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Let me help you mancub...

Come here mancub

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Like every morning Mowgli wake up early and left his cabin in the village to go to the river and collect water. It was one of the tasks assigned to him in the village. At first he hated doing the work, and he still hated it, but over time Mowgli accepted the routine of the man village.

Mowgli walked slowly to the entrance of the village and took a large pitcher of clay to fill it in the river. But Mowgli did not realize that someone was watching him... an old enemy...
Slowly Mowgli moved closer to the river, ignoring that his old enemy Kaa lowered his head from the branches and stood behind him, Mowgli ducked into the river and began to fill the pitcher.
Kaa struggled not to laugh so as not to betray his position, but he was very excited about what was about to happen...
When Mowgli filled the pitcher completely he got up and with great effort lifted the pitcher and put it on the head to load it.
- Well, back to... - Mowgli's sentence stopped short. As soon as he turned to the entrance of the village he found a screen of bright colors that moved incredibly fast. Green, blue, yellow, purple, black, green... blue... yellow... purple... and back to begin. - What... - it was all he could say before releasing a sigh relaxed.

Mowgli had no chance, he was distracted, his guard down, and his hands were busy holding the pitcher over his head so they couldn't come quickly to cover his eyes. Mowgli didn't even realize what was happening... those colors dominated everything he could see, and they were very ... beautiful, almost felt like they were magnetic... he couldn't look away... no he wanted to look away. He wanted to stay there looking at those beautiful colors for as long as possible. He had seen those colors before... but where? Remembering was too difficult...

Mowgli's mind clouded in a matter of seconds, proving that joining two simple coherent thoughts required a titanic effort... it was better not to think, it was easier to stay there and relax... all would be well. No have nothing what temor. Happiness was in looking at those colors. After all... it made him feel good, didn't he? That is good, no? A smile began to pull up at the corners of Mowgli's lips.
Suddenly, in the midst of these colors came a wonderful voice that laughed.

- Jajajajajaja, hello again mancub ... been a long time. Let me have a good look at you. - Kaa said increasing the power of their rings of hypnotic colors and bringing them closer to the boy's face.

Oh, how silly he had been... he hadn't recognized his great friend Kaa and his beautiful colors. Mowgli's smile expanded much more as he recognized his good friend who had done so much for him. Mowgli wanted to speak, but he couldn't do it because words didn't come to his mind, only colors. Little by little Mowgli's body began to relax, and his arms holding the large pitcher of water began to loosen, so that the pitcher began to stagger over his head.

- Oh, no, no, no... let me help you with that - Kaa said as a thick part of its tail around the jar and lifted like a feather. - We don't want to fall it and break attracting the villagers. You don't want to be separated from me, right? - Kaa said as he gently left the pitcher on the floor.

- Thanks Kaaaaaaaaa.... - Mowgli thanked lengthening the sentence. How good was his friend Kaa! He helped him with the heavy vase freeing him of the weight. Mowgli no longer remembered why he carried the vase. His arms remained raised, but slowly they were descending delicately to his sides. - No... no... I don't want... separate... you. - Mowgli said slowly and monotonously answering the question that his great friend Kaa had done him. The simple thought of being separated from his best friend was something horrible. Mowgli's mind at this point was like wet mud ready to mold... it wouldn't be long before it yielded completely to hypnosis.

-Thaaaaat'sssssss what I like, little Mowgli. You're a good boy... - Kaa as he delivered a pat on the head of Mowgli. - You know Mowgli? I've missed you... you and that stupid smile of yours, why don't you give your best friend the biggest smile you can? That would make me very happy. Tell me, have you missed me? -

* PING * Mowgli's smile widened to painful limits just to please Kaa, but he didn't care. He was happy. He was happy to be able to make Kaa happy in everything he could. Mowgli was a good boy, Kaa said... he liked being a good boy. - Yes, Kaa. I've missed you so much. - Mowgli's body had steadied itself before Kaa.

Kaa stopped issuing his hypnotic rings. It was already done. A hissing laugh came from his lips as he circled Mowgli to watch his prey. - And my hypnosis... Have you also missed my hypnosis? -

- Yes, Kaa. I've missed your hypnosis. -Mowgli answered truthfully. Deep down, Mowgli always missed Kaa's hypnosis, though he did not want to acknowledge it. But deep down he knew, hypnosis felt too good... even the happiest day of his life was just a sad cloudy day compared to a minute under Kaa's hypnosis. His trance brain produced unreachable levels of happiness and pleasure out of trance. Under hypnosis there was no worry, no fear, no responsibility or distraction... only happiness.

- I'm glad to hear that, my stupid mancub. How could you not miss them? I know you love the hypnosis. What more could you want? No problems, no fears, no worries, just fun and happiness. You don't want to stop being hypnotized, right? -Kaa spoke to Mowgli with seductive words. As he spoke Kaa ran his tongue from Mowgli's collarbone to his cheek. And Mowgli did nothing to stop it. He didn't even flinch.

- No Kaa... I don't want to stop being hipnotized ever. - Mowgli's slow mind did everything he could to answer Kaa's questions, but if he had not had to answer Mowgli would have just stood there staring into infinity and no doubt he would have been the happiest boy in the jungle. Being hypnotized forever sounded like a dream...

Kaa activated again colored rings in his eyes - I'm glad to hear that, Mowgli, you're a good slave, that is your destiny. Let me control you... control your mind, control your body... control your life... I know what'ssssss better for you better than you. I know you better than you know yourself. You know I never lie, why should I lie to you? I always tell the truth, and I am always right. Do you understand Mowgli? - Kaa began to spin forcing Mowgli to follow the hypnotic colors, having fun with it.

- Yes Kaa... I understand. I'm a good slave, it's my destiny. I must let you take control of my mind, my body, my life. You know what's better for me better than I, because you know me better than I know myself. And this is true because you never lie to me, because you are always right... - Mowgli's smile widened even more than what was already when Kaa made him these revelations. His will faded under those hypnotic commands, it was better to let Kaa think, Kaa is someone better able to think and direct... while Mowgli could simply enjoy happiness and pleasure without worries. What a good friend Kaa was that carried both of the mental effort.

He followed the colors, he wanted to see them... they were too beautiful to look away. Following Kaa Mowgli he got right into the middle of the river. His bare feet were wet now, the cold water in the creek reached down to his ankles and passed through his fingers. But Mowgli did not give a single thought to that, the colors were all that mattered now and always.

Kaa continued to play to make Mowgli follow him, led Mowgli to the center of the river and then to a rock that was there. Kaa started to climb to the treetops away from Mowgli.
Mowgli was desperate to get closer to the hypnotic rings that were moving upward, so he climbed the rock in the middle of the river, there he was taller and he could see the colors better. But it was not enough, so he stood on tiptoe on his toes trying to get as close as he could. The beautiful colors spoke to him, told him beautiful and funny things that made him laugh. They tickled his eyes and his mind, and the sweet voice like Kaa's honey echoed through the colors.

He could trust Kaa.

Kaa laughed at how Mowgli stood on tiptoe to look at him. It was so pathetic and so funny... Kaa opened his mouth, and lined up on the unconscious young man. He was about to start down on Mowgli when he changed his mind. He could withstand hunger a little more, and the idea of ​​playing and humiliating the mancub that escaped him twice was too tempting.

Kaa closed his mouth and fell to Mowgli's height.

- Mowgli Tell me... do you like the man village? - Kaa asked

Mowgli wrinkled his nose as he tried to think... this was a question too difficult. - Yeah... I guess so." -Mowgli finally answered.

Kaa was surprised, the last time he met Mowgli the boy hated the idea of ​​going to the man's village... but hey, it does not matter. - But you prefer the jungle right? - Kaa said as he placed part of his tail on Mowgli's shoulders, as if he were an old friend.

- Yes! Yes Kaa! I like the jungle more! "Mowgli replied almost as if he were a boy who is asked if he likes candy. He would always prefer the jungle to the man's village, the jungle where he had grown up, his home and most importantly... the jungle was where Kaa lived. Mowgli did not look away from Kaa's eyes, but he loved to feel his soft, scaly tail on his shoulders.

- Well, well... nice boy, but do not shout. - Kaa answered, calming the euphoria of Mowgli. - So you'd come and spend the day with me in the jungle? I promise it will be the most fun day of your life, but no one should know. We'll talk, we'll play, you serve me and when night falls... you will sleep on my tail while I have a delicioussssssss dinner... - Kaa licked his lips when he said at dinner knowing he would really enjoy that dinner had been postponed so much.

Mowgli would have jumped with joy at Kaa's proposition had it not been for hypnosis to tell him how to behave. - Yes Kaa! I would love to spend the day with you in the jungle! I want to stay with you forever! - Mowgli replied excitedly. He could think of no better idea than to go with his friend Kaa to the jungle, alone, hypnotized and without anyone knowing. The best plan in the world. He wanted to play with Kaa, obey his orders... and sleep on his coils. Mowgli remembered how good it felt to sleep deep in Kaa's tail, he had never slept so well since. And the idea of ​​dining with his friend Kaa sounded delicious, he would be happy to share the good dinner as Kaa said.

Mowgli received a few tickles in the face when Kaa laughed, his tongue brushing his face.

- Great! I promise you will not regret - Kaa said. And of course if he didn't get out of the trance Mowgli would never regret it. - Follow me Mowgli, I will give you the best day of your life, almost as if it were the last jujujujujujujujujuju - and said that Kaa began to move into the jungle while around his neck with a thin part of its tail as a belt, for Mowgli was not lost.

- Yesssss Kaa. As you say Kaa. - was the last thing Mowgli said before beginning to move into the jungle along with Kaa. He was sure it was going to be a great day.

Both disappeared into the thickets of the forest, and his footsteps could be heard farther and farther away, the last thing he heard was from that river: - Doesn't bother you that loincloth? - And then the forest was calm.

A few hours later Shanti left the village with a pitcher of water. Mowgli had not done his tasks that morning. But she was surprised to find a pitcher of water already filled by the river.

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