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Ghost Hunting Buddies~
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Barrier Break~ (1/2)

(Part 1) Comfort~

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by Ketzio
Ghost Hunting Buddies~
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Ghost Hunting Buddies~
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Ghost Hunting Buddies~
Explorer Trio~
Aniko is quite the strange and reclusive one but Ginny finally breaks through one of the hyena's many, many social walls.

Aniko (left) and Ginny (right) (c) Ketzio11 & Gothbunnyboy

Made with


Droning out the final hour of math, her most despised school subject, Ginny anxiously chewed on one pencil as she used another pencil to scribble some fan art from a show she had been watching. The seconds ticked by in slow motion as her mind raced at the possibilities of the weekend. She kept stealing glances at her new best friend, Aniko, who was diligently taking notes with her perfect posture and good student-ness.

Aniko hadn't acknowledged Ginny in the past hour. At all. Perhaps she was mad about something? Ginny was letting her tag along to a lot of her afterschool activities and whatnot but she didn't know, behind Aniko's ever-present silent glare, if she disapproved of Ginny's mode of living. She didn't seem to be too impressed with Ginny's friends, ghosts or most of the things that Ginny was interested in... that was definitely a bad omen.

Ginny worried for their friendship. Aniko was her new best friend even if it had been such a small amount of time. She cherished Aniko's attention, patience and... and... hyena-ness. There was a pressure that lingered in her chest throughout the entire class period; this desire to do something sweet and significant like what Aniko did for her with that box of horror movies and whatnot. Heck, the only thing Ginny ever did of significance was chase off some bullies clumsily -- that simply wouldn't do forever.

By the time Ginny came back to reality, lost in her thoughts, she noticed that the kids were already getting up from their desks and leaving the class. Did the bell even ring? Apparently so. She fluttered her eyes then closed her alien-clad binder; slipping it into her backpack when a firm "hey!" broke through her rushed daze.

Ginny looked up like a deer caught in headlights at her math teacher who was, ironically, a deer who towered over her. She could almost feel her pigtails droop at the same time as her ears.

"Ms. Clover," he started with his obvious smoker-voice. 'Ms. Clover' was also a bad omen. "I noticed you obviously not paying attention to the lecture today because you were writing stuff down when I wasn't saying anything important."

"I'm uh... I'm sorry, Mr. Wesk." Ginny's eyes focused on the rest of the class pouring out of the door with Aniko not even sparing a second glance back.

"You're barely passing, Ms. Clover." Mr. Wesk stated; his self-importance always grating to Ginny. Elementary school teachers shouldn't be this pompous -- even she knew that. "I'd like to help you out if you have any issues with the curriculum but you'd have to ask me first. Help me help you."

"Okay, Mr. Wesk." Ginny barely knew what 'curriculum' even meant.

"Alright then. Have a good rest of the day." As Ginny rose to her feet and prepared to dart out of the class, Mr. Wesk had one more thing to add on. "Oh, and Ginny? I don't want to have to assign you extra homework. Keep that in mind."

"Yeah, yeah, homework, extra, got it!" Ginny stormed out of the class; leaving the information behind her as well as the flabbergasted teacher.

Ginny tossed her backpack quickly over her shoulder and sprinted to catch up with the hyena who was disappearing in a clutter of kids down the hall. In her clumsy elegance, Ginny trampled and danced around the other kids with awkward precision; swinging her massive bushy tail to and fro with large sweeps. The drowning chatter of conversations she didn't care about was nearly deafening but with determination she persevered.

Erupting from the flood of bodies, Ginny landed beside Aniko, teetering briefly before stumbling from the weight of her backpack. If not for Aniko swiftly setting her cast-arm out, to catch her, Ginny would've fallen.

"Virginia." Aniko said in a dry soft rasp; her Romanian accent oozing around that single sullen word. "I just caught you with a broken arm."

"Hi... I...  woo.. " Ginny panted; out of breath and leaning forward as another bout of dizziness struck trying to balance the weight of her backpack. She could smell the wet asphalt from the parking lot as kids ran to get into their parents' car. It was at that moment that Ginny noticed it was drizzling. No wonder the kids were running.

"Sit." Aniko instructed and Ginny obeyed while the hyena remained on foot.

"Aren't... you... gonna sit too?" Ginny said between breaths.

"I vill stand." Aniko said; plainly raising an eyebrow at the sudden smirk that Ginny gave her. "What?"

"Nothing. I just super love your accent and voice... I still say you sound like a Dracula!" Ginny giggled into her sleeve despite Aniko's silent glare.

"Virginia, you're stereotyping again." Aniko muttered; glaring at a single rock on the ground beneath her.

"Pshaww, whaaat?" Ginny scoffed, "When do I do that?"

"I'm not going to respond." Aniko focused on Ginny. "Because you do it and don't know vhen you do it so it's too easy to point it out. Like right now."

"...oh..." Ginny awkwardly remained silent; trying to find anything to say to that. "I'm... sorry?"

"Dracula forgives you." Aniko stated without even releasing a smirk or breaking her monotone.

"I KNEW YOU WERE JOKING!" Ginny threw an almost accusing finger in Aniko's direction, "You're a master of freaking me out with your serious-talk, you know that?"


 "Speaking of freaking me out!" Ginny bumped her knees together as she covered her hands between her thighs; completely ignoring the little drizzle while the students around her hysterically sprinted all over the campus. "Did you uh... wanna come hang out with me at my house? We can study if you want... or if you don't want we could... I don't know... watch movies?"

Aniko opened her mouth to speak but was cut off quickly.

"'cause my mom's out doing her stuff till late and junk and I figured we could like... hang out.. just me and you, I promise. No guy friends." Ginny's huge, hopeful eyes caught Aniko off-guard as she rose an eyebrow.

"Virginia, I have speech therapy until 4 and then violin lesso-" Aniko began before being interrupted again.

"I know you're prolly mad cause every time we hang out it ends up being with someone else too so I wanna make it up to you cause you’re my best friends and I love you."

"Fucking gross," a snide voice cut in; startling Ginny back up to her feet in a quick flash. As she rose she met nearly eye to eye with Kasey; the resident bully and some sort of dog. This was the same girl who, in fact, tormented Aniko when Ginny first noticed her. Kasey hadn't bothered them since that whole incident, though. She was too busy bullying some tibetan fox girl but Ginny had been anticipating this confrontation. "What a couple of homos."

"Only boys can be homos, stupid!" Ginny growled and narrowed her eyes.

"Actually Virginia, homo means homosexual; vhich girls can be." Aniko added stepping beside Ginny in a soft stride. "I vill come over, by the way. I'll just need to let my mother know."

"Huh, ignore me then, you probably don't understand me because I'm not speaking Russian." The bully glared; not fazing Aniko. "Whatever."

She turned and Ginny glared; shooting mental bullets into her back. The bully had retreated. For now.

"Man! I hate Kasey and her... stupid hair!" Ginny referred to Kasey's consistent helmet-head skateboarder look. "Her... stupid idiot head."

"Virginia." Aniko said quiet in her monotone; disregarding that very short confrontation. "I enjoy that you love me. I enjoy you too."

"Of course I love you!" Ginny remarked; chummily rolling her arm around Aniko's shoulder. "And if dumb-face Kasey thinks that makes us homies -- then I guess we're homies!"

"Virginia, please." Aniko sighed; it almost looked like she was fighting back a smile.


"Homos. Ve're homos. Apparently." Aniko crossed her arms.

"We'll be that too!" Ginny patted Aniko on the back with a huge smile permeated on her face.


"It's Gumball and Carrie!" Ginny pointed at the drawing she did in class as she and Aniko sat on her bed. "It's headcanon! Because I hate Penny." she added; matter-of-factly. It was Ginny's super subtle way of letting Aniko know that she was done studying for now. It had been a few hours, after all.

Luckily, Aniko's mother had agreed to allowing her to come over and, somehow, she was even convinced to let Aniko spend the night. At least, that's what Ginny assumes. Aniko had to fill her in on the conversation later on because... well... Ginny doesn't speak Romanian. For all she knew, Aniko and her mom were making fun of her pigtails.

They sat with paper strewn around them on Ginny's bed; the drizzle from earlier had died down and the evening sun poked through the window. "Vhat vould you like to do now, then?" Aniko caught Ginny's message and set her pen down next to her; not even bothering to put the cap on it.

"Weeeeell," Ginny started; undoing her pigtails. Her hair sprung back, however, mimicking the shape of the pigtails as if they were still somewhat tied down. "I dunno, let's talk! That's what friends do. Beeeest friends."

"Ve're doing that right now, though." Aniko sat cross-legged; her back as rigid and straight as her vocal tone.

"Nooo, I mean really talk!" Ginny made an odd gesture with her hand; shaping it like a duck's beak or something. "Uuuhmm... how about this. Cake or pie?"

"Vhat?" Aniko's accent broke through as her eyebrow rose.

"Which do you like morer? Cake or pie?" if Ginny could wag that massive tail of hers, she would, but the only movement that occurred was a slight shuffle to the side.


"Oooh, I like cake more..." Ginny said under her breath. "Uuuhm... soccer or football?"

"I hate sports." Aniko's head tilted forward as her eyes unflinchingly locked with Ginny's.

"Huh. Uuuhm." Ginny tapped a finger to her nose. "Ghosts or aliens?"

Aniko seemed to refrain herself from an immediate answer. She looked around a little bit while letting out a long exhale. "...ghosts?"

"Ooooh I like ghosts more too!" Ginny leaned forward; smashing the book in front of her into the blanket. As she did, she caught a better glimpse of the eyes that perplexed her so much when they first met. Both of Aniko's eyes were red but one seemed weirdly more dim than the other. "Uuuh... okay another thing. Your eyes!" she harshly pointed at Aniko; Ginny's index finger only a few inches away from Aniko's nose.

Ginny's finger was violating Aniko's personal space. She slightly leaned back to a comfortable distance. "Are you scared of red eyes?" Aniko droned. "Or are you going to call me a vampire again?"

"One's not as red as the other!" Ginny blurted out; moving her finger forward once again which led to Aniko leaning back even further. She imagined she was getting close to leaning back far enough to fall off the dang bed.

"I don't understand." Aniko responded.

"Whaaaat? You mean you've never noticed?!" Ginny retracted her accusation-finger. Aniko still awkwardly leaned backwards. "Yeah, like, one of your ey-- YOU REALLY NEVER NOTICED?!"

Aniko internally smirked at this. Her face remained its composure, though. "Virginia, you might need glasses."

"I don't need glasses," Ginny muttered but then suddenly, as if by great epiphany, she exclaimed.  "BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT! How come nobody else noticed your eyes?"

"Nobody gets that close to my face, Virginia." Aniko sighed. "You seem hell-bent on invading my private space, though. Also my eyes are the same color. Are you insane?"

"Waaaaaait. Nobody has ever been that close to your fa--" Ginny overdramatically gasped as a lightbulb exploded over her head. "YOU'VE NEVER BEEN KISSED BEFORE?"

"You kissed me." she bluntly stated. "Vhen I gave you that backpack of horror movies."

Ginny tilted her head; one eye squinting. "Whaaaa? That doesn't count! I mean like..." she smashed her hands together. "...like a kiss-kiss!"

"I assume your definition of 'kees-kees' is similar to people saying 'like-like'?" Aniko cringed; knowing she said the word 'kiss' weirdly. She probably should've gone to that vocal therapy session after all.

"Yes! Like a special thing!" Ginny tilted her head even farther; basically looking at Aniko sideways at this point. "Come ooooon. There's no way you've never had a boyfriend. You're super pretty!"

Aniko's face, while remaining devoid of emotion, slightly reddened. She avoided eye contact for a moment. "No, Virginia. No boyfriend."

Ginny furrowed her brow; noticing the slight change of tinge to Aniko's cheeks. She so rarely saw that! And something about it made Ginny want to push the envelope; maybe get some other, more intense, reaction out of Aniko. "What abo--"

"Or girlfriend." Aniko interjected.

Ginny let out an exasperated sigh. "I don't believe you! Hmm... what about old friends that you'd hang out with? I remember having two guy friends where I used to live." she fondly reminisced. "They were my everything! Very adorable guys. We'd kiss all the time!"

"I've never had any friends like you did." Aniko swallowed dryly; scratching her head. "I moved around too much. So... no friends?" she inflected it like a weird question at the end.

"There's no way I'm your first friend." Ginny openly chuckled; her eyes fluttering left and right.

Aniko somberly nodded in reply; idly continuing to scratch her head.

There was a long moment of silence between them as Ginny searched for a response in her 'response-databanks'. A few cars passed by; one guy blasting his music from the stereo system. The sky was starting to darken past that orange glow and lead into night.

"You know, Aniko." Ginny started; twirling her finger in her hair. "You coooould say 'no'... but I could... uhh... give you your first kiss if you want?"

The words hung naked in the air as Aniko's eyebrows furrowed and she squinted. "Are you pitying me?"

"Whaaat? Noooo!" Ginny waved her hands in front of herself. "I don't even know what that means! I just figured... it'd be fun?"

'Fun' was a strange way to describe it, Ginny thought. Something about Aniko just made her act that way, she guessed. She never really had any desire to kiss her former friend, Parfait, or anything like that... but then again, Parfait was just a stupid jerk who put a dildo in her for no reason.

"'Fun', huh." Aniko stopped scratching her head finally. She gave Ginny a '...really, now?' glare.

"I... wouldn't mind." Ginny protested. "Maybe 'fun' wasn't the right word, huh? Uuuhmm... I dunno... you're pretty. Maybe that's why I want to?"

"Virginia," Aniko sighed; straightening out her shirt. "I don't thin--"

Without warning, Ginny leaned forward on her hands; pressing the mattress down slightly. The curve of her back was like a ramp that ended in a massive tail and Aniko watched in shock as her bottom rose high beneath that red panda tail.

"You gotta close your eyes!" Ginny insisted as Aniko's dissent seemed to fall on deaf ears. The warmth of her words were only inches away from Aniko's suddenly very dry lips. "That's how kissing is 'sposed to work. Coome ooooon. You'll like it."

Aniko felt that deep warmth in her cheeks blooming as she blinked once in protest and kept her bewildered silent look. A lump had formed in her throat and prevented her from making a sound.

"C'mon, you want your REAL first kiss to be actually special, right?" Ginny offered her bright sincere smile again impatiently shifting her weight from wrist to wrist. "Can't be any more special than with a best friend."

The hyena finally gave in; nodding slowly and rigidly almost like an ancient machine only barely moving on its hinge. She could feel her own fingers digging into her ankle from outside the sock and, though feeling hot, she sustained a curious glare. Her mouth was a desert and her mind reeled for a response: Anything. Where had that bitter wit gone?

So rarely was Aniko rendered speechless due to her cold, calculating demeanor, but, the sheer amount of weird charm that Ginny possessed was scary. Her goofy smile suddenly became an almost sultry one.

"To be fair, I gotta warn ya..." Ginny looked away and spoke softly before extending a slow calm hand to nudge a black kinky strand of Aniko's hair away. "I'm not really especially used to kissing girls so..." Aniko felt funny about the way that was worded. "...Well... here goes nothing-"

And, without warning, she leaned in; filling Aniko with that sweet smell of liquorice and old books. Ginny pressed her lips with small force against Aniko's own; causing a shiver. Despite Ginny's scorn, she hadn't closed her eyes as they widened larger while her body went paradoxically rigid and noodly. Huge fireworks exploded in Aniko's tummy and chest.

Ginny pushed a little too and deepened the kiss; leaning her entire slender body inward. Aniko couldn't fight it. Her eyes kind of closed instinctively in response and she could feel some subconscious thing slip into passive submission for Ginny. Shudders began to take her as Ginny opened her mouth and the explosion of sweet and sour flavor of foreign saliva entered Aniko's senses.

Overwhelmed, the hyena fell onto her back into the cresting wave of Ginny's bedding and dolls, her hair an exploded halo of inky veins all around as the red panda fell on top of her with their mouths still intertwined. Aniko's cheeks burned as she basically just let Ginny do whatever she wanted at this point.

Ginny laced her fingers into Aniko's, which loosely tangled back. Every slight shake made Ginny suddenly shiver in response and, finally, Ginny noticed Aniko's mumbling noises.

She broke the kiss and Aniko took a deep breath; both of them panting in silence as a group of kids ran past Ginny's window. This odd look of shock was plastered all over Aniko's face that didn't mesh well with her consistent straight face.

"Ehehe... did I go too far?" Ginny asked; wiping her lips with her wrist.

Aniko did not respond but, simply, rose her torso slowly; almost imitating the way Dracula arose from his coffin. Her head jolted forward as her hair flowed over her face. "Ve..." she spoke between pants. "...should keep studying."

Ginny opened her mouth to respond but was cut off by the odd way Aniko glared at her through her tangled hair; her face almost shrouded in shadow. "Uuuh... yeah, okay." Ginny said; rigidly plopping her binder on her lap. She was worried, once again, that she did something wrong. It was very difficult to read Aniko with her consistent monotone and she was ashamed at the fact that she really wanted to go farther. "It wasn't... bad, was it?"

"No." Aniko fixed her hair; her eyes closed as she composed herself with deep breathing. When she finally opened her eyes again, she noticed the dejected look on Ginny's face; staring blankly at her notes in her binder. "It vas nice." she continued; picking up her pen. "I vouldn't be against... doing it... aga--"

Before she even finished, Ginny already prepped herself to lunge once again. "LATER! LATER!" Aniko raised her voice for the first time since they met.

Ginny laughed as she returned to her idle pose; picking at her notes as she waited for Aniko to continue to teach her how to not suck at math.

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Published: 2 years, 9 months ago
Rating: General

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2 years, 9 months ago
The story of expression with the Picture matches so good with it~
2 years, 9 months ago
Thank you, we really appreciate that : )
2 years, 9 months ago
This is just too cute.
2 years, 9 months ago
Thank you, we tried XD ~
2 years, 9 months ago
But...her messy hair?
2 years, 9 months ago
no brush can tame
2 years, 9 months ago
Ginny - Hey, Aniko.
Aniko - What?
Ginny - SURPRISE! *Kisses Aniko*
Aniko - O///O

Love it. ^_^
2 years, 9 months ago
2 years, 9 months ago
. o .
2 years, 9 months ago
Too cute, must ship >w<
2 years, 9 months ago
Ah~ wonderful, I was hoping we'd get something between these two sooner or later. I look forward to the 2/2 of this pic to come, always happy to sink into one of your stories.
2 years, 9 months ago
We're always very delighted when the stories are as loved as the picture >W<
2/2 will be out soon
2 years, 9 months ago
wow this scene is so sexy and cute <3
2 years, 9 months ago
Why thank you very much : )
2 years, 9 months ago
*just gives a thumbs up*
2 years, 9 months ago
Absolutely adorable.
So has Ginny completely broken away from Parfait now? As Parfait is having a hard time and lashing out at people?
2 years, 9 months ago
Pretty much -
Parfait can wallow in her crapulence , Ginny has too much life and unlife to focus on... aint nobody got time for dat.
2 years, 9 months ago
I love reading about Aniko. The deadpan and dry toleration is really entertaining.

You probably already have plans for where she's going so uhh... I kinda hope it's in a mostly non-sexual direction? ^.^'
2 years, 9 months ago
It means a lot that she has a fan especially based on writing of her, so we are sincerely grateful .... and there are plans.... so many plans
2 years, 9 months ago
Heh, it would be Ginny to work on breaking Aniko's barrier. Can't wait for part 2!
2 years, 9 months ago
Thanks - Part 2 is well on the way
2 years, 9 months ago
You've managed to do the impossible, you've made Aniko even more awesome! =D
2 years, 9 months ago
For our next feat of prestidigitation my partner and I will attempt to eat the sun!
Nothing is impossible!
2 years, 9 months ago
This is just absolutely adorable and sweet. You did a wonderful job Ketzio and Bunny. :)
2 years, 9 months ago
Why thank you, thank you very much : )
2 years, 9 months ago
Oh gosh, I'm utterly charmed with how the whole story and scene went. ^w^
Those expressions, those feelings and whole setting of two young girls exploaring their interests, it's so fascinating and alluring!
I love just how their differences draw them together so much. :3
And the way Ginny simply pushes herself into Aniko's life like that, just precious. :D
There's so many people like Aniko in the world, and most of them need someone like Ginny in their life.
That being said, there's only bullies around those people I know..

Sorry for ending my line a bit gloom. Love the story and picture. ^w^ <3
2 years, 9 months ago
Thank you and yeah bullies are just people who have no friends
2 years, 9 months ago
That kid kicked sand in Cool Cat's face
2 years, 9 months ago
Super cute <3 These two are an odd pair, but I love it :D
2 years, 9 months ago
2 years, 9 months ago
Ha! Suppose I walked right into that one XD
2 years, 9 months ago
aww such a sweet reaction to a first kiss and a great view on Ginny there

honestly I sort of expected Aniko to eventually get and enjoy a kiss from Ginny, just wasn't fully expecting Ginny to be the dominant one lol
2 years, 9 months ago
Ginny is a woman who knows what she wants
2 years, 9 months ago
I must admit thats a bit sad, I was hoping that we might have a few more encounters between the two and at the very least Parfait and Ginny to remain friends.
2 years, 9 months ago
To be fair though, Ketzio and I do appreciate this kind of feedback, and just because a character feels a way now doesn't mean they feel that way forever XD
~ So you'll just have to stay tuned in
2 years, 9 months ago
I am guessing the theme for this drawing was Ghosties haha. Also I would be pretty spooked if I looked under my blankets to spot a ghost. Of course as usual I love seeing both of you put in little details like the amazing world of gumball drawing, ghost sightings page, the ghostbusters stuff.

Oh also the cute kids in the middle are a big plus Haha.
2 years, 9 months ago
First off, Ginny is adorable in the baggy clothing.

Second, Aniko is adorable with her body posture, with her ears standing straight up and her tail wagging so fast.

Third, was the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man positioning deliberate? Because it gives the illusion of Aniko's tail beating so fast it's causing friction burns to occur.
2 years, 9 months ago
2 years, 9 months ago
Can I say I find the numerous details placed in the background of many of these images to be hypnotic in a way? Like whether or not I like or care about the subject matter I'm rather enamored by what's going on around them.
2 years, 9 months ago
Such a cute little scene. I still need to read the description, admittedly. Only had time to skim.
2 years, 9 months ago

Someone please give B+K  a medal, or some prize, or something.
They deserve it.
2 years, 9 months ago
2 years, 9 months ago
the last few days have been crappy. my favorate hangout went out of buisness, 2 of my friends moved. ect

i really needed something to cheer me up, and seeing how cute and sweet this was this really did it :)
2 years, 9 months ago
*uses ninja skills to leave the two a bag of gummy candies next to the notebook without getting spotted*
2 years, 9 months ago
Is that a Gumball doodle? It is! That's brilliant love it!
2 years, 9 months ago
1 year, 7 months ago
" "I assume your definition of 'kees-kees' is similar to people saying 'like-like'?"
Aniko spots the reduplication with ease
1 month, 3 weeks ago
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