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[Midwestria2012] Playmaker by Psychodragoncat
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[Midwestria2012] League of Harmony by Psychodragoncat

[MFF2012] There Are Those Who Call Me... Rick by Keida
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[Midwestria2012] Playmaker by Psychodragoncat
(WIP) Alive: Pinkamena Diane Pie Version
[Midwestria2012] Playmaker by Psychodragoncat
[MFF2012] There Are Those Who Call Me... Rick by Keida
Drawn by Kiki Dasone, also known as Psychodragoncat. https://psychodragoncat.deviantart.com/

Kiki thought this was a rush job, and to be fair, she was loaded with a lot of commissions at the time. I think I like how it came out better than she did, but I didn't really have the time to argue the price back up to the original $8 we agreed I should pay when she offered $5 as the cost instead.

Now, who are those ponies? They are the mane six. (Sorry. Fandom's pun, not mine). Well, the mane six as imagines as superheroes.

Starting at the top row, left to right on both rows. These are the full descriptions given to the artist.

The Pie family always thought there was something strange about Pinkamena Dianne, also known as Pinkie Pie. On the rock farm, the Pies have been silent and grim, but Pinkie was always looking for something more fun. When she discovered parties thanks to the Sonic Rainboom, she introduced her family, and things were not quite the same. Soon afterwards, mysterious mutant powers showed up on Pinkie, such as the ability to stretch, deform her body in various ways, break the fourth wall and rapidly recover from any injury, even if it should be fatal. Unknowing of what to do and fearing that something might be wrong with the rubbery filly, the Pies sent Pinkie off to live with the Cakes in Ponyville. And Ponyville has not been the same since. Pinkie's powers come from the element of Laughter that resides within her and mutated her body, and she is an endless font of mirth most of the time. Though when lives are on the line, she gets dangerous. Her costume consists of a pink bodysuit in a style like Plastic Man's.

When Rainbow Dash did her very first Sonic Rainboom, she knew she was the fastest pegasus in Cloudsdale. No, in all of Equestria, and she was not going to let anypony forget that. In the League of Harmony, she represents Loyalty, and her loyalty to the league ensures that she will dash to the rescue whenever she is needed. Her costume is striped with the same colors that make up hewr mane and tail, but otherwise is done in the style of the Wonderbolts.

Applejack, once a simple apple farmer, was once out there apple bucking when she came across a mysterious green rock and passed out from a sickness it had induced in her. Later, she woke up and went back to work, but one careless buck knocked the whole tree over. Trying to be gentler with each one, she was quickly finding that she was too strong for the work that made her who she was, and thus, at the advice of her Granny Smith, she went off to Mustangri La to learn how to control her new found strength. Once her lessons were complete, she was instructed to use her strength only for good. Because of her Honesty, she was also gifted with a magic lasso that would “rope the truth out of anypony.” Her costume consists of her hat and a red and gold harness reminiscent of Wonder Woman's corset, with a loop to hang her lasso on. But leave out the star spangled panties, we want to see Applejack's Cutie Mark.

Twilight Sparkle would be the leader of the League. Chosen as a filly by Princess Celestia to be her personal student, Twilight Sparkle was taught a wide variety of mystical skills. As the embodiment of the element of Magic, she is capable of doing just about anything as long as she puts her mind to it. Her costume consists of a purple cape with dark blue runes around the edges over a loose fitting Deep purple tunic, of a style reminiscent of Doctor Strange.

Spike (not pictured here) is her assistant, but while the League is out there saving the day, he is mission control.

Upon discovering her telepathic and empathic abilities with animals, Fluttershy became a caretaker for nature after having fallen from Cloudsdale. Shy in nature, the pegasus is still there for her friends and those in need. Harm an innocent, and she WILL weaponize her empathic powers with the Stare, drawing out your guilt and using it against you. Thanks to the element of kindness, she is also capable to healing with her empathic powers, psychically mending their wounds. Her costume is a white bodysuit with a face mask framed by her pink hair. Her muzzle, wings and tail are still exposed.

Rarity has always been a fashionable unicorn, high class despite her low class roots. However, once in a while, she had to make a side business of providing technologies for the Equestrian military, including weapons of mass destruction. Rarity has long preferred to keep that under wraps. Also under wraps, she was working on a project that combined both her fashion sense and her side business to keep Carousel Boutique up during the slower business periods, creating a suit of powered armor for herself. With her element of Generosity, she always makes time for those in need. Her armor is like a white and purple Iron Mare, with a clearly machine-like exterior but still in a shape resembling Rarity.

So, who do you think is best superpony?

female 561,492, pony 72,326, mlp 49,123, my little pony 43,884, unicorn 18,835, pegasus 13,670, earth pony 7,910, friendship is magic 7,356, fim 6,985, superhero 1,769, fan fic ideas 2
Type: Picture/Pinup
Published: 5 years, 11 months ago
Rating: General

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