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Pokemon - TOTGM - After Story Special - 17
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TOTGM - After Story - The R.M.S. Legend Sets Sail

Pokemon - TOTGM - After Story Special - 18
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In the 18th chapter of the Tale of the Guardian Master - After Story series,
a new adventure set three years after the original with new locations and
new Pokemon, readers will see the legendary Ship of Dreams cross the
sea once more. Built as a clone of sorts to the fabled R..M.S. Arceanic,
lost to the world 103 years prior, the series very own starring character,
Chris Nakazaki will take the helm as her captain and sail all on board
through the adventure of a lifetime!

During its creation, the R.M.S. Legend was built with two things solely
in mind, giving those with so little the things even the wealthiest could
only dream of, and the safety of all on board. Donning enough lifeboats
along both sides upper-most decks to seat every passenger on board,
even if she were to list to one side rendering said lifeboats useless there
would be plenty on the other for all to escape, with its Captain having
developed a special protocol uniquely his own to multiply survival rates
when times of danger are known to loom around the corner.

Though the outside is a replica of the Arceanic, within its interior the
Legend is an entirely new, modern and fantastical design that will
both, awe and shock those who expected to step into the past on a
liner so painstakingly crafted to resemble the dream lost so long ago.
Built to be the largest cruise liner in the world, the Legend was also
designed to be able to quickly answer calls for aid by ships in need,
a demand by her Captain that pushed the Platinum Star company
to new heights, delivering a ship capable of reaching just over 43

For those not to savvy with maritime measurements, that equals a
jaw-dropping 50mph that would send the ship gliding over the sea
like a hot knife on butter toward any and all in need.

A few of her specs are as follows.

Cost to Build - Roughly $3B

Passenger Capacity - 11K

Decks - 20

Crew - 4K

Cruise Speed - 22knots (25mph)

Distress Speed - 43knots (50mph)

Lifeboats - 60 (400 passenger capacity each) 30 along both sides of ship

Emergency Rafts - 30 (200 passenger capacity each)

Life Vests - 20K

Fuel Source - Solar (hull exterior and funnels fitted with panels)

Distress Fuel - Electric Pokemon - (Extracted via chambers on T deck)

Height - 91.5 meters (Roughly 300 feet)

Length - Roughly 450 meters (Around 1476 feet)

As listed, the ship has an overwhelming amount of life-preserving necessities,
all of which were installed by the order of her Captain before setting sail. This
was done regardless of opinion to insure passengers felt the utmost safety
while on board. Regulations by today's standards insist a liner have enough
lifeboats on each side of the ship to handle around 37% of passengers each.

Instead, the Captain of the R.M.S. Legend insisted both sides had enough
lifeboats to handle 100% of passengers on board, so that if the ship listed to
one side, the opposite would still provide ample escape. On top of this, he
demanded an overwhelming amount of rafts should his measures with the
lifeboats prove futile for one reason or another, and prominently highlights
the amount of life vests on board as well, far more than ever needed.

Whether it made sense or not in this aspect of her preparations, her Captain
sought safety and reassurance first and foremost for all on board, with their
entertainment an immediate second. With several water parks and pools
on her top deck, a colossal projector towering among the funnels, countless
shops and restaurants within, a pair of planes that lift passengers to the sky
for a birds-eye view, and more, boredom is far from the minds of all on board.

Some special events include the following.

Heaven's Path
Throughout the night, the bow of the ship gives off a spectacular shimmering
particle effect that makes the Legend appear as though it's sailing along the
stars above, an other-worldly experience that seamlessly blends the land and
sky as one, making all on board feel as though they've departed for the final
frontier of space itself.

Hero's Call
Each night, the repurposed funnels of the Legend launch spectacular fireworks
into the skies above. With each funnel donning the picture of the most prominent
icons from the Arceanic disaster, Captain Smith of the Arceanic, Captain Rostron
of the Caterpithia, Wallace Hartley, violinist of the Arceanic, and Jack Phillips, the
wireless operator of the Arceanic come together to light up the night sky, letting
all on board know that no matter what lies ahead in the darkness, hope is always
present  for those brave of heart and steadfast in their duties to serve and protect.

Arceanic Figurehead Viewing
Lift from the wreckage of the Arceanic herself and restored, the figurehead from
the original Ship of Dreams is housed within a glass casing built into the wall of
the recreated Grand Staircase at the bow entrance of the ship. At certain times
of the day the case opens and the figurehead extends out, allowing passengers
to touch the relic and offer their thoughts and condolences to the loss of life 103
years prior. It was originally given to the Captain of the Legend.

On top of everything, her Captain insisted free trips be offered to those suffering
lifelong and terminal illnesses as a means of the Platinum Stars company making
amends for its mistakes of the past, requiring her upper decks to be transformed
into medical wards for ill and bed-ridden passengers, and shot down their plans for
class rankings on the ship in favor of a first-class-for-all policy that allowed all on
board to enjoy fantastic experiences at a single universal fee no other liner would
allow for those of more modest funds.

All passengers are welcome to every part of the ship, with all of her cabins fitted
with first class accommodations. It was an extraordinary cost to the company, but
thanks to funds from her Captain himself and his own connections, the Legend
was able to set sail with all of his specifications met, and then some. As an added
feature just for passengers in the medical wards, the walls of their rooms were
fitted with special projectors connected to the cameras on the ship, allowing those
incapable of leaving their rooms to switch their surroundings like that of a TV
flipping through channels to any view they like.

Be it surrounding themselves with the blue/starry sky, enjoying a panorama view
of the fireworks at night, gazing under the sea, watching performances in the
ships theaters, checking out the going-on's of the bustling markets, no passenger
is left out regardless of circumstance in this gigantic liner.

It's the voyage of a lifetime for one and all, and for some, the last they will ever
take, a reality her Captain carries on his shoulders and works to insure is worth
every second on board.

male 718,139, female 596,683, fox 152,000, wolf 122,929, canine 102,759, pokemon 95,253, dog 95,246, rabbit 73,285, bunny 62,082, girl 46,078, boy 45,531, the 14,969, woman 14,147, man 10,196, snake 9,754, water 9,286, story 8,031, of 5,486, fish 4,299, master 3,413, ocean 3,237, sea 3,105, insect 2,887, dolphin 2,255, series 2,173, lopunny 2,089, braixen 1,980, gardevoir 1,917, snivy 1,856, zoroark 1,437, serpent 1,359, mermaid 1,311, goodra 1,163, zorua 1,070, ship 1,030, seal 959, kirlia 783, guardian 762, serperior 748, fennekin 737, slug 669, buneary 568, delphox 559, tale 547, after 427, primarina 399, ralts 360, servine 354, snail 341, popplio 306, tale of the guardian master 268, totgm 230, brionne 164, tsareena 150, cruise 105, goomy 82, steenee 65, sliggoo 50, bounsweet 39
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Published: 2 weeks, 1 day ago
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2 weeks, 1 day ago
WOW this ship sounds amazing love the video as well the music was very fitting
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