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Fire Island Episode 1
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Maxamilion's New Anthro form

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TRAVIS: What happened in here?
REBECCA: What’s that (picks up red fur)
TRAVIS: I may not know whom did this, but I think I have a hunch… Well whatever let’s just get break fast, but first (Takes pictures of kitchen) now before we get breakfast we have to clean these burns before anyone sees
REBECCA: Why don’t you just use Dad’s Yellow paint down stairs in the basement?
TRAVIS: Good idea, be right back (runs down stairs to the basement to get paint then runs back up) now I’ve got work to do… (paints the burns, takes about 8-10 minutes) done
REBECCA: How do you think those burns got their in the first place?
TRAVIS: Not sure, but I have my hunches.
MAXAMILION: *Enters Kitchen* morning guys, what’s for breakfast
REBECCA: Who exactly are you again?
TRAVIS: Oh, You’ve meet Max right?
REBECCA: Noooo, I swear I’m just now seeing him (I knew that thing in his room was to darn big to be a plush animal)
MAXAMILION: Well let me introduce myself, my name is Maxamilion the Fox I am 18 years of age and I derive from jolly old England
REBECCA: You sure don’t have the accent
TRAVIS: I Know Right
REBECCA: My name is Rebecca Richards, I am 12 years of age and derive from Sayville, LI… pleasure to meet you *shakes Max’s hand*
MAXAMILION: The pleasure is all mine
TRAVIS: Welp, if you’re hungry… all we have left is cereal. I mean I’d cook, but I’m not beat to make Sausage, Egg and Cheese
REBECCA: Lazy imp… I love eggs, cheese and sausage
TRAVIS: *snickers*
REBECCA: What’s so funny… did I say something funny?
TRAVIS: If you were my age and seen from where I’m coming from you’d see why what you just said was funny
REBECCA: What’s so funny? Eggs
TRAVIS: *giggles*
TRAVIS: *giggles
REBECCA: Sausage?
TRAVIS: *laughs*
REBECCA:  I’d swear, you’re so immature (finishes last scoop of cereal, then puts her bowl away
TRAVIS: tehehe… oh, I’d swear she’s a smickety wicket when she wants to be eh old buddy
MAXAMILION: Yeah, I’d guess so (finding their conversation a little funny as well)
TRAVIS: Not to rush though, but it’s Saturday, I got off the phone with most of my friends this morning and were up for a round of Street BaseBall… care to join us if you would like…
MAXAMILION: (slurping the milk from his bowl) Sure…
When Travis gets outside and meets up with his friends, they suddenly notice Max and begin to ask question almost immediately.
PATRICK: Whoa, who is this tall crazy cat right here right now?
TRAVIS: Guys I’d like you to all meet Maxamilion the Fox
TRAVIS: Max this is Kyle
TRAVIS: Richie
TRAVIS: Chelsea
TRAVIS: Patrick
TRAVIS: and finally my best, best friend Candice
CANDICE: Darn it Travis… hello there
MAXAMILION: Hello everyone  
CHELSEA: Hey, how come you didn’t call Linda’s name?
TRAVIS: Because, Linda had already meet Max when she came over my house yesterday… uninvited I might add
LINDA: Well Sarr E for checking to see if you were alright yesterday.
TRAVIS: and I appreciate it, but in front of my mom really, you know how she is
LINDA: Sorry…
TRAVIS: Well anyways, since everyone is introduced… let’s get this game rollin’. Max, care to join us?
MAXAMILION: Umm, nah… I’m good, you guys go on ahead without me. I want to get connected with my thoughts.
TRAVIS: Oh, okay then… well everyone let’s go
While everyone takes the time to play ball, and Travis’ team is in the bottom of the 6th leading by three, Max drifts away into his own mind and tries to collect his thoughts and consume why is it that he is on this land and what could’ve possibly caused him to come here. He questions why he only remembers being in England and nothing past that, he tries to muster if he had friends and what type of character he used to be. But to no prevail does he remember anything.
PATRICK: Grab it, grab it… Travis catch it c’mon now
TRAVIS: I’ve got it, I’ve got it, I’ve… umph
BULLY: Hey, watch where you goin’ ya Austrailian Roo Doll!
CANDICE: And here we go  
BULLY: Where’s my money you walking toothpick!
TRAVIS: First of all, it’s not your money… second you must be real proud of yourself picking on 16 & 17 year olds, and you’re 19 years old ya Mark Henry reject moradah
BULLY: Alright that’s it you asked for it… (he swings to punch Travis, but just in that split second the bully then notices that his hand is being consumed by someone else’s palm… in enters Max)
MAXAMILION: I’m sorry… but is their a problem?
BULLY: What the Fff… and who is this red empire state building rippoff version of a biker dweebb Fox?
MAXAMILION: My name is Maxamilion, and I don’t appreciate you putting you’re hands on my friends
BULLY: and… what are you going to do about it?
MAXAMILION: Right now, I’m telling you to stop, turn around and go back home to your mother
TRAVIS: Mate, this isn’t jolly old Enland your words will get re-arranged here
BULLY: So… go home to my mother huh, go home to my mother, you want me to leave your friend alone… but what happens if I leave him alone more, then put my hands on you?
MAXAMILION: *crosses arms* You are not going to put your hands on me alright… you must’ve half lost your mind
BULLY: Lost my mind, riiight well you know what Fox head lookin’ patsy… I’m about to make you lose you’re lunch (Hooks Max with a fast right hand and the Bully and Max are hitting each other with mean lefts and rights each one pitted blow for blow, then Max begins to slip and the Bully catches him in a mean full Nelson)
BULLY: C’mon you red punk you might as well give up, no one has ever broken the full nelson
MAXAMILION: That’s what you think
BULLY: What the…
Maxamilion’s back then starts to blow out flames [not enough for the bully to let go] then Max does an insane back flip (flaming wheel) slamming the boy to the ground with brute force and leaving his shirt 17% burned
MAXAMILION: Now, are you going to leave my friends alone?
BULLY: *Stars at Max with fear in his eyes* Y-YY-YES
MAXAMILION: Now Gon get out of here scram! (Bully then takes a mean B-Line in the opposite direction to hit home, while everyone is looking at Max as if he were the great Lord himself.
TRAVIS: How did… how… how did you do that?
MAXAMILION: I don’t even fully know, it just revealed itself out of nowhere (Was this a part of my forgotten memory, or was this some strange phenomenon?)
CHELSEA: That was, that was amazing
LINDA: Extraordinary
REBECCA: Astounding
RICHIE: Unbelievable
KYLE: crazy
CANDICE: That was the coolest thing I ever seen in my life, so how long have you been the master of fire?
TRAVIS: (Candice?)
MAXAMILION: Well you know, I’ve… you know what I don’t even know how exactly I pulled that off… but oh well I…
TRAVIS: Hey Max, you mind if I talk to you for a minute?
MAXAMILION: Sure buddy, what would you like to…
TRAVIS: At… My… HOUSE… Rightnow
MAXAMILION:  Well sure…
Travis then guides Max to the basement of their house and questions Max about his powers… thru no full prevail as Max still can’t remember a thing about himself or his life. So to jump start his memory, Travis decides to take Maxamilion outside in his backyard where he decides to give Maxamilion a little target practice (Rebecca is their too, but she doesn’t say much).
TRAVIS: So you really don’t remember anything about your powers… alright, I may not know anything about fire or fire power… but I’m sure this practice will reveal what’s power lies deep inside you
MAXAMILION: How can I unleash my “powers” if I can’t remember how to use them?
TRAVIS: Don’t give me that, when you were fighting that BULLY you did something… exactly what I can’t put my finger on, but you have to remember what that was I mean who knows, these powers could help you in the long run.
MAXAMILION: Okay, you talk me into it… okay let’s do this
TRAVIS: Now, you see that target? (points to target by tree)
MAXAMILION: Yeah, I see it… what do I have to do?
TRAVIS: Use your powers in your best ability to blast the target with your fire powers
MAXAMILION: Alright, this should be easy… (he swings his arm as if he were throwing a baseball… he tries to blast the target using one of his fire balls, but the attack fails) Crap
TRAVIS: The best advice I can give you Max is to try harder and focus. Focus Max focus
MAXAMILION: Right (With pure focus, Max was able to blast the target with a full-on and powerful fireball)
TRAVIS: Awesome
MAXAMILION: I just did that?
TRAVIS: Max, theirs a power in side of you… if you can learn to control and focus your energy, you will be able to improve and manage your powers for greatness and grandure. You’re one lucky Fox my friend.
MAXAMILION: I am, maybe their was something I had forgotten on that mysterious trip here, my fire powers.
That evening…
TRAVIS: honestly Max, I personally think with enough practice you will build up your stamina that you may have had before, and reach the full potential of your fire powers.
MAXAMILION: You’re right, I know their’s more to the power I possess, but the only problem is that it’s my brain that has to keep up with my body so I can perform the various tricks and abilities that come with this power, because their’s got to be more.
TRAVIS: Right, and with work and dedication…
REBECCA: Hey big brother, I have a few question I’d like to toss about the both pof you two and your anatomy?
TRAVIS: Sure shoot…
REBECCA: Where did you find him, and how long have you known about his fire powers?
TRAVIS: In our backyard, and at the same time you did… I did not know this sparky Fox right here had talent with the flame
MAXAMILION: I didn’t even know that I…
REBECCA: Save it Max, C’mon… how do you not know that you and your own body can produce fire P…
TRAVIS: Because, when I discovered his body yesterday, he was lying in the front of our backyard tree unconscious and looked like he was hurt…
TRAVIS: When he came to, all he could remember was his name and where he originally came from. He has no recollection of anything past that that’s [interrupted] all
REBECCA: Where he came from, I knew it… no human, nor bi-pedal animal on this planet of Earth can produce such other worldly powers. So tell us Max, what planet do you hail from?
TRAVIS: He’s not an alien and…
MAXAMILION: If England counts as a planet than yes… matter of fact I hail from the great land of Spottsbury , England.
TRAVIS: See he’s out of town but still on this planet. He’s from the country of England love.
REBECCA: Oh, okay, wow you’re a long ways from home. England? You’re going to need some transport to get back home.
MAXAMILION: I know, I’m still struggling on the fact of how I got her. I mean from England to Long Island is such a blur. One minute I’m in jolly old England the next, I wake up next to a tree in a middle class families yard. Which is highly convenient
TRAVIS: Yeah, we know, lucky you.
REBECCA: One things for sure, it sucks not to know who you are, so in retrospect were going to try to do the best we can to get your memory back.
TRAVIS: eye eye, now that’s my little bum ticker of a sister
REBECCA: Thanks bro.
MAXAMILION: For now, my true identity remains a mystery, but soon I will have enough knowledge to remember exactly who I am, and with your help that possibility increases to great proportions.
TRAVIS & REBECCA: and we are glad to help you retrieve your memory  

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3 years, 11 months ago
I love this story!
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Thanks :3
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