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Cole Shifuta's Diaper License
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DiaperFox777's Scraps (18)

[My RQ] Hehe, couldn't hold it in huh?

[C] Soggy Plushie Riding [Link in description]

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[My RQ] Serena's padded Braixen riding Cole
Poofy Weight Push-Ups!
The first playtime
Poofy Weight Push-Ups!
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[My RQ] Serena's padded Braixen riding Cole
[My Free Art] Baby Cole, say hi!
This was a request I had, drawn by
back at FA.

page 1 - Finished (original)
page 2 - Sketch

Looks like it's that time again for Tailsy to be given another padded horsie ride by his loving shape-shifting big brother!
Cole really loves to play horsie with Tails often--or with other padded friends for that matter, it seems he always enjoy giving them--taking pride in his crazy obsession with what he normally does best. XD

It seems one day Cole finally figured out how to shape shift himself into a real non-anthro horse. It must be tough for Cole to get used to literally walking on all fours all the time if he wanted to stay like that. Being impressed he could be non-anthro, he wanted to give Tails a ride as usual, but this time he also wanted to test his new form he's in. And then of course... Tails was holding his bladder strongly during the whole time. Tails was getting the hang of it with holding a full bladder for hours, until he couldn't hold that in anymore and wet his diaper on Cole, lol.

- - -

Chapter 1: Flash back to the past! Tails' 2 day trial to stay dry

It all began on a nice breezy day somewhere in Fall, the two diapered brothers Cole and Tails are shown in bed.
While Cole was still sleeping in peace while in his usual fox form, Tails appears as if he didn't get any sleep for one whole night. Tails was fighting off wetting his diaper which kept him awake in bed, ever since he has given a challenge. Tails started to sit up, flash-backing while looking at his sleeping big brother about yesterday.

In the flashback, Tails and Cole are inside the house in the morning as they have awaken, Tails felt his bladder was somewhat full.
"Good morning!" Cole said lovingly to his little brother. "Good morning." Tails said while having little discomfort with his bladder, he asks "Hey Cole, how does holding my bladder in will make me stronger?" as the twin-tailed fox wondered. "Endurance is key, little bro." Cole said while yawning a little. "What if you couldn't pee for a long while until you finished a mission, then you could? You may never know what life will throw at you."

Tails replied in the flashback "I see. Didn't you said the challenge would also be fun? My bladder is hurting a little..."
and Cole puts his hand on Tails' head to pet him, in order to soothe him. "Shhhh, that's to be expected. Just ignore the pain by not thinking about anything liquid, and you should be in the clear." Tails yawns cutely, "At least I was able to not pee in 1 day, and then wetted afterwards."

"Which is why I'm giving you 2 days now." Cole replied. "I wanna see if you can make it through more than a day.
In the end it will be rewarding once you can pee, and once you let it go, you'll just pee like no tomorrow!" Cole said while he grinned. Tails in the flashback started to thirst again, "Hey I'm thirsty again. Am I suppose to not drink anymore until these days pass and then pee orrrrrrrrrr?--" Tails said and gets interrupted by Cole, "You can still drink if you want."

In the flashback, both Cole and Tails got out of bed, they go straight into the living room and into the kitchen, Cole started to prepare breakfast while Tails started drinking on a soda of root beer.
"How do you like your eggs? Scrambled of fried?" Cole asks Tails. "Either. Today I pick scrambled." Tails replied while he smiled. Cole began to scramble the eggs, with a smirk he made a joke saying "I'll just pretend one of these eggs are Eggman, and that I am scrambling his butt. However a Scrambled Eggman might not taste so good though..."

Tails began to laugh hard about that joke Cole said in the flashback, but his bladder began to ache due to the laughter
vibrating his foxy belly. He stopped laughing and groaned a little. "Are you ok Tails?" Cole said as he didn't mean to make him laugh until his bladder started to hurt. "Yeah I'm fine, don't mind me bro." Tails smiled, "I just gotta keep my focus on the goal, and tackle it to victory." Tails said with confidence. "That's my little bro! Good boy." Cole cheered for Tails' confidence.

In the flashback, Cole finished scrambling eggs for their breakfast. The shape-shifter puts the plates on the table, then places oranges on both plates, and puts bread in a toaster to toast the bread.
Cole and Tails both sat down as their diapers crinkled softly in volume in their chairs, and began to eat while the toaster was going. The toast popped up in the toaster all finished, Cole got up to get the toast and puts them on their plates. Cole sat back down and resumed eating breakfast with Tails.

"So what you wanna do first after breakfast?" Cole asked in the flashback. "I wanna ride you like a horsie first!" Tails said in a cute manner with a somewhat babish tone, knowing that Cole loves seeing Tails do and say cute things.
Cole started to smile warmly. "Alright Tailsy." Cole giggled, "You are so cute no matter what you do." he said with brotherly love.
They both kept eating for a while until they were done having breakfast, then they both got up. "OK Tails!" Cole cried out while shape-shifting into an anthro horse as he stood, "Let's play!" Tails happily hopped onto Cole's back, he wrapped his arms around his big brother's neck and his legs around Cole's sides, Cole held Tails' legs with his arms.

Then the flashback skipped time, it showed Tails riding Cole around outside during the sunset.
Tails was struggling due to how his bladder ached full of pee, he focused on playing with Cole as he stayed seated
on his big brother's back. Tails squirmed around on Cole's back with his diaper roughly as he felt the pressure of the bladder getting more fuller, he groaned "Big bro! How will I even sleep tonight?"
Cole wasn't sure while he trotted around, "I don't know." while Cole was wet and his diaper drooped down while he trots forward. "But remember, I will always cheer you on." Cole said as he smiled.

The flashback ended, as Tails began to wake Cole up with nuzzles. "Good morning big bro." Tails smiled when he saw Cole woke up. "Hehe, good morning. Are you dry?" Cole asked. "Yeah I am!" Tails replied while showing his diaper to Cole that it's dry. "I'm ready to tackle Day 2!" Tails said boldly. "Good boy!" Cole smiled, "I can't wait for you to really, REALLY pee a lot. When you win, then wet your diaper on my back" Cole said that excitedly, as the shape-shifter loves to be wetted on by any padded riders. "Of course big bro, I won't forget that since you like being peed on." Tails replied as he promised.

Later on, it is 5 PM in the afternoon. The two diapered brothers are seen outside walking around together. "I'm glad that rain went away 1 hour ago, I really love to play outside." Cole said. However they didn't know they were nearby a puddle of water while there's water dripping down into it from the tree. All the sudden when Tails heard that noise, it made the twin-tailed fox do a potty dance while he whined. "Big bro, I hear dripping! I think I'm gonna loose!" Tails panics while trying to hold in his pee within his full bladder, Cole replied "Let's run!" as they both ran quickly away from the area they was at so they can't hear it anymore. "Better?" Cole asked. "Better!" Tails smiled as he started to
feel better, "Heh, this challenge is actually fun. For some reason when my bladder aches, it feels good." Tails said, "Yeah, that's how it is for Yure." Cole replied. But Tails' peace from water noises or sights was short lived.

As the two diapered brothers looked, they saw a lake. Tails groans again, doing the potty dance again as he
pressed his front hard with his hands. "Please stay in please stay in please stay in please stay in--!" as Tails repeated that in a panic state as he hopes he won't wet himself yet, this made Cole panic as well! "Crud! RUN!" They both ran again away from there as they went somewhere else.
They stopped at what looks like a Forrest when they went in. "Wow look at all the leafs, Tails!" Cole commented as he spotted leafs on the grass, the wind blows some leafs away.

"You know, I always wondered if I can be non-anthropomorphic since I am a shape-shifter." Cole said while curious.
"For years I can shape-shift into any anthro, but I never tried being something not human-like..." as Cole kept wondering. "Why not try now?" Tails asked his big bro. "Sure, I can try..." Cole said while he doubts he can. Cole started to focus, and started grunting. Cole kept pushing and grunting a lot. "Hey careful! You don't wanna strain so much until you poop!..." Tails paused. He watched his big brother started glowing and morphing.

Cole's body began to change shape, starting to look like a four-legged creature.
Cole started to resemble a real horse and stopped glowing. "Whoa! You became a real horse!" Tails shouted while amazed. "Really?" Cole asked, he looked at himself carefully. To Cole's surprised, he did noticed he became a four-legged horse. "Oh! My! Gosh!! I'm really am a horse! I'm not human-like at all!" Cole shouted excitedly. "Looks like you can be a normal animal or an anthro animal after all." Tails smiled.

"I want to test out my non-anthropomorphic four-legged form, and try the real galloping!" Cole said excitedly, he couldn't wait to challenge himself with this new form. "You look great like that Cole. You should've been born a horse, hehe." Tails said that while giggling. Cole nodded as he agreed "Darn right I should've been born one." and smiled. "Now that I am 100% a real horse instead of being an anthro horse, I want you to ride me while I am in this form." Cole said to Tails. "Sure big bro, I'm always up for that." Tails replied while he smiled.
Tails got on top of his big brother's newly changed horse body, and sat on top of his back as his cute diaperbutt crinkled softly in volume while Tails blushed and leaned forward a little. "You look adorable as a real horse, big bro."

Chapter 2: Tails' bladder VS Tails' diaper! A dry victory or a total wet burst?

"Heheh, thanks." Cole said that as he started to trot. Tails holds onto to him while he looks at his surroundings.
"H-Hey this is weird!" Cole shouted while a bit wobbly, "Careful Cole!" Tails shouted while a little worried that
Cole might hurt himself. As Cole kept wobbling, eventually he stopped wobbling while trotting. Cole lets out a sigh of relief, "I thought I was gonna get hurt for a moment. I guess it'll take some getting used to since this is very new to me." Cole said while a bit confused at how different his body moved due to being four-legged.

Cole kept practicing as a real horse, he kept trotting everywhere ou in the Forrest, and started getting
used to it very fast. Cole is usually a fast learner, and it seems he knows how to trot like a real horse.
"Now I wanna try galloping!" Cole said, as he began to gallop. "Whoa!" Tails shouted, he laughed while holding onto Cole. As Cole kept galloping in his non-anthro horse form, Tails' cute diaper kept bouncing up and down on him lightly. "Are you a fast learner, Cole?" Tails asked. "Yeah, most of the times!" Cole replied back to Tails, as he kept galloping.

"Ohh this feels so good for some reason." Tails thought to himself, due to Cole galloping around which is making Tails bounce upand down a little on him while his bladder ached for it was full to the brim, he felt a bit tingly while this was happening. Cole asks "Hey Tails, how are you back there?" Tails replied "I'm fine! Just feeling my bladder really aching, I think it's so full right now that if I keep holding it, I feel like I'll explode." he said while the fox sounded worried.

"I wanna try one more thing and I promise not to be too rough." Cole replied while galloping. "I wanna try bucking!" Cole shouted, as he started bucking while panting and a bit tired just trying to do that. "Wow!" Tails shouted while hanging onto him, he was feelinggood in his diaper despite his bladder was hurting, pressed his diaper into Cole's back and kept holding on tight. "You ok Cole?" Tails asked. "Yeah just tired doing this. Bucking is quite a work out!" Cole replied while panting more, he slowly stopped doing that and started to trot instead. Cole isn't used to bucking or galloping at all like a real horse! "Not having fingers and toes feels so weird to me." Cole complained a little.

Tails was worried that Cole was overdoing himself. "Now Cole, don't overdo yourself." Tails told his big bro, "I won't. I'm being careful" as Cole replied back. He kept trotting a little, looking at the surroundings, watching the leafs fall on the ground into the grass. "You know, Fall is a nice season. I always remembered playing in the leafs when I was growing up" Cole said while feeling nostalgic. "Good times indeed." Tails replied while smiling. "I have played in the leafs many time as well every now and then." Tails said.

"What time is it? Do you know?" Cole asked. "I believe it is now 5:40 PM. I did kept up with that to distract my mind from focusing on the bladder." Tails replied. "Pretty smart there, Tails. Really good." Cole said as he smiled, he kept trotting. "Thanks big bro." Tails replied as he stayed on his big brother's back. The winds started picking up a little, which was making the two diapered brothers started freezing their diaperbutts off, as they felt the degrees dropped down a little. "We didn't even bring any jackets!" Tails said disappointingly. "Who needs them when we have our fur, and of course, our diapers?" Cole said.

"Good point" Tails replied. Then Tails started to moan a little, he started squirming a little rough against his big brother's back. "Cole I think the breeze is gonna make me pee!" Tails said, while blushing. "Well if it happens... it just happens." Cole replied. Cole started to pick up the pace with his trotting. "Hey I am having a little more energy. Maybe if I can move a little faster, we can go back home to where we came." Cole said.

Cole started to trot faster. "I want to go back home with you now, it's getting a little chilly now, and that's no fun!" Cole said as he pouted. Tails replied "Don't worry, I am sure we'll be fine. Maybe we're like 2 miles or 3 away from home and we could get there before it gets any darker outside." Cole started galloping again, Tails held onto him tightly.

Tails worried he was gonna loose against the 2 day challenge, and started putting more effort and focus into his mind while he held onto Cole rightly tightly. "Come on Cole, we can do it! We'll make it home before it gets dark!" Tails said boldly.
Cole kept galloping hard, "I'm trying as fast and hard as I can!" as the big brother whined. Tails felt pee trying to come out which made Tails freak out a little, and decided to shove his diaper into his big brother's back while Cole kept galloping forward.

While the little fox kept his diaper pressed into his horse thinking that would help prevent him
from peeing, he whimpered in discomfort while riding Cole as Tails kept holding it in.
Thinking to himself "I can't hold it in anymore!" while he stayed seated on his big brother's back squirming around a little because his bladder is hurting too much. Cole slowed down and started trotting again, he was running out of steam again for a moment.

"Oh man I am in trouble!" Tails thought to himself in his mind. "I'm not gonna make it!" as Tails blushed when he was thinking that in his head. As Tails couldn't hold it in anymore, with his full bladder aching from holding all the soda he drunk earlier, he started to pee. Tails started feeling relief as he began to wet his diaper, feeling the tension lowering every passing second, Cole felt his back getting warm due to his little bro Tails peeing on his back in his diaper.

"Hehe, you couldn't hold that in anymore, could you?" as Cole smirked, he stopped trotting.
When Tails' diaper started leaking pee down on his big brother's back all over his sides, the little fox
shyly smiled, "Nope. I guess I couldn't anymore." He started to blush a little while he kept wetting his diaper
uncontrollably, completely drenched Cole's back with a lot of warm pee as more kept running down his sides.

Cole was lightly murring, "That warmth though!" as Cole shouted a little. "Please stay seated on my back. I'm feeling warm now thanks to you, I'm starting to feel less cold now." Cole closed his eyes and relaxed as he stayed perfectly still where he stopped at a minute ago on all fours as a horse, Tails kept peeing all over on Cole's back even more while he soaked his diapers even further passed it's limitations. "You really love being peed on while being rode on, don't you?" Tails blushed, but smiled a little knowing that it does make Cole happy. "Yeah it sure does. Hehe." Cole replied. Tails' diaper could no longer hold anymore pee, he started making a bigger puddle of pee on the grass while the winds continued to blow.

While the diapered fox kept peeing on his big brother's back, he leaned over and gave him a big hug while he pressed
the wet soggy diapered into Cole's back. "I was so close." Tails smiled as his face is full of relief. "Yeah you sure was! 1 day in a half. Not bad! There's always next time." Cole said while he smiled. It took 7 minutes for Tails to finally stop peeing, and when he finished, he squished the wet diaper into Cole's back roughly and happily "I wanna try that challenge again tomorrow!" Tails said in joy. "Alrighty Tailsy." Cole replied with interest in excitement. Tails rubbed his wet diaper into Cole's back more, "Chwange mah diapy pwease." Tails said in a cute babish tone. "I will when we get home, heheh." Cole replied, he gallops fast. "Whoa ho!" Tails shouted while holding onto Cole and laughs.
"I think I can get used to be four legged all the time. This is cool." As Cole said that while Tails ride him
like the wind into the sunset!


- - -

Important Note: Yure16 doesn't upload requests drawn for others in his gallery anymore, so this is the original upload now. ^^; Comment and favorite all you like everyone! My friend is awesome, and I admire his cartoonish art style he has. :D

art by

Miles Tails Prower belongs to SEGA
Cole belongs to me

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Published: 1 year, 3 months ago
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1 year, 3 months ago
Trivia: the reference for the scenery is Vulture Culture.
1 year, 3 months ago
Really? XD How interesting!~
1 year, 3 months ago
1 year, 3 months ago
That's amazing Yure! :3 The scenery came from that level from Donkey Kong Country huh? Very cool. :D
I used to play that game some! Good times. ^^
1 year, 3 months ago
Tails é muito mijão, ainda bem que ele está de fralda.
1 year, 3 months ago
Yes indeed. :3
1 year, 3 months ago
Fralda são importantes para raposas filhotes e adultas
1 year, 3 months ago
Hehe, yes indeed!
And they are important for everyone. :3

At least Cole doesn't mind being peed on until anyone's diaper leaks on him, especially since this is Tails doing it to him haha. X3
1 year, 3 months ago
Verdade , fraldas deveriam ser de uso para todos , não importa a idade
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