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Balan's Wonderworld Review
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boyninja12's Gallery (1947)

Dimentio Quotes Google Translated

Percy and his Manaphy Child
Phantom Tails V2
Percy and his Manaphy Child
Something for fun and to pass my boredom. Behold, it's majesty.

“Yeah yeah, nobody likes disgusting things… sis… a perfect world… it looks magical…”
"Ah ha ha. I can hardly bear to wait."
“And here I thought Mimi’s perfect world was a pool full of gems with massive rescuers…”
“Mmm… I’m enjoying a good slice…”
“Well… I guess I’ll go out, too.”
Chapter 1 [edit]
“Ah ha ha. It won’t be that easy, oh no…”
"Nice to meet you...and your mustache!"
“I am the master of dimensions, Count Blake, the cheerleader who delights the masses… I… Dementio! Remember the name well…”
"It would be very boring if your journey ended so easily...instead, it ends with...magic!"
“Yeah, so much better… now you and this robotic guardian can have some good time… yes, good time snacking! When he eats… on you! For you… you are a snack!”
Chapter 2 [edit]
"And so it came, like a sudden gust of wind on a picnic in the kindergarten!"
"Your wish is my command. Besides, this idiot sounds like a fun challenge."
"Now, if nothing else, I'll be on my way. Zhao, Earl."
Chapter 3 [edit]
"Ah ha ha. You have finally arrived!"
"You don't do well with delays."
"Finally the hero.. I know you from the poetry festival that dances on your lips!"
"My well-known lady. Your beauty is as refreshing as a slap in the face on a cold winter's day!"
"It must be the carriage. I knew it the moment I saw the waving bumps you call an arm."
“I am a humble servant to Count Blake…”
“Dimensional Master… the crowd delighted… I… Dimentio!”
“It is truly wonderful to finally meet my hapless victims.”
"I made you a special snack!"
“How about some… Magic?”
“And… Voila! You are now in Dimension D, one of my own creativity dimensions. In this amazing world, my attacks are 256 times stronger!”
"Now I'm much stronger! I can destroy you with a raise of an eyebrow!"
"Now we must duel like two shining banjos on a moonlit staircase!"
“Can you break through this… illusion?”
"You punches like little jackhammers that angry little road workers are handling!"
“How is that possible? This dimension makes me 256 times stronger…
“What? You say this place also makes you more powerful?”
"Of course! This was just a treat that went exactly as planned!"
"Was this fun for you? This was just an appetizer!"
"Next time we meet, we'll have a killer eight-course meal!"
“Chao now, my mustachioed enemy!”
“Alas, beautiful princess, I have to say now… Zhao!”
“However, my little enemy limbs, I have to say… Ciao!”
“Ah, a little more than that, perhaps?”
They are strong, but they have to be stronger to defeat Blake.”
"I have to make sure they can handle it when the time finally comes..."
“...and this is how the bad guys managed to hit me.”
“Ah ha ha. They are undoubtedly strong… very powerful. I dare say… they might even be strong enough to defy a prophecy!”
"Oh my God. This is the first time a morsel of information has touched my ear. Tell me!"
"Customized, come back! Save Blake!"
"Oh my, my God! How interesting! Nastasia and the earl are having such deep conversations!"
“Mm… what is our dear earl playing in?”
"Ah, well. I'll let him worry about that. I have to take care of my own projects."
Chapter 4 [edit]
“So what you’re saying is… ‘The man in green’ is our subordinate in training, Mister L?”
"Wow, aren't we warm-blooded? Well, well... I think that's worthy of admiration."
"Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go too. Ciao!"
Chapter 5 [edit]
"Greetings, O'Chunks!"
"Ah! We meet again, like two huge Vikings on a sailboat tossed by a storm!"
“Ah! We meet again, like two magical and wild rhinos in an expanse in the Twilight Forest!”
“Ah! We meet again, like two angry burly dinosaurs with terrible indigestion!”
"Ah, a quadrillion pardon! Far be it from me to be a hindrance. Far, far!"
"I happen to have an acquaintance on this earth. I was just saying hi!"
“Yes, really! And I saw you, and I thought, 'Maybe my magic can help in this battle!'” "
"Ah, rest assured, I'm hardly under your feet! You're fighting for your heart! Ciao!"
"Okay Greetings O'Chunks! How's it going, hmmm?"
“Yes, yes, of course I understand. Your honor shall be satisfied…”
"But O'Chunks, before you let your game finish, give me poor fellow a moment."
"I have something better that I think you will enjoy. I hope you will try it for me."
“Oh… Isn’t it time, okay? Isn’t it time for something to help Count Blake?”
“Ah, it’s time to part… Ciao!”
"Ah ha ha. Finally, you came to play, like little children who sleep late!"
“Ahhhhhhhh… Aren’t you tired of collecting those pure, worn out and tired hearts?”
"I'm not naturally violent, you know. I'd rather settle this peacefully, actually."
"Suppose, for example, that you wanted to return to your world. I could do that for you..."
"Ah ha ha. So it must be... Shall we begin?"
"Oh my. Aren't you brave? Same fight, same result...You're absolutely right."
"That's why..."
"A nice green hat, don't you think?"
"Dear O'Chunks! So strong, yet so undefeated! Baby can learn his attack patterns."
“As such, I asked my acquaintances for some buds to cheer him up a bit.”
"I call this boy 'Cabag'! Don't be shy or Cabage! Introduce yourself!"
"Ah ha ha. Just awesome. Now remember the kids: eat vegetables to grow! Except in this case, vegetables will eat you! Enjoy, now! Chow!"
"Mm... if they can beat the O'Chunks model... they're doing a good job."
"Maybe they really are the ones I've been waiting for all this time."
“I must prepare too! There is so much to do, so little precious time…”
"Ah ha ha. It's hard to stay still when you yearn for sweet revenge, isn't it?"
“Earl’s orders are all absolute… absolutely without exception, right?”
"We shouldn't even dare to think of a secret attack. The thought dies!"
“Defeating a hero would make the Count very happy… but we must follow orders!”
"My, oh, isn't that an important thing? I think I should move on, too."
Chapter 6 [edit]
"Ah ha ha. Did they offend your fragile pride, Master L? Destroy your robot again?"
"Maybe this is the best."
"You said it yourself. You can't go back to counting now. So get lost."
"What a mood! Your nose is glowing like a hissing cobra cap!"
"I can't count you. If I get rid of you here, they won't find me."
"And others will never find you. Yes, this is the time for me to grab."
"It's time for you to take your last bow, Mr. L..."
"Ah ha ha ha. Shhh. Don't worry. It won't be that bad, I promise."
"I will send these heroes to you soon so you will have someone to play with. Ciao...Mr. L!"
"Helpful Heroes group, how are they crying! Tears are flowing like sad soup!"
“What a bad news! There is no way in this world to recover a pure heart…
“Yes, unfortunately, all your hard work was… to… in vain.”
“Ah ha ha. Yes, that’s right, which is why I decided to give you a consolation award…”
“It’s very simple… I fulfilled their desires! I sent them to the other world! Ah ha ha.”
Do you know who I am right? I am your enemy, Dimentio! I serve Count Blake!
"Well, as cute as that was, I have to go. Ciao!"
Chapter Seven[edit]
"Ah ha ha. Oh, I'm afraid so, Earl. In fact, they'll be here in no time."
"Well, I'm not one of those people who miss a party..."
"Oh, but wait a minute...Dear Earl...Does the name Plumiere ring a bell?"
“Oh, the mustached guy pixel went on over and over… She said, ‘I should stop Plumiere.’ But I guess there’s no reason to care about pix’s attacks…”
Chapter 8 [edit]
"Aha ha ha ha ha. So ... I've finally come here."
“Oh, but… what is this? You seem to be missing the dazzling princess and arm bartender.”
"Ah, I see. You're in such a hurry. Let me get out of your way, then... ... as soon as you beat me up! Aha-ha-ha-ha-ha."
“You have proven in the past that you are worthy enemies, so I will not make it easy for you.”
"You have to come and find me first. It will be like a game of cards...with magic!"
"Do you enjoy my signature game?"
"Joking? Oh no. Magic is no laughing matter. I'm always very serious."
"I've been watching you. You're the only one who can stand up to Count Blake."
“So.. I have a favor to ask. Will you help me… destroy the Earl?”
"Betrayal? Ah ha ha ha. Oh no. It's Count Blake who betrayed me!"
“He said he would destroy all worlds and create a perfect new world in their place. But he was lying! He plans to destroy all worlds and then keep them all in ruins. I have always known of his nefarious aim, but I can never wish to stop him for my account. I pretended loyalty to him and I. I'm looking for someone who can defeat him with me!"
“Well, you see… that’s why… I saved the princess from some brainwashing.”
“And that is also why I sent you to The Underwhere to mend a pure, broken heart.”
“And why did I release a man to meet his brother… now you see?”
"Ah, you got me hooked. Now how about giving back?"
“I will give you the strength you need to crush Count Blake… just fight by my side!”
“...Don’t you believe me? But believe me, it’s the delicious pasta that holds civilization together! How does this hit you? Defeat the Earl and I will give you a very rare card. Does that appeal to you?”
“You are like a poor sad sack that has deflated and lost all confidence! Perhaps a signed bottle of my perfume, ‘Demented by Dimentio’? Me?”
"You are the hero! Will you let the minds of the little butterfly influence your decision? What will it be? Will you help me face Count Blake?"
"AHA HA HA HA HA HA! Excellent choice, Mario! You are wiser than you look."
“Now, let me give you a taste of my delicious strength, just as I promised.”
“This sucking sound is your free will being flushed out of the toilet of your mind! Now, you are my slave, and you will carry out my commands. You will be… fearless! Go and defeat the earl! And when he is gone, I will create a new world!”
"Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha. Once again, to a dramatic effect! AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA."
"Are you still refusing? But this offer is dripping a bonus!"
"With the Heart of Chaos in our hands, we can rule all worlds! Do you still refuse?"
"So you spit out my offer? You wasted my time. That's why your game is over."
"I think I'll start with green. The fluff on her lip would be a nice goblet!" (our copy)
"I think I'll start with green, it looks like easy prey." (PAL version)
"Ah ha ha. How cute. I just pressed a tear. Yes... Mario can run."
“And if he somehow manages to defeat Count Blake on his own… that’s much better!”
“Then I hit, like an invisible dribbling ball in a booming gym!”
"I... cry man! Mercy! Oh man, I say!"
“I see it now… your strength is enormous…”
"That's why I can't let you fall into Count Blake's velvet quilted gloves..."
"Ah ha ha ha ha ha. I got you now! Luigi!"
“We will both taste the agony of ending the game… with magic!”
“Full assistant! Absorbing my attack to protect him? What an adorable desperate gesture.”
“I was about to give her the eternal peace that she so desperately desires!”
"Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Of course. This is my moment."
“Even if the number dies, the Heart of Chaos will not disappear if you continue to control it!”
"But I needed Pure Hearts' strength to defeat him. I couldn't do it on my own. So I asked you to do all the sweaty work for me."
“And even your pure hearts were used to defeat Count Blake!”
"If you make greeting cards to thank people for helping them with evil plans, I owe you one."
"I'm saying you have no value to me anymore, so I'm ending your matches."
“They are all yours, Master L!”
“When I sent Luigi here, I planted a seed in the fertile soil of his subconscious mind…”
“And that seed sprouted amazingly!”
“Mister L… now run and prepare for your grand entrance.”
“Now… ladies and gentlemen… get ready for the greatest magic show you have ever seen!”
"The Dark Prognosticus says he is the perfect host for the power of Heart of Chaos."
“Now I will add my own strength to this spicy mixture.”
"Count Blake! You seemed so rough and pathetic that I almost forgot you."
"I'm going to take the life out of you later. Just wait in this dimension, okay? Great."
(super dimentio)
“Now the Heart of Chaos is mine!”
“I will use it to destroy all worlds… and create new and perfect worlds!”
“Let’s get started? Now I have everything I need… to become the King of All Realms!”
"Ah ha ha. Now I'm invincible! There's nothing you can do!"
"Now it's time to start the destruction..."
"Let it begin with you, as you falter helplessly like an upside-down turtle!"
“Hmph… let’s stop wasting time and get this over with, okay?”
“What?! What’s going on?!”
"No! Pure Hearts?! I thought you wasted them all fighting Count Blake!"
“What… is going on?! I’m not invincible anymore…”
“Urg Jah?!”
"how did you do it..."
“How could I lose with Luigi’s strength and Heart of Chaos…”
“And the prophecy.. was it canceled?!”
“Urrrrrrrk… Unngghhhh… Do you think this is the end? This is not over yet…”
"You can't... stop this now... You can't escape..."
"I was saving myself one last surprise... ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... Zhao!"

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1 year ago
I'd really like to hear King Nacho blowing his (grown) descendant. Can you?
1 year ago
I'm sorry if this annoys you, but it's not Count Blake. It's Count Bleck. B-L-E-C-K. I truly apologise if this makes you miffed. I'm just trying to help.
1 year ago
Or is that what the Google Translator said? If it is, I vehemently apologise.
1 year ago
Basically Google Translate. I'm just reading what's been horribly translated here.
1 year ago
I kinda forgot how janky/wonky Google Translate is. I remember writing down some lines to video games I like playing, then running them through GT from English to random languages by using a coin toss (heads yes, tails no). I started in English, translated it 10 times, then translated it back to English. I got REALLY weird lines out of it. I had to download the MP3 so I could hear it. I like your voice. You have a cool laugh, very infectious, but not like the T-Virus. Great to see your inspiration was the same as mine. I'm too poor to do what you did. I'm using the internet browser on my PS3. Hopefully one day I can do this magnificence too.
1 year ago
There's a lot of amusing results doing this. But it can really... weird at times. I sure hope my laughter doesn't make you a zombie.
1 year ago
Hey, if it does somehow, I can be a vegetarian zombie, an zombie for avians, an engineer zombie, a fashion model zombie, a pilot zombie, or a farmer zombie: grains, cranes, trains, Hanes, planes, or plains. Ooh, maybe I can be a actor zombie and work with the brothers Wayans.
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