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CATastrophe Preview! Page #249
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CATastrophe Preview! Page #257

CATastrophe Preview! Page #284
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CATastrophe Preview! Page #249
CATastrophe Preview! Page #284
After trying to run away, it seems like a spark has lit between Chuck and Buck.

THIS IS A PREVIEW! TO SEE THE FULL COMIC, PLEASE CONSIDER SUBSCRIBING TO OUR PATREON, you'll see 105 pages this month for just $3! and can immediately buy additional releases for $3 per release up to August 2017's releases. (More details below)

For $36 in the first month you'll fast-track the second year of the comic and see pages 106-215! (This page is from our December 2017 releases)

We are ironing out the bugs for easy, simple and direct payments!!! For now, you can still support us through Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/catastrophe but we've had good success in taking bitcoin payments in a small test group on another project hosted on PixArmor!

We've noticed that quite a few of our supporters haven't responded to the server emails to log in to their new accounts and get their content.
Please remember to check your junk mail and if you don't see an email after your payment is taken and don't know why, please contact our team through direct message on Patreon, quoting your email address! We've sent out messages to individual supporters on Patreon to check that the email was sent, especially one new supporter whose email was entered incorrectly!!!



Love the comic? Want more? What you see here is now ONLY A PREVIEW of content featured on our server! See all of Milo's story exclusively via our distribution server through Patreon!

Official patrons and supporters of the comic also receive higher resolution pages! You'll get all 100 pages of the comic you see on our public galleries for free when you join up and five more! And around 12 pages a month of the story as it continues (less if they're multi-panel), every month! At nearly twice the resolution! 25 cents a page?!
Not enough? Well a few dollars more ($5/Mo) will get you triple the resolution! Want an extra treat? $15 each additional month puts for other exclusive images and previews from us, on top of highest tier resolution (x5 this!).

New supporters of the comic on Patreon after August 2017 have the chance to pledge as little as $3 a month to gain never-before-seen content. Each additional payment made each month fast-tracks you through the previous month's releases using our "Train car" staggered release schedule to buy as many chapters of the story as you want! Get 12, 24, or as many as 100+ pages in the first month by paying for each month's releases you've yet to see! This caps at the August 2017 release, which will then slow to month-at-a-time releases again.

You'll see all of Milo's story, no missing pages and guessing at the plot! Remember that signing up before the end of the month or the first few days means your pledge will be processed quickly to get you signed up for all the extra content! Supporters in the higher pledge amounts also get entered into a raffle to win free art each month!

We distribute our content via a private server, remember to check your email if you are a Patreon supporter for a link to our secure distribution server at PIXarmor! If you DON'T have this server link and don't know why, please contact us via message on the pledge site!

Patrons since July 2017 will continue to receive Car #1 instant updates as soon as pages are created, your status hasn't changed nor has your early access terms of service!

This comic is a real labor of love for us all and your support is what makes it possible for us to produce it.

If you'd like to receive chapters in their completion and help support the comic, you can visit our Patreon account at https://www.patreon.com/catastrophe

We really appreciate it!

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Type: Comic
Published: 1 year, 5 months ago
Rating: General

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1 year, 5 months ago
*gay horses intensifies*
1 year, 5 months ago
f he doesnt fuck him then and there, im giving up. :i
1 year, 5 months ago
I gave up when the restriction on free releases started. 'Punishing the whole classroom because of a few trouble students' strategy never really works out well.
1 year, 5 months ago
1 year, 5 months ago
There's three groups of people we have to choose how to respond to.
The people who are happy to wait for this to be free, the people who want to pay for this to continue, and the people who are going out of their way to steal it.

Sadly the best way to incentivize the people who pay for these pages to be created is to offer exclusive rewards, we started with 1 free page for every 2 pages other people bought, then 1 free page for every 3 pages, then 1 free page for every 4 pages other people bought, then we said if people couldn't stop stealing and sharing around the art we'd stop showing the art for free at all - preview pages are your compromise, as someone who doesn't want to pay to see the comic, it's this or don't see any of the comic.
Sadly that's what it's come to. Every time someone stole art, we had to make changes to show that the people paying for the comic are getting worthwhile, exclusive rewards. The next step is to make the comic entirely exclusive - no new members. We already plan to make the early stages of our next project entirely exclusive to our current Patreon supporters, and a side comic being created for VIPs starts this month.

As I said, there are three types of people. People who want to wait to get it for free, people who are willing to pay to see it happen, and people who steal and cheat the system. If you were running a business having to pay 5+ artists a percentage of a comic - who would you concentrate on? The people who have had 4 years to sign up, and warning before things got worse on the free galleries? The people who are on sharing sites calling Russian speaking members of our team retarded for not speaking English and threatening to drive by their house and firebomb it? Or the people who are paying you to make the comic?

Thieves know they get kicked out of our server, and they now know that we're taking a hard line and making entry a longer and more secure process - now they have to buy the comic a month at a time like newcomers.

This is a free gallery, I'm sorry you're unhappy with what we have here - If you'd like to see more, you can see on average 12 pages a month of monthly releases of the comic on our Patreon. This month we made about 20 pages - you guys are getting to see some cool previews here of content we've been coming out with recently... sadly that's all we're able to offer right now, if people treated our business more fairly and could be more patient there'd be linear releases here, all free, for people who don't want to or can't support the comic. With our new process people who can only afford $3 every couple of months can still purchase release packs of our comic when they're able to, just like buying real comics in a store.

Sadly we don't have a website to charge ad revenue through, so we're showing previews and offering the sale of each chapter a $3 at a time, just like itunes does for the music industry.

Do some people pay to sneak a camera into the theatre and then get punished for it? Yes.
Do a bunch of people then find the video footage online to watch for free? Yes.
Does any of that help the movie producers make back their $ investment? No.
Does the movie admonish free streaming sites until they are ready to share their movie for free on legitimate sites? Yes.

Some people are investing in production, more people invest when they get exclusive or early access rewards, and only when those rewards are spoiled, and the comic ends up on a sharing site, do we lose money. That's a fact.

I hope you understand: while we don't blame the free sites for the sharing sites, the casualty of making the paid site more exclusive is that our free galleries become more sparse - we're not able to take our art down from a sharing site or take legal action on art thieves, the best we can do is ban them. The result is that everyone pays to see the comic, returning thieves pay to see what they have 100% seen, new people pay for what they've 20% seen as low res. previews.
1 year, 4 months ago
I like how he locked his reply to you, after pasting that pasta again.
1 year, 4 months ago
Yeah, because it's all he needs to say. You guys need to stop harassing artists for trying to keep their livelihood safe. This is part, if not all, of their income. Everytime someone steals the comic and gets it for free, that's a meal out of their wallet. Instead you're all harassing them and bitching about having to spend money yourself. Can't afford it? Then wait. Stop trolling and lulzing when an artist refuses to feed you with more replies (which is sadly what I'm doing but I can't stand seeing this bullshit happen). He's done talking, he gave you everything he could, he's done. I can't afford much right now but you don't see me harassing for an artist for porn (cause that's what you're doing; bitching for porn. Very mature). Grow up and get a job.
1 year, 4 months ago
That's the case, yes. It's the same conversation had over and over... I think most people understand both sides of it - but it's disruptive and unfair to have to defend our business every 2-3 pages we post here. And yes, the reason I locked the thread was because people baiting is a waste of time and energy, giving these people the benefit of the doubt, I know one or two have responded fairly a couple of times to the comic in the past.

Thank you for the response, it's basically word-for-word what I'd have said. I'm sorry you had to take the time to do it, and hopefully that's the end of the responses needed on the matter...
1 year, 4 months ago
I'm totally missing pages here but I had a feeling I should be upset that Milo might be turning an eye to the new guy instead of Coal. Guess we'll see! :D
1 year, 4 months ago
Hehe, I think everyone likes Chuck in some ways - but he maybe didn't make the best first impression. Will have to wait and see X3
1 year, 4 months ago
Honestly Hurricane is my favorite <3 so far I like his large size and mature attitude.

Looking forward to when the comic is finished and released on sale as one bulk item.
1 year, 4 months ago
Anyone else thinking of Sting's 'Fields of Gold' at this part of the comic?
1 year, 4 months ago
damn, where a poor, without job and Trump$ human can see that comic without previews...? ><
1 year, 4 months ago
I can empathize that the job market isn't great right now, certain focus on yourself first ^^

The comic is always gonna here for you :) Whenever you've got a spare $3 to spend you can get the next part of the comic - we keep your details for whenever you can afford to get the next dozen-ish pages we know exactly what you've seen and what the next instalment gets you :)
1 year, 4 months ago
well, if you al teast accept BRL's i could do a effort to deserve my money to you. whatever...
1 year, 4 months ago
This might be an option when we set up direct payment as one of the payment engines we were hoping to use could convert any currency at a pretty low rate of charge - but the exchange rate would still be pretty similar. Do keep an eye out when we announce direct payments though (hopefully coming in the next month or so), there might be a more viable option for you ^^
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