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Head Scratchies


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by GBB
First in pool
Caterwaul Karaoke
Devi and Koudelka
created with the lovely
<3 <3 <3

Devi (hotot), Beatrice (Badger), and all mentioned characters including Aria (c) Gothbunnyboy and Ketzio11

Sometimes a good scratch is more than enough....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ part 1
The problem with having two dads, for Devi, was that they where too sissy to fix a car or do hard, laboring 'man' work but they were too much like guys to cook anything more complex than a  TV dinner or clean up after themselves. She had to cook and clean everything for herself. If she wanted it done, she had to do it herself basically. Devi wanted better than 'Here's a bag of chips, some cookies, and cheese on bread, Dev. Take a napkin if you spill any'.  

From the first moment she could cook, she did. The problem, currently, was that she wasn't capable of fixing a car, and apparently, but not surprisingly, her dads weren't either.

It was mid afternoon in the stale mobile unit's living space as she glared resentfully at the two of them from under her beanie. Her biological dad pawed madly through a phone book and her other father scrolled feverishly on his tablet occasionally muttering little price and location tidbits. His muttering really irked Devi for some reason. She kicked her legs furiously over the side of her chair which caught his eye, it seemed.

"Hey, sweetpea, can you check 'Kraid's List' on your phone?" Jericho, her muttering feline dad, said. Both of her dads were bookish and nerdy, but Jericho was more passably 'straight' in appearance. "Maybe someone local can fix the car for cheaper, most of the places 'round here charge an arm and a leg... and that's just to have a look at it."

 "Gee, I would. If only someone remembered to pay the phone bill." Devi sighed loudly; sinking into what she lovingly referred to as 'her' chair. No one else, under any circumstances, was  permitted to sit in 'her' chair.

"I'm sorry sweetpea, once we get settled we can--" Jericho started but Devi's hate glance made him shut up quickly. He did promise that he'd pay for the phone bill last week.

"Maybe we should ask a neighbor, hun." Her biological dad, Curtis, cut in; directly speaking to Devi. He looked like an aging college professor crossed with  hipster from under his thick glasses. He spoke with that loving compassion that stewed Devi's carrots in bitterness.

Why the fuck is the only person she's ever loved 65 million light years away and these two knuckleheads get to shack up? They did pay the rent and all but it still annoyed her.

She really missed Nova.

"By 'we' I assume you mean the royal 'we' as in... me? Right? I'm sure someone around here knows some hick who can fix a car for cornbread." Devi scowled under her cloud of doom that affected neither of her perpetually chipper dads.

"That's a great idea, Dev." Jericho started glancing at her scowling sour pus face with his smile. "If we can't get the car fixed, then I can't get to work... and I'm pretty sure I need work money to pay for your phone."

"Fine... I'll just start knocking on stranger's doors then, I guess. Maybe Aria knows someone," She sighed again loudly and crawled off her chair. "Maybe I'll get lucky and a neighbor will turn out to be a psycho and just bludgeon me to death."

"That's really morbid, Dev." Curtis raised an eyebrow from behind his thick librarian glasses. "You know that your dad and I don't know what your horror toys are worth on ebay, we would get price gouged badly trying to sell it if you're dead."

"Ugh, I'm so loved, anyways, I'm gone." Devi stood up robotically and flipped her bangs to the side. "I'm gonna go bother our neighbors with crap about this car. Also, am I only asking them if they know mechanics or would you like me to also ask them to feed me too?" Devi turned to look at her dads in the sparsely decorated living room.

"Well, smart alec, when you get back we'll order something." Jericho chuckled and shook his head; setting down his tablet on the counter.

"Bleh, probably something gross like last time. Why the heck did you guys think 'Goulash to Go' sounded good?! That's like the worst sounding thing ever!" Devi huffed when no one decided to respond to her complaint. "Anyways! Don't order anything 'till I come back; You guys think you're smart and then you always screw up."

"Love you too, sweetpea." Curtis snickered.

With another exasperated eye roll, she slammed the door to the mobile home and stood on the wooden perch gazing up at the gray sky. She liked that it was dreary and overcast. It reminded her of home, but in that same way, it also stung badly.

She strode into the drive where a row, on either side of perfectly rectangular buildings, sat. The buildings were each brazen with individual quirk and decorations but there was something uniform and disgusting about it too. Devi took a little notice that, although technically this was a little slummy, she wasn't entirely in the pits and it was safe enough to leave her window open at night. She crossed the drive; walking up gravel with her boot and stopped outside the window of her neighbor and defacto temp-bestie, Aria.

Aria had made it a habit to crawl into Devi's window almost without warning, but when looking up at Aria's window, all Devi could feel was how short she was. Being a towering 4'11, there was no way she would be crawling up there. Instead, she kicked around with her boot for a small rock and tossed it to the window cill making a light clunk. Devi winced; not expecting the lining of the window to be a metal, or more likely an aluminum, but it certainly got Dog-brain's attention as, within a seconds she pulled her window open.

"Hey Devi!" Aria snickered; practically open-mouth panting in that gross way dogs do. "I 'a-door' that you came to my window!"

"I'd expect that kind of shit-pun from my second dad." Devi hitched a hand back to her own house. "I need help. Tweedle dork and tweedle dimwit are either too cheap to find a mechanic or seriously have no idea where to find one, so I pretty much looked everywhere for someone who might know of any, and you were the absolute last person I came to."

"Well..." Aria tapped her chin. "...I don't drive. So I dunno what you can do."

"Oh my god! Maybe your dad knows or something?!" Devi growled; looking up at Aria who leaned halfway out of the window at this point. She was seriously in danger of falling.

"Well, you don't need to 'drive' the point home..." Devi had absolutely no reaction as she just continued to stare up at Aria. "Not a good one, eh?" She scowled at her own joke.

"You 'drive' me nuts," Devi replied with a very snooty voice. Aria nodded her head with approval. "So what the hell were you doing anyways?" Devi said; getting on her tiptoes to vainly try to look into the window.

"Well, not that it's your business, but I was working on  gift for coach and--"

"The... 40 year old dude? The one that could literally be your dad? You're gross Aria, you're really really gross."

"Because I happen to think 'ma-tur' guys are fun? I would say you are being 'small-minded' but that would fit with the rest of ya!"

"I.. don't get it." Devi adjusted her beanie.

"Because. You. Are short!! Small... minded, small bodied..." Aria tapped her chin again and sighed. "That would have been a better one. Dang it!"

"Yeah... look, do you think your dad knows a mechanic or what? I don't want to go door to door like a girl scout." Devi was practically bonking her head against the faux wood panelling of Aria's wall at this point.

"Oh no, that's hilarious! Imaging you as a girl scout!" She took her best Devi voice despite her lisp. "I have your blood cookies with my mascara tears and, for dessert, my soul." Her Devi voice was consisting of 90% vocal fry. It wasn't too far off but it wasn't too flattering either.

"That's so stupid, why the hell would I offer them my soul and, fucking, who offers a dessert after cookies?!" Aria stifled a laugh at Devi's sudden outburst. "That's suggesting the cookies are dinner and... why am I even talking about this?! Mechanic! Now! You gross freak, then you can go back to finger painting for you couch or fingerbanging or whatever."

"That's grosser, why would I fingerbang him?" Aria crossed her arms.


"Nuh uh. Not really but, come to think of it, you're lucky Devi! We might know a mechanic. Let me go get her number but, first, a joke." Aria cleared her throat and took a dumb showmanship-ish pose. Devi sighed and groaned as her entire body slumped forward. "A guy walks into a gas station and says 'I want gas for my minivan' and the gas station clerk rubs his chin and thinks about it and says 'sounds like a fair trade!'" Aria snickered helplessly.

"What...?" Devi murmured.

"Oh come on, you're impossible to work with!" Aria cleared her throat again and leaned in; throwing her arm over Devi's shoulder from out the window. "You can't play sports and you can't get jokes. What good are you to me?"

"Just tell me what it means..." Devi was annoyed that her death glare worked on her second dad but never worked on Aria.

Aria giggled and let go of Devi. "The guy running the gas station thought the other guy was trading his minivan for gas. Geeeeeeet it?"

"Oh. Oh no. Seriously...?" Devi groaned and folded her arms. "I would literally go to prison for murdering you right now if there wasn't a high chance that I can order pizza tonight."

"Mmmm, someday I'mma make you smile." Aria grinned with a wistful little wag of her tail. "You lil' 4 foot bag of sadness."

"We could do casual sex stuff. I'm actually pretty sad and could use an idiot to mess around with." Devi flatly suggested.

"Nah," Aria said with the casual way reserved for rejecting a second helping of coffee at a restaurant. "Not my type."

"You keep saying that," Devi referred to the 5 other times she casually tried to solicit sex from Aria. "BUT YOU NEVER TELL ME WHAT YOUR TYPE IS."

"I do, though." Aria smiled. "It rhymes with... uhh..." she paused; obviously trying to respond with the most wit she could muster. "Folder... pen."

"Fuck you, just give me the mechanic's number." Devi growled; never quite knowing how to handle being rejected by someone as happy-go-lucky as Aria.

"Oh yeah--hold on!"


The car lurched and belched smoke as it bounced heavily up and down; driving the 2 miles to this person's 'shop'. More than likely some dumpy garage with a hundred screaming kids running in and out of it; all reeking of top ramen noodles. Devi shivered at that thought and looked to the front seat where her fathers had hands interlocked. She shivered again.

"You know that's dangerous dads. I heard in class that the driver needs both hands free." She groaned and brought her knees upward to her chin.

"No more dangerous than driving this car in its current state" Curtis cooed. "Besides, I have excellent reflexes." he jerked the car violently to the left to force some kind of reaction out of Devi. She merely glared at him through his rearview mirror.

She focused in on the hand holding again and imagined Nova, her otter-y and technically 'ex' girlfriend, and suddenly felt as though Nova had definitely moved on. Any show of affection right now really got under her skin. Though, with Aria, it was different. She was just grossed out at the thought of Aria having older dudes do stuff with her.

"You know, that therapist at school thought it was because of you guys being all 'queerie' around me that made me a lesbian - I hope you know you deprived me of a normal life." She grunted; arms tightly folded. She could recognize that what she said was bullshit but maybe it would give the love birds pause to holding hands so much and then she could start forgetting about the hand she wanted to hold.

"Now Dev, hun, that's simply not true -- you were always a gay baby," Jericho chuckled and looked into the back from the passenger's side; a few hanging willow trees created dire shadows across his face as they drove passed. "From the time you were two you where pretty out and proud."

"Oh my god! Gross!" She pulled her beanie down to cover her face. It was so disgusting to imagine herself at like 4 or 5 giving other little girls kisses on the cheek and being a gross freak.

"Maybe there is a really nice girl you can meet at school or maybe this mechanic guy has a daughter or someth--" Jericho was quickly hushed.

"Ixnay on the LGBT...ay." Her other father spoke in a dry casualness; he didn't need to say it though, She already knew that, in Trouville, there was no LGBT community. Therefore there were no after school events or people who could at least relate to her. "Dev, we're almost there and... your father and I have an awkward proposition.."

"Are you going to ask me to start growing weed in my closet?" She peeked out from under her beanie.

"No, sweetie, we buy our pot from immigrants." Curtis' dry and horrible humor was more up Devi's alley... not Aria's textbook 'man walked into a bar' jokes. "No, what we were wondering is if you could stay with the mechanic for a few hours to keep an eye on the car... just to report back to us if anything funny happens, y'know?"

"Gee dad, I've always wanted to sit around in a dank, smelly garage with some big burly dude no doubt hungry to rape me." She rolled her eyes.

"Sweetheart, when I was your age I would've killed for that, and we'll leave the tablet with you just incase." She could see his smug self satisfied smirk in the rear view.

"That's awful!" Jericho snickered. "Shut your face!"

She loved her daddys with all of her heart but they were both cruel idiots and she couldn't wait for them to die of cancer. Not really, though.

"Pay my phone then." Devi bluntly stated.

"Okay smarty," her biological dad started. "You take responsibility for the car and we'll get your phone reconnected."

"--and when I'm 16 and bringing home girls, you 2 knuckleheads need to promise to not 'dad' it up!" She hastily added; wanting a little more out of the deal. "No awkward stories or walking around in your underwears or anything. Or telling them about how I used to kiss girls when I was 5. Fuck you."

"Okay missy, one caveat." Jericho added. "You're not allowed to resent us when you turn 18 and we kick you, and whatever hipster new-age girl you've got living with you, out."

"Ugh, fine, but that means I get to take the mini-fridge with me so all your wine goes to meeeee!"

"What mini-fridge?! When would we ever get you one of those?! Ha!" Jericho mockingly laughed.

"The next time the car breaks down and you make another stupid deal with me."

"Will you two stop it? We're here!" Curtis cut in, "Both of you. Be good. Now."

"Well there are no herds of screaming kids but... still... blech." Devi bitterly said; looking out the window at acrid little slice of low class suburbia. She didn't dislike the peope more than just the depressing look of it with its chain link fences protecting each humble Spanish style house. Under the wet smell of leaves, she could detect some foul permeating odor from a neighboring house as she got out.

The house they stood before had a detached garage that clumsily sat visibly crooked from the perimeter; though the house was something one one opt to be crooked from, 2 cracked windows, multiple dents and stains, and at least one prominent overgrowth of weeds that seemed to be eating the house's foundation.

"She said to knock on the garage when we got here." Curtis informed; adjusting the glasses on his nose. The nervous refrain in his voice also suggested that he was stricken with one bad case of the judgemental blues.

Devi began to search for just the right level of snark and sarcasm, but as she thought her mind drew blanks as a curvy badger strode out from the side of the building. She had a very calm gate; tight shorts clinging to full, toned thighs and a dirty tank top squeezing very voluptuous breasts. Some kind of african jewelry bounced on her wrists that contrasted her rugged yet plain clothes, with it's cultural flare. Her sly glance went away from Devi and to the men. Devi immediately struggled with an annoying hormone impulse but considering how plain everyone was, and how badly she missed even a glimpse of home, a nice pair of tits in a hip shirt filled her with nostalgia.

"Hey, we talked on the phone, I'm Bea." She shook hands with the guys as gloomy-Devi glared at her from near the car; watching with distrust and annoyed longing.

"It's great to meet you Bea. This is my husband Jericho and our daughter, Devi." The usual introduction it seemed, but Devi still cringed at the 'my husband'. New town, new tough rules. If they were lucky they would live until sundown when the town gathered to hang them all from trees.

"Cute name," Bea said and Devi looked away to hate blush. Hot hips and sexy markings does not a good person make.

"Well, her real name is Debbie, but since she's basically Satan, Devi fits her better." Jericho chuckled. "So behind her you'll see our car and the pillars of smoke are an indicator of the problem."

Bea nodded; popping some gum into her mouth. "Well, for starters, that's a pretty bad sign, but luckily you came to the right girl. I'll need to have a look at the engine though."

"Good," her dad proudly grinned. "Hey Dev, we saw a store up the road coming in, why don't you walk up there and get us all a drink." That was Adult Code for: "We want to talk business and you're a stupid kid."

"Whatever" She sighed and stood; feeling like the world's shortest girl, compared to the three. Bea was probably no older than 18, 19 at the most, and somehow she towered over Devi.

No Fair.


"Stupid Dads with their stupid faces and stupid broken car." Devi groaned; lugging a bag of drinks awkwardly down this unfamiliar and what she perceived as hostile road. She felt that the 2 churches and biblical elementary school was a sign enough that this area was no good for her types.

The walk had also been a good method to cool off, as for whatever reason, miss perfect mechanic really seemed to steam her carrots in a good way. That, too, was no good for her, especially because, more than likely, if this chick was from here she was certainly going to be an asshole too. Still, Devi did kind of want to know what it would be like to cuddle her with no clothes between them.

Weird random hormonal thoughts, basically.

When she turned to the driveway, the garage door was open and it was weird to see the car inside with the hood up and doors open.

"There you are!" her dad said and walked over, leaning in low to her ear. "we asked Bea to "watch you" for a few hours, so you keep an eye on the car okay... as per our deal? I never did trust badgers, you know."

"Whatever." She rolled her eyes. "But if you forget the phone--"

"Yeah, yeah, sweetpea." He smiled and then stood.

"How are you and dad getting home? Taxi... bus... uber?" Devi rose an eyebrow.

"Taxi or something, I suppose." Curtis muttered as he anxiously kept glancing back to the car and adjusting his coat as he often did when he was fidgety.

Devi followed his glance and saw Jericho talking 'heavy business' with that badger who, irritatingly, had her hand on her soft and... stupid sexy hips.

"SO," Jericho loudly and awkwardly started, "YOU'RE OKAY WITH BABYSITTING UNTIL THE CAR'S DONE, RIGHT?"

Devi's palm couldn't hit her forehead any faster as she felt completely trapped in the goofy dad zone.

"BECAUSE WE'RE GONNA GO GET DINNER AND..." Jericho started to trail off.

Devi's glare shot directly towards Curtis as she violently rasped under her breath. "Fucking. Excuse me?"

"Let's get going theeeeen!" Curtis awkwardly chuckled as he herded Jericho towards him and down the driveway, leaving Devi fuming in her place.

Devi could hear that badger walking up to her -- most likely getting ready to become mad with babysitter power or some crap.

"It's okay, dude." Bea casually said, "You can hang out in here if you want, it's a slow day anyways and I'm sure my boss won't get pissed. And I'd like the company too."

"Your boss?" Devi looked back at the house. What business? What boss? It was a literal garage.

"My uncle, dude." Bea stated. "Technically my boss, right? He does pay me when I help out the neighbors and junk."

"That's weird." Devi murmured. "My dads don't pay me for crap and I do half of the work around there."

"Ahhh, I know that feeling." Bea chuckled to herself. "When I was an itty bitty lass, I remember having to learn how to cook spaghetti because it was my favorite and no one EVER made it. Plus they didn't really make much of anything besides TV dinners and cereal."

"Uuugh, that's exactly how it goes for me too." Devi sighed and, without warning, jolted upright at the thought of suddenly becoming chummy with this grime-covered older girl; she was supposed to be pissy and mad this entire time! She looked up nervously from the corner of her eyes and noticed that the badger was looking back down at her.

Devi immediately looked away; feeling her cheeks grow stupidly warm as the badger laughed at herself and strode back into the garage and towards a tool box. "You coming inside? It's preeeetty cold outside if you didn't notice."
She was obviously joking but Devi didn't notice how cold it was with how on fire her face was.


Devi had been sitting around on this really oddly placed bed-couch. She was apprehensive to sit on it at first with how torn and matted it was with dirt but she was in a garage so... she couldn't really expect anything cleaner than this.

She was astounded at how proficient the badger was at talking while working... and not just talking randomly but actually putting thought into it while seemingly getting shit done on the car. It was nothing like how her dads worked where they could only do one thing at a time and 'worked' by taking breaks every 5 minutes.

The subject of Devi's dads came up over and over and Devi was quite exhausted complaining about their inefficiencies at everything.

"So..." Bea snickered as she forced her hand into some component of the car's engine and was jerking it around. "...Is there anything they do that's good?"

"Well my dad, Jericho, is a writer and... well... he hasn't been fired yet, so I guess that's good." Devi poked at her chin. "He's the cat one, by the way."

"Huh, what does he write?" Bea turned on a high-powered flashlight and Devi couldn't help but notice a small smudge of something on her cheek. She was very tempted to just burst out with a loud 'Awww!'.

"Well, uh," Devi cleared her throat. "Boring crap. Science stuff and junk like that."

"You're not wrong," Bea grumbled, "Not very interesting. That's a shame. What about your other dad?"

"He's a teacher... kind of." Devi adjusted her beanie. "A substitute teacher, actually. So I guess that kind of counts? He's smart when he wants to be, though."

"Only when he wants to be, huh?" Bea laughed. "You're funny. I like you."

Devi shuddered and squeezed her legs together tightly; grinding her knees slightly against each other as she cleared her throat forcefully. "Well. What about your parents?" She changed the subject.

"MIA, Missing in Action." Bea casually stated with no remorse. "From what I remember, they were pretty shitty."

As much as Devi felt like she needed to be saddened by that fact, she couldn't help but feel comforted that Bea was casual enough with her to curse like that.

"Yeah and I got like 5 brothers, so, when they ditched us, we basically ran to our uncle." Bea started banging on something that echoed through the garage; these deafening metallic thuds. "Out of all of them, I'm probably the most boyish because I'm the only one who can fix a stupid car and also I'm the only one who's even good at sports at all."

"I know a stupid dog who'd like that." Devi huffed under her breath; referring to Aria.

"You know, dude, I know I just said it was cold outside but it's warm in here. You don't need to keep on the jacket." Bea strode back to her toolbox before stopping at a dilapidated and archaic mini fridge to pull out some soda for the two of them. "You seem a little fidgety and stuff. I won't make fun of you for being fat or anything."

Devi immediately knew that Bea was referring to Devi's puffy jacket and blushed even more than she was already. "Oh. Uh... okay." she took the jacket off to reveal her slim figure. Bea glanced back and raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, woops, you're not fat." Bea laughed. "Not that I care about that, anyways. Though, you are really pretty, you know that?"

"Fuck you." Devi tied the jacket around her waist; shivering.

"And I'm not just saying that because I went through the same phase either." Bea called out from behind the car.

"What 'phase'?" Devi squinted her eyes.

"Oh nothing." Bea emerged from behind the vehicle with a blackened towel and tossed it into a dirty bucket.

There was a long moment of silence between them as Bea continued to work on the car. Devi kept getting snippets of things she could start a new conversation with, but, the more she thought about each subject, the more dumb they sounded to her.

"YOU'RE REALLY HOT TOO," Devi bluntly stated when all other responses failed her. It was several minutes late but Bea treated it like no time had passed between them.

"What, are you hitting on me now?" Bea stuck her tongue out.

"N-NO! NO, NO I'M NOT!" Devi stuttered profusely.

"Though, I am glad you said that." Bea folded her arms; no doubt getting grime on her tank top. "I haven't gotten a compliment in uhh... 3... 4... 5... my entire life."

"Fuck you, that's not true!" Devi shot back defensively as if Bea had insulted her.

"Heh. Well I'm glad you think so," Bea blushed a bit, though not detected by Devi. She walked over to the sink and washed her hands. "Yeah. You're a cool dude. Your dads' car should break more often so I can see you more."

"Y-you'd like to see me more?" Devi asked; weirdly deflating out of her normal attempted collected demeanor.

"Well yeah, it's not every day some pretty thing comes into my garage and tells me I'm hot." Bea stopped working and walked over to Devi who, instinctively, slowly began to lean back defensively. "Makes me wanna start doing some playboy model poses for ya. Maybe bend over the engine while I'-- well, I guess I've been doing that this entire time, huh?"

"YUP! YUP YOU HAVE!" Devi stiffened up and spoke rigidly.

"So you were watching then? Haaah." Bea grinned, sighed, and then plopped down on the bed-couch next to Devi. "It's a shame I already fixed the car, though."

"Wait, it's already done?" Devi almost wanted to stand up and pointlessly check the engine as if she knew what the fuck it was supposed to look like, but, she had Bea sitting next to her. No way she was moving.

"Yeah, I'm pretty good at this mechanic stuff huh?" Bea laughed. "Though, no more staring at my butt for you. You cheeky thing."

Devi's mind exploded with a million blunt responses, tons of them a lot more smooth than what her mouth chose to spew. "Maybe... next time?"

Bea heartily laughed and Devi nervously chuckled from the sidelines. They both exhaled afterwards almost simultaneously and Bea threw her arm over Devi's shoulder. It seemed every girl she talked to today wanted to just throw their arms around her.

"So, got like an hour or so before your dads come back." Bea casually stated with a definite tone of flirtation. "What'cha wanna do?"

"Uhhh..." Devi could only think about how blunt she acted towards Aria earlier that day and her mind immediately jumped to that. "...We could do lesbian stuff."

"No can do, Dev. Mind if I call you Dev, by the way?" Bea shook her head.

"Uh... yeah I don't mind but... whyyyy not?" Devi felt silly as if she were pleading like a dog. That was supposed to be Aria's schtick, dammit -- even if Aria didn't plead for shit!

"We're in my uncle's garage, duuuh." it was probably the most casual rejection Devi had ever faced, but, then again, it wasn't a rejection. She just basically said... not right now. Though, Devi suddenly felt a lot less 'rejected' when Bea snuck in a very quick grope at Devi's budding chest and made a whistling sound. "Doesn't mean I don't want to, thouuuugh."

"Well uh..." Devi was at a loss for words until Bea started to, much more innocently, scritch at Devi's head a bit which force-halted all of the bunny girl's mental faculties. She almost felt like stomping her foot on the ground with how good that felt but, once again, that was supposed to be Aria's fucking schtick!

Devi made the most sexual moan at the most non-sexual intimacy of her life; her body acting like a gelatanous mass as she slooped to the side and lied on her side. While curling her legs together, Devi began to exhale erratically. "T-take it off..." she almost snickered at the absurdity of what she was asking for.

Bea, with a smile on her face, very innocently removed Devi's beanie so that she could scratch her head more efficiently.

"You know," Bea started; staring at Devi's slender body curled up next to her. "This is the most innocent thing I'm ever going to fantasize about later on. If you know what I mean, girl."

"Don't caaare." Devi sighed happily; not noticing and not caring about the flirtatious tone. "Keep scratchiiiing."

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3 years, 8 months ago
That Bunny girl is so skinny, and like alot dyed hair bunnies like head petting...
3 years, 8 months ago
Pshawww, Devi would like the head scratchies even if she didn't have highlights :3
3 years, 8 months ago
What I meant is that reminds me another goth bunny with dyed hair who loves head scratchies and you must know who Im talking about Kezi.
3 years, 8 months ago
^^ super cute
3 years, 8 months ago
Thank you very much ^w^
3 years, 8 months ago
B+K=Masters of Cute.
3 years, 8 months ago
B+K = Masters of the Universe *holds aloft sword*
3 years, 8 months ago
D'aww, that's friggin' adorable! XD
Reminds me of me and my gf..
Gosh I miss her.. TwT
3 years, 8 months ago
Which one scratched which's head rigorously? XD
3 years, 8 months ago
Well, kinda we both did, but it worked better on her. It's her "system shut down" button. Xp
3 years, 8 months ago
I was wonderIng when we would see more of Devi shame she had to move.
3 years, 8 months ago
At least she's starting to settle down in this new, weird place ^^
3 years, 8 months ago
Well that's just fuckin adorable. Great job guys c:
3 years, 8 months ago
Thank you so much! ^w^
3 years, 8 months ago
Dawww, they both look so happy!
3 years, 8 months ago
Especially Devi -- her head is quite itchy because of the beanie she always wears, you see :P
3 years, 8 months ago
Note to self: Watch for YCH where Aria is available ^_^
3 years, 8 months ago
Aria is actually on our available for commissions list too : )
3 years, 8 months ago
What, now?  Because I'd like to get a commission of my main with her.  "Rhymes with...folder...pen"  Older men, hmm?  How about forty?  Or is that too young for her?
3 years, 8 months ago
All you've gotta do is drop a pm clearly marked "commission" or "commission idea" or anything that is clearly marked, and include your pitch, references etc, and we will go over it this weekend ~
3 years, 8 months ago
I can't promise how responsive I'll be, staffing MFF starting lunch today.
3 years, 8 months ago
it's all good- it's just that we are unsure if we will be doing an Aria YCH at any point soon, so whenever you feel like it, drop a pm
3 years, 8 months ago
Hehehe, I used to love those when I was little.
11 months, 2 weeks ago
Love Bea's character; she's very laidback and accepting
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