  

Thanks to be a prince, he had his own dominion for legacy, the Duchy of Adonaj. But after some years of boredom due to the crown's war. He left his duchy to his only friend and maternal Cousin, Irfan. While he decided to train his artifact secretly. Once he learnt about a place called Qaafkuh where he met his future pet Reda the golden eagle-like simurgh and a demon that taught him the necromancy after he has faced him.

With this he returned in his fatherland, willing to establish peace in the kingdom. However he was killed by one of his brother…
But when the grimreaper came for him, and thanks to his necromancy Malek managed to take hostage the grimreaper and forced him to bring him to the Lord of Death in the afterlife. Malek and the Lord concluded a pact and Malek was resurrected with 12 continues lives and the duty and status of a psychopomp. Notably the one leading children's souls to afterlife.

But with this power he decided to change his plans and used them to join the World-Maker's plane and steal the book of dimensional travel after a fight against one of his brother, asked by the creator to defeat Malek. Malek used now this dimensional power to leave his world after his cousin's death centuries later.

Now he travels from universe to universe and visited quite a few, changing his name with each worlds. Saladin, Herschel al-Amir, Shazadeh… but this loneliness stated to bother him and he wanted to return home… problem is that he doesn't control the destination of the dimensional travel,

And it's how he joined Klein, centuries ago. The land in when he arrived was the one of a Shah, the Isbanir empire , a nation whose the culture was close of his own. He first joined the Imperial Privateer at first, as a way to explore the world and know his new environment.

And even if he didn't had the sea-legs he quickly became a trump due to his feats during naval battle, bringing more money to the empire and annihilating more foe's ships in a couple of years than in a decade. When the ship captain been killed during an important naval battle he took the command and decimated the foes' ship, winning the conflict against all odd.

Having now a name, he was requested by the imperial court to come and met the Shah with who Malek had a good feeling, especially due to his royal education. And he received a worthy title for his feats. Understanding that the empire is a meritocracy, Malek had fun to boost his reputation even more… and he quickly received a place in the imperial court as tactician and later officer of army. And receiving the Pascha title (Lord). a highly-social statute among nobility .

His name was known in the whole Synnai continent and many people went for a duel with him. Each time he won. When there was a start of revolt? Quickly overcome. As any thread against the crown and the nation due to the fact that Malek became fond of Isbanir. After a century, his immortality became well-know and the empire understood he was a trump they must keep, at any costs. and even gave him the "arši'framadâr" (Arch-Dignitary in the Isbanir' s language) honorific yet powerful title which somewhat meant "Second most important men after the Emperor"

Nowadays, Malek is is the most surveyed Kleinian in the world because of his power and that he can change the outcome of any war. Also, with centuries every army have taught the soldier to avoid Malek and never defy/attack him : they have order to run away at any sight of Malek.

Which doesn't prevent some people to still defy him. But fortunately Malek kills only when it's needed. He doesn't consider those attacks as serious threats.

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Type: Picture/Pinup
Published: 4 years, 6 months ago
Rating: General

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4 years, 6 months ago
Why is it ,that I thought of a character like this in my childhood? Two and two alike, but the subtle differences make each a very unique...thing.
4 years, 6 months ago
Oh ? Of which characters from your childhood are you thinking ^^?
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