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I'll Be Your Velvetine~ <3
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Snivy Story (A "Fabulous" TF)

Otter Got My Glasses!

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This piece features Erakir and Kiaku. They are fluffy, bunny-like Moogles, straight from your Final Fantasy -- well, they usually are. Until they encounter something that sways them one way or the other! No, silly, they also won't be turning back any time soon. Why would they?~

Erakir is referenced here:

Kiaku is referenced here:

And now that's done and done~

Let's go for a walk.

Yes, I know it sounds like a sudden request, and it's kind of hard to do with a couple of computers separating us, but we'll make do, somehow! Anyways, we could do with the fresh air, methinks~

And, hey, I'll even tell you a story while we go, okay?

Hm? What sort of story? Oh -- The story of this picture, of course! You know, backstory.

Hehe... Thought you might be curious~

Anyways, before we go... I'd check the tags accompanying this picture. Oh, sure, this story is technically "clean," but it has some implications to it you may or may not want to partake in~

Have you checked them over? Good. So. If you still want to listen to this story, then let's get going~

It's a lovely day out, isn't it? A little later in the afternoon, what with the yellowish sky and such; still quite warm and pleasant. Perfect for a stroll.

Hey, remember when Nintendo and Game Freak went bankrupt and ended up selling off their rights to the Pokémon franchise to Square Enix? Yeah, that was really unexpected. Certainly no one had asked for it.

What, you don't remember? But it happened!~ You can look it up when we get back. It's true.

So, Square Enix now owned Pokémon. Suffice to say fans were reasonably upset.

"Generation Fourteen, I swear, is where Pokémon is really going to go downhill! The 'Square Enix Generation'? Pul-ease!"

"They went too far this time! I'm totally gonna quit this series after I buy the new games and maybe the spin-offs, too!"

"There are now so many opportunities for weird crossover fan-fiction now that it makes me completely sick! Did you see that one involving a Nu Mou, a Raichu, and a Goodra? Disgusting!"

"Yeah, I saw it. It was in your favorites."

"Oh. So it was. Um..."

Thus fans reacted however they did... But no matter what, they always first remained consumers at heart. Angry online rioters, second.

The reaction in Square Enix's Final Fantasy land-world-multiverse proved to be quite the opposite. In fact, to all the kin within, it was like a dream come true! Particularly for the higher-sentient races: the prospect of getting their paws on these newfound creatures and technology excited them to no end!

One such race was the Moogles~ The Moogles were positively thrilled to have a new job class. Critters even cuter they? You could train 'em up and send 'em off into battle while you stand back and watch? Why, that was worth a Kupo with a capital "K"!

"Sign me up to be a Pokupomon Trainer, please, kupo!"

"Me, too, kupo-po!"

"I'll give you 5,000 Gil and a rare blue Chocobo to join your fine guild of Pokupomon... Pokupon... Pokey-man training! Kupo!"

"Ehm... Um..." The white-haired professor looked on, giving his lab aide a confused look.

His assistant just shrugged and said, "Apparently, this is canon now. Might as well roll with it."

The professor looked back at the droves of fluffy, bat-winged, pom-pommed bunny people. This was outrageous! How could such creatures possibly be sentient or responsible enough to handle Pokémon training?

The Moogles gazed up at him with eager, shining eyes, looking rather like ten-year-old children ready to leave home.

Professor Oak sighed, and reluctantly opened a console holding sets of the new generation's starters. He began to distribute them to the bunny-bats, met to many delighted squeaks and even more "kupos."

He muttered to himself and grumbled the entire time through, swatting away fluffy pom-poms that kept bopping him on the nose, the smell of rabbit fur thick and heady.

Finally, he cracked. "This generation is not very good!" He declared, loudly, about an hour later, when the last two Moogles had stepped forward for debriefing and distribution.


The light-blue haired Moogle looked at his partner uncertainly, then back at the professor. His whiskers quivered.

"Well... Can we still have our kupodexes and starter Pokupon, please, Professor Kupo?"

Professor Oak blinked, grimaced, and rattled his head, irritably.

"Yes, yes, very well, kupo! ...I mean, very well!"

They perked up in delight. "Thank you, kupo!"

The Professor met their delight with a grumpy "You're welcome," quickly ushering them out of his lab, shutting the door, and locking it.

"You think this is weird," called out his aide, from out back. "You should see the Bangaas. Don't call them 'lizards,' by the way -- they don't like that." A sudden pause. "Oh, and apparently I'm a Nu Mou, now. This is also canon."

Professor Oak glanced back. Indeed, in the blink of an eye, his lab aide assistant had been replaced with a stout and pudgy Nu Mou, curiously tugging its long, loppy ears and looking not at all distressed.

The professor's eyes glazed over, and, with a sudden sense of foreboding, gave his own ears a tug. Long and droopy, furred, and white as his hair.

...Suddenly, retirement sounded like a wonderful idea. Or, at least, a change of job class. Maybe a Beastmaster.

- - - - -

That light-blue-haired Moogle in Oak's Lab was named Erakir. His partner was named Kiaku.

Their garb had changed considerably since engaging this "Pokémon Trainer" job class. No longer did they go about with robes and staves and guns, though they did keep their scarves for sentimental value. Now, they donned a standard Trainer attire: running shoes, jeans, a cool-kid shirt and jacket straight out of the 90's, and an Official Pokémon League Hat!

All of them pint-sized for the Moogle body, of course, complete with holes in the hats to allot for Moogle-ears. Very cute. Not seen in the picture above.

It was quite a sight to behold, really, little bunny people decked out as Pokémon Trainers, bounding down a sunny forest path with buoyancy propelled by their bat-wings.

"Good 'ol Pookatoy the Pooltoy!" Erakir hummed jollily, patting his front pocket. "I heard he's the best one this generation!"

"Pookatoy the Pooltoy... Kupo..." Kiaku tilted his head, thinking. "What's his typing again?"

"Toy!" Erakir chimed.

"Oh..." Kiaku frowned. He supposed it was kind of obvious.

"Which one did you pick again, kupo?"

Kiaku nervously drew a finger over the Poké Ball on his belt. "I chose Barbuncle, kupo..."

"Barbuncle, kupo?" Erakir mused. His ears twitched. "Not the strongest... But I heard that one is still really cute!"

Kiaku smiled, unsure. "Want to see it?"

"Kupo!" He assented.

So, Kiaku showed off his Barbuncle.

Unfortunately, it wasn't cute at all. In fact, it was downright ugly. So ugly, that describing it any further would just make your brain turn into a mini-Marlboro.

Erakir just nodded and smiled politely.

"It's, um... nice."

Kiaku shrugged, offhandedly, returning the Pokémon to its ball. "Kupo... I knew I should have picked Crocvore," he mumbled. "Even if it did try to eat me..."

"Well, cheer up -- maybe its evolved form will make up for it, kupo!"

"Sure... Maybe. I guess."

Kiaku trailed off into silence, staring off into the distance, down the forest road.

"Ery, do you think we have a chance, kupo?"

"A chance, kupo?"

"To be good trainers, I mean, kupo."

"Hehe, sure I think so, kupo-kupo! How hard can it be, kupo?"

"Kupo... I don't know, kupo. I mean, the Humes already have, like, thirteen generations of experience over us, kupo. We couldn't possibly be the kupoest of the Pokupomon trainers, kupo-kupo!"

"You really have that much doubt, kupo-po?"

"Kupo! Really, kupo-kupo!"



"Hmph! Well, I think you shouldn't be feeling this way!" Erakir paused in the middle of the forest path, and began rooting around in his seemingly bottomless backpack. "'Cause I've got a secret weapon -- I've got just the thing for us two scrubs, kupo!"

"Kupo?" Kiaku leaned over, hopefully. "Is it, like, a charm or potion to make us more confident?"

"Even better!" Erakir stuck his tongue out, concentrating, feeling around, before fishing out a fancy-looking disc cover and a music player with headphones. "Ta-da!" He presented them to Kiaku. "Here we go, kupo -- an inspirational words for aspiring trainers, on a 'Compact Disc'!"

Kiaku blinked, staring at the case dangled in front of face, trying not to look too disappointed. "An... inspirational words CD... great...kupo-po..."

"It is great!" Erakir opened the CD case, taking out the disc. "They said it'll make us really fabulous trainers!"

"They?" Kiaku looked up, tilting his head. "Who are 'they,' kupo?"

"I dunno... some company!" Erakir popped the CD into the player. "I signed some contract with them before changing job classes. It's a sort of product-testing, kupo!" He placed the headphones over the front of his large bunny ears and flicked the power on.

"...You're always signing some contract..." Kiaku mumbled, stooping down to pick up and examine the CD case. It was vivid pink-and-purple, emblazoned with fancy golden font:

Lisper's Whispers
Inspirational Words and Music to make you feel fresh n' fabulous~

He squinted, reading the fine print at the bottom.

"Lispers' Whispers is a subsidiary of Fabulously Convenient and Oddly-Specific Plot Devices, Inc. (FCOSPD, Inc.) For dumb-to-no explanations, and no limits attached -- just roll with it, whatever happens! Or...

"...We'll get you...forever...<3"

Kiaku frowned, pom-pom bobbing over his forehead. "Ery, I don't think this is going to work, kupo... Ery?"

...But Erakir had already settled down under a tree, listening intently, waiting for the CD to start playing.

Kiaku sighed and turned away, looking into the forest's depths. In spite of being lush-green and sunlit, it still looked and sounded curiously devoid of life. Bland and empty, too quiet. Not even the rustling of a basic, low-level Rockinbird or Guineahog or Sissybug or Mew.

Not that it would matter anyway, Kiaku thought grimly; he'd probably lose and black out in his very first battle. Not just that -- he'd probably lose all of his money and possessions, too -- not even by losing a battle, but by accident! Nay, even worse, maybe some Hume would come along and mistake him as a Pokémon and promptly peg him with Poké Balls!

Kiaku shuddered at the thought. That would probably hurt something awful. Worst of all if the Poké Ball actually worked on him. Of course, that was just silliness, but still!

Kiaku set his bag down at the base of a tree up ahead and sat down upon it, wings flicking fretfully, trying not imagine what it would be like, cramped inside a Poké Ball. How did those things even work, anyways? Cramming living bio-matter into a smaller space like that?

Bah, Pokémon was too strange and weird -- much too strange for his poor bunny mind! No, no, he was not a mog cut out for this, no sir-kupo! He should just quit now while he still could.

- - - - -

Erakir, meanwhile, hummed a merry tune from some role-playing game while he waited for the CD to boot up.

It didn't take too long: a soft and sultry voice floated into his ears, soothing and strangely androgynous.

"Thank you for joining us today on Lisper's Whispers, hun~ If you have not already set-up a life benefactor's trust with the FCOSPD, we advise you do so before continuing the contents of this CD~ After all, such things as life savings and inheritance may seem trivial to you after this~"

Erakir's ears perked up. Goodness, that sounded a little shady. A tint of worry crept into his bright blue eyes, thinking back; maybe he should have read that contract a little more closely.

He moved his handpaws up to remove the headphones...

...But then the music started playing, and nothing else seemed to matter.

A sensational melody flowed from the headphones, soft and subtle. Entrancing, even. It tickled Erakir's ears, and his handpaws slowly lowered, resting on his lap.
"That's right, no need for that, hun. Just relax, and let your role settle in!~"

The enchanting melody wallowed through Erakir's senses, trickling down through his body, making him feel pleasantly warm. His eyes glazed over, thoroughly enraptured, listening intently, the tune and voice melding together in his mind.

"My, my. Such a nice body. You're already petite, and yet, lithe. Why, it's such a shame you turned out a boy. No, no, no... We can't have that~"

The warm sensation reached Erakir down to his stocking'd toes, and he gasped. His fur suddenly felt smoother than usual, and he became very much aware of the clothes he wore, as if his sense of touch had become enhanced.

"A good trainer needs to have a fitting form, hun! Perfect for the art of persuasion~ All those lovely pupils you soon will have, under your training.

His ears twitched a little, hardly noticing that they had begun retreating, shrinking -- or, in fact, that his clothes had begun to become loose-fitting.

None of this seemed to worry his easily-swayed Moogle mind, however. All that mattered was the tune and voice, and how right they were. Certainly, a good trainer should look the part! Granted, he had always thought he was pretty good already... But... It wasn't as if he didn't always cherish some secret desires to be a liiiitle bit better, no matter what the cost~

Erakir suddenly giggled, then eeped, blushingly, as if his thoughts were being perceived by the voice. He waggled his legs, which already had shrunk from the former anthro-lapin to little dainty feet, reptilian and pointed.

The voice hummed a little, sounding amused.

"My, my. Well, you seem to what we're talking about~ No need to be embarrassed. Go ahead. Explore, little missy."

A light blush tinted the Moogle's face, his fur completely smoothed out now, flattened into fine scales, rich purple in color and sublime to the touch. His handpaws, now as dainty as his feet, felt up and down his body, curves starting to accent his hips, skimming the backside of a thick and pliant tail which now slithered over the seat of his pants.

He groaned, shifting his weight from where he sat, the tail at the tip beginning to grow into a vibrant trio of purple ivy leaves. He brought a hand up to his chest, and gasped, kneading a little, marveling at how sensitive it had become.

"Mm-hm, mm-hm~ You'll be the finest female in the forest, slithering around in sinful sultriness. That's right~"

The once-Moogle squeaked and gave a sway of the hips. So fluid and natural, his very body rippling with the wonderful tune rolling through his perfectly smooth, sultry head.

He brought another hand to his chest and squeezed, shuddering at the sensation, feeling them grow beneath his quaint palms. A sly grin crept beneath his pointed, snaky snout, and he squeezed her chest more insistently, willing them to grow large, buxom, and lustrous.

"That's more like it! Such a confident young lady, submersed in sensual pleasure. Ah... And think of all the other cute boys and girls you can share this with?"

His bat-wings shifted upwards, situating themselves near her shoulders, edges straightening a little in a graceful arc, still blue as before. So many boys and girls... So many to be trained~

"Finish up, now, girl. It's time to show off your training. With very much an emphasis on show off, Miss Snivy~"

His eyes closed, and he waggled his hips, feeling them swell ever so subtly, free and feminine. Tingly. His slithering tail snaked out from behind, full and thick, and with a soft fwoosh the tip finished fanning out, the purplish leaves illuminated by the sunlight. Shortened, digit-less feet curled up at the tips, reveling in bliss as he clutched his full chest.

Her eyes opened.

They were still blue, but now forever tainted with a newfound seductiveness. A newfound energy.

She gave a little giggle, sitting there, hands still clutched to her bosom. The headphones had slipped off her head, but she didn't care. Her voice, after all, now closely resembled the voice on the CD -- lusty, feminine, and sultry. She had, in the span of less than a few minutes, completed her training, and she was sooo ready to strut her stuff.

Slender, plump at the hips, sultry, and purple, the Snivy swished her tail and looked around. She spotted the other Moogle boy just down the path, sitting by a tree and muttering to himself. She grinned. What a cutie. And just the perfect plaything, ready to be trained~

Aware of her smaller stature, she hopped out of the pile of discarded trainer clothes and skipped gracefully down the path. Well, good riddance, she thought, her pointed nose wrinkling a little -- they were stuffy and smelly things, anyways. A hare too much bunny. A fabulous trainer like she should be wild and free, of course!

- - - - -

Kiaku had been sitting, lost in his thoughts. How would he break it to Erakir that he was quitting, going to go back to his old job class, maybe ensign underneath a trusty squad of Seeqs?

He sighed and glanced over his shoulder. Well, there was no easy way, really. Might as well get it over with, before Erakir pulled them both into trouble, somehow.

"Ery...? You alright back there?"

He paused. Erakir's clothes rested under the tree, no Moogle present.

Kiaku blinked. Well, too late, it seemed.

"Couldn't be better, sweetie~"
A feminine voice just below Kiaku floated up to him, sultry and buoyant. He drew his gaze down.
"Hey, there, hun~"

Kiaku could only stare, stunned, bemusing the Snivy to no end.

Despite the former Moogle's shortened stature, she somehow managed to hop up onto Kiaku's shoulder. She sidled up to the side of his head, sticking her pointed snout in his ear, whispering.

"Maybe you'd like to feel a little better, too?~ Give up this whole 'shy boi' get-up you've got going here?"

Kiaku eeped and leapt to his feet, trying to swat the Snivy off his shoulder. The Snivy giggled and nimbly hopped onto his head.

"Uh-uh-uh, no need to be a naughty little boy, dear~"

Kiaku, wide-eyed and now a little more than paranoid, frantically fumbled for the Poké Ball on his belt. The Snivy hummed gaily and slithered over his forehead, her lower body draped over his left ear.

"Shhh~" She whispered, sultrily. With a subtle trickle of warm energy, she stared closely into his eyes, giving him a lusty look, lovely, like lavender hearts dotting deep within her blue eyes.

The Moogle squeaked and fell silent, his handpaws falling from his belt to his sides, Captivated.

"That's a little bit better," she said gleefully, her voice now resonating inside the helpless Moogle's head. "But~"

She leaned forward, bumping her pointed snout against his twitching bunny nose, and stared deeper, eyes locked. The lavender hearts intensified, so much so that Kiaku could almost visibly see them in the corners of his vision.

His green eyes clouded over, a hint of pink mingled within his irises. Light, fluttering sensations welled up through his fluffy chest, growing into a curious longing, desire-felt, affection for the female nose-to-nose with him. Attracted.

"So, hun. Are you going to be a good little boy and play?"

Kiaku did not blink, did not stir, his eyes flushed with pink and purple. Of course he would. He wouldn't dare defy this lovely female, so smooth and intimate, wrapped all lusty and lithe around his head.

The Moogle nodded mutely, slowly, in helpless adoration.

The purple Snivy smiled, and a little tongue flicked out of her mouth, brushing over Kiaku's lips. "Good boy~"

She slooowly slithered to an upright position, propping herself up on his head. As she did, she made sure to sidle herself all over him, dominantly, giving a possessive grind of her leafed tail.

"Well, hun~" She hummed. "We'll have plenty of time for fun and... other things... However~"

She paused to rub her chest with one hand, bopping the Moogle boy's pom-pom with the other. She giggled at the "ding" sound it made, her cheeks flushed and warm.

"For now, I think you need a little bit more... hmm, inspiration~"

She flicked her tail, swatting the backs of his ears, and glanced back at the CD player, resting amid the pile of clothes.

She leaned into Kiaku's fluffy ear, whispering. "You know what to do, boi~"

Kiaku nodded once more, turning up the path, his pace deliberate and trance-like. His eyes trained upon the CD player. He knelt, and drew the device up, placing the headphones over his ears, the Snivy upon his head patting his head approvingly.

"...So much a better Snivy than a Moogle~" The voice immediately streamed into the Moogle's senses like sweet nectar, the music filling his mind with wonderful, colorful imagery.

He brought his handpaws up and held the earphones, tightly, wanting to hear more.

"Oooh~ What's this? Such a shy, fearful little boy you are. No... you were. Not anymore. That was the old you."

Kiaku shook his head. Of course. The old Kiaku.

"You really should get out more, boy~ Liven things up, let your flag fly, nice and high! How will other boys like you if you stay all gloomy and droopy, hun?"

Kiaku nodded frantically, green eyes sparkling with tiny flecks of pink. Of course, of course. There was no way other boys would like him the way he was now.

...Other boys?

Kiaku's head tilted at such a thought, not noticing his ears becoming small, or his nose pointed, or, in fact, that his entire body had taken on a vivid shade of pink, fur smoothing out into scales, shrinking into his clothes...

He glanced down and examined his increasingly slender, smooth, snaky form, and a small smile, perhaps the first since becoming a trainer, slid smugly onto his face.

Well, duh.

His own leaf-tipped tail lifted through his clothing, and he fanned it, waved it, boasting to the forest, a proud pink.

Other boys~ How could they not like something like this?

- - - - -

"So, hun," The purple Snivy slithered up to the pink, a short while later, hand sensually running up his side. "How do you feel?"

The pink Snivy chortled, his voice light and airy. "How do I feel?" He reached down, picked up his scarf and graceful draped it around his neck. "Fabulous! Like, fab-u-lous~"

The purple sprawled out on her tummy, swishing her tail. "A little hard to believe you were such a scared bunny-butt just moments ago~ Betcha would have wanted to stay that way, too, if I hadn't helped you along."

"Tch -- as if! Couldn't feel things under all that smelly fluff, anyways." He stuck out his tongue and made a face. "Everything's smoother and more sublime with scales, after all -- better to caress with~"

"I agree, hun~" The purple Snivy stretched from where she lay, gazing around the glade, the warm breeze quietly sweeping through. "So what do you think? This place, I mean. It's a bit lacking in the whole 'lively' scene -- not nearly nice a love nest as it could be."

"Such a drab and un-fabulous forest," agreed the pink Snivy, giving a little boyish sigh. "Just a whole lotta green, not nearly enough color~ Needs more boys, too."

"Or girls, hun," chimed in the purple Snivy, blithely, rubbing her chest. "Of course, if you don't like the company of girls anymore, I could just saunter on somewhere else~"

"Oh, you~" The pink Snivy waved a hand, eyes closed, laughing a high-pitched giggle. "You know what I mean, girlfriend~"

"Stiiill~" The purple Snivy smiled widely, eyes lidded and lusty, contemplating. "I do think a few girls could stand for, ah..." She now gave her chest a little squeeze, and she waggled her hips, humming a little. "...A little bit of inspiration~ A touch more femininity. I daresay I could sway all the little dears all in my direction -- give them a little more purple."

The pink Snivy placed both hands on his hips and smirked. "Girl, is that challenge?"

The purple closed her eyes and imagined all the girls she could influence, make pretty and purple and the very epitome of sinful seduction -- like her. The very thought made her breathe huskily, warm-bodied, and she swayed her hips, slowly and deliberately. "Mmm-hm~ No offense, hun, but I bet I could get more than you -- after all, I did get you."

"Heh, we'll see about that!" The purple Snivy brushed a hand over his collar, a rosy aura almost vividly emitting from his body. "I'll show you how to spruce up foliage! Gonna show you the power of pink!"

"It's a contest, then, hun~" She grinned, eyes fluttering a bit. "I do wonder who's gonna win?"

The pink Snivy tightened his scarf, smugly.

"Well, obviously, that'll be me." He posed, a hand on his hip. "Gonna have all the cute boys trussed up and just begging for me to shower them with affection. Like, shaa~" He raised both arms over his head and gave a gay little swish-swish to his hips and tail.

"Oh sure, hun. Sure~" The purple Snivy humored, rubbing both her hands up and down her chest. She churred a little, lustily, eyes closing in bliss. "You just keep telling yourself that~"

The pink Snivy smirked. "I will, thanks, girlfriend~"

"Just watch your tail, though," giggled the purple Snivy. "Or I just might slither on by and nab some of your boys and persuade over to the feminine side~ They could use a better bosom, after all~"

"Tch~ That's not gonna stop me!"

"Of course it's not, dear~" The purple Snivy ran a finger smoothly along the pink's inner thigh before her eyes flitted down, spotting the CD player. It was still running, playing its strange, sultry message. "Ooh!"

She stooped down onto her belly, squishing her bosom into the ground, giggling as she sidled up close to the device.

"Ooh?" The pink Snivy gave her a bemused look. "What?"

She tittered in reply, picking up the headphones. "I wanna listen to the words and music again~"

"Hmm..." The purple Snivy's dainty feet curled in delight, pressing the headphones to her head. "I should memorize it, hun. Might make it more fun... and give me an advantage~"

"Tch~ oh please, girlfriend~" The pink Snivy flicked his wrist and, with a playful swish of his tail, stooped down and plucked one headphone from the purple Snivy, listening in.

"Dun have all the fun!"

- - - - -

And so, that strange, magical melody and voice lived on. It lingered eternally in the air, for the forest's keepers hummed the tune merrily and softly imitated the voice wherever they sauntered. Its influence took root, growing, so that even the leaves and breeze above began to whisper it, nicely and sultrily, into the ears of unwary passerbys.

Of course, that was always the start of new lovers for the lovely Snivy duo~ Those wonderful motifs and hints of that lusty voice drew newcomers to the forest for their initiation. From there, it was merely a matter of which Snivy got to them first, which way their preference would swing.

...As a result, that forest still stands today, you know. Through the magic of the melody and transcendent voice, you could say those woods now look a lot livelier, if not more flamboyant.

Actually, make that a helluva lot more flamboyant. We're talking, like, pinks and purples and rainbows to proportions so flaming that every stereotype of that sort would absolutely flick their wrists in despair. Rosy-leafed trees, lavender-tinted bushes, multicolored, glittery grass and walkways, and flocks and flocks and flocks of fabulous grass-types now adorn the acres like a utopian love nest.

Whoever won that little contest is anyone's guess. Honestly, they probably don't care at this point. ...As we probably won't, either.

Sorry, didn't catch that. Say, do you hear something? It's over in that sunny glade of vibrant trees... sounds kind of nice... What do you say we go check it out?

That's right, hun... Walk on forward. Let's go and explore a side of ourselves we never knew was there, and never go back.

I hear the training is inspirationally~ fabulous~

- - - - -
Snivy © Game Freak, Pokemon Inc., Creatures Inc., Nintendo
Moogle © Square Enix
Artwork and silliness © Nu Mewscaper, on Paint Tool SAI, painterly-style
This is also canon.

male 654,521, female 535,807, pokemon 82,590, gay 78,973, straight 23,735, transformation 16,181, lizard 12,459, reptile 11,561, lesbian 11,087, snake 8,643, pink 8,596, transgender 8,504, hypnosis 6,762, forest 6,350, music 6,210, purple 6,020, hug 5,242, tf 4,497, scarf 3,978, homosexual 3,871, grass 3,321, bisexual 2,795, rubbing 2,644, snivy 1,715, lust 1,639, control 1,487, woods 1,373, mind 1,328, headphones 1,289, grinding 1,136, tg 957, monsters 925, smug 736, leaf 678, transform 518, pocket 487, transsexual 412, sound 386, poke 363, five 306, 5 262, lusty 192, sultry 187, caressing 171, pokmon 169, fabulous 147, generation 144, starter 123, gen 114, shift 103, alteration 57, mon 55, orientation 44, smugleaf 22, snivies 1
Type: Picture/Pinup
Published: 4 years, 11 months ago
Rating: General

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4 years, 11 months ago
A very charming story!
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