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2. Pool Time
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3. Yard Camping


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by GBB
2. Pool Time
Happy Halloween from B+K
Another entry in the alternate continuity that takes place at some point in the mid to late 90s -
Bunny and Ketzio are both the same age -- that being 11 -- their backgrounds have been re-imagined and the setting is now in the 90s, which we're very enthusiastic about drawing in that time. We do hope you enjoy the slight change in procedure, this is an entirely new canon, and, just to be clear, the other Bunny and Ketzio stories won't stop. :)

We love favorites, feedback, and comments. They are greatly appreciated! It's all about that random comment about some small thing in the story that end up blowing us away.
These might end up being posted in the Stories section eventually ~they are becoming unwieldy; though thank every single one of you for your feedback and encouragement

Bunny and Ketzio (c) Gothbunnyboy and Ketzio11

Made with


Part 3


Several days had slid by in a ritual. Nearly every morning Ketzio would show up and, together, her and Bunny would remain almost inseparable. Late into the evening she would reluctantly and sheepishly head home and Bunny would be left feeling excited and suddenly empty again in a weird combination of high and low. Ketzio did have benefits as Bunny's demeanor lightened toward his aunt, his moping lessened, and when not around his feline friend, Bunny had grown actually very eager and helpful.

He was excited to see Ketzio's growing interest in games, sitting together, drawing and reading comics but in the evening he had trouble. He would often lay nearly motionless watching the same dreamy strip of light across the living room ceiling crawl slowly toward the furthest wall. His mind would exclusively focus on the image of Ketzio with loose straps falling down her shoulders. Her hair, frustratingly messy, spilled down her back from its freed ponytail. He could clearly imagine that distinct smile, with its missing tooth, transform into something suddenly seductive and alluring. His imagination would run wild as he envisioned her top slowly slipping down from her chest, exposing her soft nipples and ribs. Every night Bunny desperately tried to usher the images away when they got to that point. She was only his friend after all and he wasn't sure if the feeling was requited. Despite his mental protest every night, without miss, he could feel himself grow larger and more distracting from within his comforter. He often marveled but never acted on it because he honestly wasn't sure how that protruding body part worked. Bunny was aware that pressing his legs against himself or even slipping a hand against it was nice but he never went far beyond that threshold.

Still, every night, Bunny would stay awake for too long, and in the morning the routine was the same with a small tap on the shoulder or a violent tackle from his eager kitten friend.

It had become so common that, as Bunny lay on the couch that morning, he did not move. Sure he could get up and shower or have his teeth taken care of in advance but the anticipation of Ketzio was too great. He simply pretended to be asleep. Of course, time spent with a head buried in a cushion is a much slower time spent than playing video games or drawing. As 15 minutes rolled slowly by, his childish anxiousness got the better of him. He rose, with tremendous effort, acting as though he was just waking up -- in fear that maybe his aunt had entered the living room or that Ketzio might of been waiting. Bunny exerted a large yawn with a stretch and as one eye peeked open he saw the entire living room and den was without intruder.

Oh well.

He hopped up and fished up some clothing from his duffel bag and strolled into the back bathroom slowly. The way he passed the front door, with such careful steps, expecting a knock was absolutely comedic.


He went into the bathroom and turned the shower faucet up. He stepped back and leaned against the counter to watch as the water cascade down the tiles; amused at its waterfall like effect. He waited.

10 minutes had drifted by, the entire room was filled with steam and yet Bunny had not undressed: He was just expecting that knock on the door. That "Bunny, Ketzio is here" from his aunt or even Ketzio herself knocking to say something silly. Nothing.

He undressed finally and jumped into the shower, doing a twice over job. Despite his family glowing about what a hygenic boy he was, lately he just didn't feel clean enough, Maybe he too was a "hyper-Kodiak" as Ketzio's older brother called it and maybe this was something he shared with Ketzio. He hung on to the "hyper-Kodiak" thought while washing his hair and smiled widely. That Kelso kid was something else, granted, Bunny had met him the one time, but from what Ketzio had painted, Kelso was a 24 hour menace. Not every story was a smile and roll of the eyes, and though most were hilarious tales about him trying to seduce a babysitter, or crying like a baby when he tore his 'hip-fly" pants, some of the stories were darker.

Their parents had purchased him a paintball gun and immediately he had decided to shoot Ketzio in the small of her back, despite needing to go to a hospital to have a quarter inch of unbroken paintball removed, their parents completely bought his excuse that it was an accident and he got off without punishment.

Even if there was a bias, Bunny really didn't trust or like the kid at all and a small fear was settling in: Maybe Kelso had done something to Ketzio -- it paranoid him as the reason for her absence this day.

A weird tremble made its way over Bunny's body as he surged with unfamiliar anger. It was unwarranted but he still felt this incredible urge to fight something. He began to furiously wash out his hair as huge globs of suds slopped into the drain. His hand began to physically shake slightly. He paused and craned his neck up to face the water. This was ridiculous because it's not like Kelso would have killed his sister or even seriously hurt her... she was probably busy or something. He tried to calm his nerves but in all of his years of being bullied or avoided he had never felt anything so protective bubble up within him.

Bunny strained his eyes to open against the torrent of water and finally exhaled most of the stress. He took one last slow deliberate once over to soap his body and fur, let it rinse, and got out.

He dressed after drying and spent a good deal of time trying to make his hair look stringy and cool like a rock star; images of characters from music videos with raven hair and goggles, long latex gloves with bondage belts and straps, and tight but strong bodies all played in his mind though he looked precisely like a moody kid with a dopey game shirt.

Bunny left the bathroom with towel in hand; his dirty clothes discarded in a hamper and walked back into his bedroom/living room, passing the unoccupied guest rooms that he had refused to claim so vehemently.

There sat Ketzio, alone, on the recliner in the living room, a comic resting in her lap, and though, the image of her with a comic was familiar, the rest was not.

She looked amazing, almost devastatingly so. She wore long white socks with small black laces that strodes elegantly against her lower thigh, her typical shorts or tough denim skirt was replaced by an elegant more fragile short dress with the fabric causing it to billow along its ornate trim at her knees. The top part complemented her small body and her hair was pulled back, tamed, held with a floral headband. One wrist was covered in jelly bracelets acting as a rainbow of colors in contrast to her grayscale fur while the other wrist bore a small cufflet.

Meanwhile, Bunny stood, another pair of black cargo shorts that hung below his knees and a black megaman shirt - no bells or whistles. He felt underdressed like he needed a tuxedo... or even cooler, a trenchcoat... anything -- instead he was plain old Bunny. He considered retreating into the bathroom but she had already turned to face him at this point.

Ketzio sprung up like lightning; tossing the comic onto the couch. It almost looked like she was prepared to jump up and tackle him but held herself back.

"H-hey" He awkwardly dribbled out the greeting as he walked in slowly toward her with small refrain in his step. She looked awesome. It was robbing him of all words that didn't make him sound like a gibbering idiot.

"Good morning." she said; adopting a slightly posh but inaccurate tone that was partnered by dusting off her non-dusty knees.

Was she pulling some elaborate prank?

"You look really nice... er... pretty... killer. You look 'killer'." Bunny felt a huge wave of repulsion at his own utterance.

"What--oh this? This is nothing special or anything." She sounded off and still very faux-posh. "This is actually the stuff I usually wear, you see." She inflected the 'usually' so strongly using a proper 'Use' followed by a more deliberate 'you-illy': Use-you-illy.

What the hell was going on?

"Well, it's great" Bunny felt his small white tail floof as he ran a clammy hand against his own elbow, rustling the fur slightly. He was really at a loss for words this time. The only thing that would've caught him worse was if she was in a state of undress and frankly with how stunning she looked now, even that was only slightly more.

"Are you sure...? You sound a little... uh..." She dropped her accent suddenly with franticness while Bunny searched for his words. Her expression grimaced and she began to shift her weight awkwardly, making and almost liquid like motion as she teetered on her feet. "Gah, this isn't what I normally wear- my clothes were dirty- not like dirty- but like- you know- I couldn't find them- and Kelso was rushing me!"

"Huh, no just," Bunny sighed; muttering a  little. "You just sorta took me off guard."

"Oh, uh, no worries." she lowered her head. "I can just go back home and change maybe."

"I'm...!" Bunny sighed as he inhaled with such force that he made himself dizzy. "You look really beautiful... and junk." He almost compulsively spat out the and junk part.

"Wait wha?" her legs stiffened up as her feet knocked against each other. Her motion went still and her whitish eyebrow extended up to show the full shape of her heart-like eye-marking. She raised a hand to her ear and leaned forward with an almost invisible smirk. "I couldn't understand what you said."

"Well," He cleared his throat and avoided eye contact, suddenly noticing that despite her church-like pristine outfit, her feet were within her normal slightly scuffed up black converse. That gave him a bit of lucidity. "You look really beautiful." he spoke clearly this time refraining for an 'and junk' addition.

There was silent interval between them as if time and space became jelly. Bunny could distinctly envision looking up and seeing her with a expression of horror or disgust, perhaps she would be laughing, not her normal squealing mew of a giggle, but a hardy hateful laugh. Still he mustered every last ounce of power in his uneasy body and looked up from under his ribbons of ebony bangs and into her, sweet and slightly misty eyed smile.

Without warning she lunged forward, entangling him in her arms, his own hands at first showing refrain to even be close to her, slowly closing in around her lower back. The soft crease  of fabric against the divine curve of her back, all encompassed withing that burst of refreshing honey graham cracker that she permeated. His nose, which always twitched, began to slow.

They only pushed away at the sound of his aunt coming down the hall, she had a tendency to slide her hand along the cabinet counters which lined one side of the hall, and while typically it created an obnoxious clacking noise along the doors, this time it gave Bunny and Ketzio a warning. Within a moment they had several feet separating each other, and Bunny felt the first pangs of abandonment in his arms.

"My, my, you look lovely today, Ketzio." The old gray rabbit remarked, passing them without a second glance. She limped slightly into the kitchen and out of view. Bunny's eyes followed until that moment and then he looked back at Ketzio, who was biting her lip.

His mind broke down into three thoughts: Did she hug me to be friendly? Could she really actually like me? and Oh God! Does she think of me like a brother? The last thought leaving him with a dizzying sensation.

"Thank you." Ketzio muttered sounding very disturbed with pangs of vocal fry. "...for... you know... hugging back... you didn't seem like you wanted to hug."

His indecisiveness just hurt her feelings, it seemed. Bunny replayed the moment of Ketzio hugging him first and him taking 20 years to hug her back. Dammit!

"What n--" He started when a sudden clatter caught them both off guard from the kitchen. Aunt Sunny strolled in.

"Dontcha just hate when you are hungry for some really bad food." The old rabbit remarked approaching them both.

"Aunt Sunny, we have lots of bad food." Bunny rolled  his eyes, thinking to the huge stash of cookies, poptarts, packaged cakes and soda his aunt had in spades. He also began to muse about the small amount of flab he had accumulated around his tummy- Sure it was barely there, and he always had it, but on a diet of cakes and snacks? Blech.

"Yuck- I don't want none of that!" Sunny said in a very immature tone. "How about we order some pizza-pies."

Despite Ketzio taking her timid and slightly militant stance in the presence of his aunt, Bunny noticed an excited swing of her tail.

"That actually sounds pretty good Aunt Sunny" He smiled. "We would really like that. Ketzio do you mind just cheese?"

Her nod was slow and calculated with her eyes unable to gaze at either of them.

"Well I ain't paying a delivery fee that's for sure." Sunny exclaimed. "I think I will just do a pick up order. Would you kids like to come along?"

"No ma'am" Bunny said.

"Alright then, you guys be good." She began to do her odd shuffle into the back room. "Oh, and Ketzio, why don't you stay the night? Unless you're busy tomorrow or anything like that.

It was like she said "Why don't you eat the moon?" they both looked puzzled and astonished.

"I... uh..." Ketzio finally looked at Bunny but only with fear and confusion. She kept stalling her time with indecisive noises until Bunny realized she was basically asking him if he'd be okay with it. He nodded and she immediately turned to Aunt Sunny: "Yes! Uh... yes, I would like to... ma'am."

 "Great! You can tell your parents you're okay and I'm sure Bunny would like it. Plus, maybe you can convince him to finally take a bedroom. Jeez."

Bunny folded his arms in protest.

"Oooh, actually, I know!" She smiled; tapping her chin. "You guys can pull out the tent and have a camp-out in the backyard. To be honest I would really like to pull a few of my sewing things out of the living room tonight."

With a wonderful and yet-vacant smile, Aunt sunny muttered something more about pizza and began to hobble back into the backroom to get ready to go. She was unaware of the atomic bomb she dropped in an already war torn emotional trench.

Neither, Bunny or Ketzio could move. They could scarcely breathe.

Finally, and with stupendous effort, Bunny broke the silence.

"So, um, are your parents going to be okay with you staying?" He muttered, brushing his bangs aside in a hesitant moment of self consciousness.

"Yeah--probably," she shrugged while speaking faster than normal. "They really don't care but I'll ask them when I go to pick up my clothes."

Bunny took a very labored step toward her. "I was thinking maybe we could go for a walk or--"

"I kinda wanted to stay here." She answered in an odd tone seemingly frozen as he came closer. "Maybe we can just watch movies or play a game?"

"Well, that sounds cool," Bunny half-shrugged as he stopped himself from advancing. He awkwardly extended a hand and gave her an odd pat on the shoulder.

"What are you doing?" She raised that eyebrow again.

"I-... I... I don't know." he squeaked; realizing how amazingly awkward this was.

She suddenly sprang forth and slammed her arms hardily around his back. He let out a wheeze as her arms tightened and she hugged him furiously. His footing faltered and they toppled onto the carpet with a thud.

It was painful, of course, but it was worth it. Her tail swished in the air violently as she buried her head into his soft neck. A rumbling began in her chest and up to her throat, as she began to radiate a pur.

"What is that?" Bunny asked with a sly grin.

She went rigid as a board and shot up.

"Nothing!" She exclaimed in a panic with her hands suddenly compulsively wrapped in his shirt as she began looking around the room. "Nothing!!"

Bunny rested on his elbows and leaned up slowly. "Nothing?" he inquired with a slow grin.

Quickly, she folded up her arms in a protest; exhaling a huff as she did. Even with a pout, her soft features wowed Bunny and, though he wore a sarcastic grin, his eyes fastened upon each individual feature.

Her hair had a silvery quality to it. It was not a lifeless white of aging but, instead, a fantastic winter tone of a fine piece of jewelry. Her small (even for her age) body was slim and her bends so amazing that just looking at the slow arch in her back sent a shiver up and down the young rabbit. Even her fur, a quality most kids seemed neglectful of--so frequently messy and matted--seemed a lush pristine carpet.

He stared, transfixed.

"What are you looking at?" She suddenly snapped him back into reality. Her voice had an almost shrill, upset quality but he didn't seem to mind.

"You." he blurted honestly; hoping it wore a tone of wit or sarcasm but instead was meek and honest.

It was her turn to grin. Though it did not seem the least bit cruel. Slowly, as if careful, she leaned in and, with a delicate form, pressed herself to him. Dimly, Bunny was aware how... almost... sexual this felt. Blood surged through him and a dry lump grew in his throat. He could feel her, her low pur, her chest to his as it took in air, the cool tip of her nose as it sunk into his neck and that omnipresent scent of graham crackers delightfully invaded his twitching nostrils as it always did. His hands sat limply to the ground and he could feel his eyes grow into comical saucers while his heart thudded and rattled his rib cage. He could picture a cartoon prisoner in an old west jail screaming and rattling his cell. 'LET ME OUT'.

What an odd thing to think of.

In reality, he became aware of her hips and legs as they tangled with his a little; her dress spilling around them like a small sheet. All at once, in her purring, he could tell her heart was pounding as hard as his and that was it.

Something rushed into him--a surge that jolted him to life as something grew wickedly hard, too hard, in his shorts. That blood must've come from somewhere as his hands and feet felt tingly and numb.

It was like he was watching himself from somewhere else as suddenly he rolled her off. She looked shocked which was a look that instantly haunted him to some primal cell in his body. She skid across the floor slightly; her silky socks providing no traction, as Bunny scrambled furiously to a sitting up position. His boyish carrot hurt bad and his heart beat found it's escape toward his throat- if she stayed on - he would vomit- not bile and grossness mind you, but he would vomit his very heart out, and then he would fall over dead with a comically hard lump sticking straight up in his shorts like a small monument to his expiration.

It was damn hard to look at her, she was awkwardly splayed out on her bottom, looking disheveled, embarrassed and.... very young. The curvy woman was all gone and was replaced by this sad girl. Neither could even speak. They looked at eachother as if they didn't recognize the person sitting across the floor. The TV dimly played the theme to a cartoon about three little otters that filled the vacuum of silence as Ketzio slowly looked away.

"Sorry." She mumbled in a slight choking noise.

"Sorry for what?" Bunny thought, "Sorry that I'm such a gross weirdo that you made my carrot hard and my heart explode? Sorry that I might have a crush on you?"

He couldn't say any of that. He couldn't say much at all. He shivered and grunted instead--that was odd.

"I wanted to... see if you were ticklish." She lied so poorly that even Bunny could tell.

"Oooooooooo-ooodelay-O!" the TV sang the otter show theme as Bunny sat still and quiet.

"It's okay." he muttered. "I-I couldn't breathe, is all... you were on my chest." He scratched his arm despite it having no itch. "I would really like you to still stay the night though."

Was he blushing? Dammit. He hoped he wasn't.

"Oh yeah... yeah, totally! Though... I guess I should go get my things now." she brushed her hair back with her palms and tried to recompose herself. "You know... like my toothbrush, hairbrush, clothes, medicine, uhh--"

"Medicine?" Bunny asked randomly as the last tremble left him.

"Oh! I uh... I have this thing where my blood is weird and I dunno." She stammered a lot and was definitely looking for something else. "It's not like a gross thing, so don't worry."

"Is it diabetes?"

"Whaaaaaaaaat." Ketzio furrowed her brow at him. "How did y-- I mean-- no it's not!"

"It's okay, it not like I wouldn't be your friend, I don't mind if you have diabetes or anything -- my mom has it too." The weirdo was finally gone and Bunny was folding up back into his own skin and fur again.

"She does?" Ketzio's ears perked. "Huh, you know, you would be the first -- really! It's amazing how many people get grossed out by my... thing... it's not even contagious. Everyone at school is lame." she seemed to be getting comfortable, although, her tail still anxiously battered side to side.

Bunny stood first, instinctively dusted his shorts, and extended his hand to help her up. When she looked up at him his heart sunk and he suddenly didn't want to be standing up at all. He didn't even want to be there. She looked bothered and hurt.

She declined his hand and rose on her own and his heart shrunk. They would never be together and she would never like him, at least not now.

Likely she felt his.... his... his protrusion... she could feel his gross perversion and was so insulted. In fact in that look he could tell she would not be coming back. "Getting my stuff" was code.

He curled his hand away awkwardly and smiled weakly, "Hey... um... Ketzio... thank you, for like.... being my best friend I guess. I never had a friend like you."

Bunny pondered briefly how his boy organ was the source of so much problem. His only previous opportunity for close friendship ended so abruptly because of it:

It was about 2 or 3 years ago, and had it felt so long it could've been decades to Bunny. He had a close companion and best friend. A dark haired field mouse, who was slightly older and huge factor in Bunny's interest in anti-heros and darker stories. For months they had hung out, during and after school, occasionally staying over and just being little boys - action figures, SNES, and lots and lots of pretend gun fights.

On a late afternoon, far after lunch, the boy asked if Bunny would be interested in hanging out in his bedroom for a bit. Innocent as it was, and without warning the other boy suddenly wanted to take off his clothes, all of them, for Bunny. Huh. Okay, it would be a lie for Bunny not to recollect that the prospect was certainly curious for him but it was also exhilarating and exciting. The boy provided a bit of a show, not quite late-night HBO, but still a slightly rehearsed strip, underwear and all, for Bunny. Who at the time had even longer, moppier hair and was sat in odd fascination on an office chair besides a stack of still packaged Beast Wars figures.

"Your turn." the boy hissed; rubbing the... thing... between his own slender legs.

A million recollections on many sleepless nights Bunny wanted to go back and stop it- but not then- a foolish eager little chubby Bunny began to clumsily squirm out of his ....Batman? probably... his Batman shirt. His nipples were barely free when, by El-Ahrairah,  the boys very snooty and prissy mother happened to walk in.

Like a banshee, she screamed in horror; Bunny had been yelled at by kids before, but, by an adult? This scared the life out of him. Never in his life did a grown-up say words like that; horrible howls and screeches as she practically began- maybe she actually did start to- Bunny recalled crying in fright so the last part was foggy- smack the mouse around.

Batman covered that boy's chest faster than he had ever covered a crime before and in horrified tears he sprinted from the house- He wasn't supposed to ever walk around alone like he did- but he ran. Ran all the way home.

For nights he laid awake in bed.... waiting... expecting... that his parents would find out. They never did.

Still he never ever saw his friend again - within a week he found out the boy had been shipped to some Christ Center for troubled youth.

Bunny couldn't help but hate that, at that point, he was so excited when it was happening to him.

Quickly Bunny pushed the thought away but he was reminded so hard of it. Oh boy. She had probably felt him and he was lucky she hadn't began to rage around.

There was a thick silence and he was searching her face when suddenly that mask disappeared: "Eh.. you say that as if I'm going to die." her ears drooped. "Diabetes doesn't always kill, you know."

"Wha? No, I meant uh..." Bunny sighed. "I sorta figured you weren't coming back."

"Why not?" She looked down ardently glaring at the floor as her mouth almost rolled around hers cheeks. She wanted to say something. "Of course I'm coming back. It doesn't take that long to get my stuff."

"You also look super duper pretty!" He blurted, almost defensively and randomly. This really couldn't be the end - he would sooner chop his stupid carrot off then ever let her go. He really wanted her back in his arms. They missed her.

"Hmmmm?" she said super loudly and raised an eyebrow looking up at him. "I see how it is. You only like me for my dress then. Is that it?" She was clearly being teasy and playful and this made him smile. Ketzio did an incomplete and clumsy twirl in an attempt to flutter the skirt around. "Enjoying it?"

"I would like you without it too." it was too late. As he realized upon blurting that how.... how completely and utterly stupid that came out. He really didn't intend it but that was the stone cold truth but dammit!

From one radar dish of a cat's ear to the other, Ketzio grinned, placing both hands on her hips and not taking her eyes off him.

"Sorry." he muttered. "I didn't--"

"Too late!" she matter-of-factly cut him off with a 'talk to the hand' gesture. "You said it! I didn't! Hah! See you in a second, weirdo!" she looked playful in her response but Bunny was caught off guard by how beet-red she had become in an instant.

Bunny trembled. He really wished that it was Ketzio in that room undressing instead of that mouse boy. He might just try to replace that memory with her or something.

"Okay. Do you uh... wanna rent some movies when you get back?"

"You have a TV in your tent?" She giggled.

"Oh yeah." Bunny hit himself on the noggin. "Sorry, I forgot. It's going to be kinda weird not sleeping in the living room."

"Pshh- I'll keep you safe. Besides we can play Psycho Killers: the Gathering and read comics all night... ooooor, maybe we could... ugh that's dumb... never mind."

"What is?" Bunny asked as he leaned forward.

"Just thought maybe we could... well... work on a comic together?"

It was like she said: "Bunny, here's a million dollars", "Bunny, I will take off all my clothes and you can touch me all over", "Bunny, lets get married", or "Bunny, I'm an Alien".

So much amazingness.


When Ketzio got back there was pizza waiting; still hot and Bunny hadn't touched any. In fact, he had barely even moved since she left apart from getting a soda and turning off that insipid CG monstrosity that followed the otter show on TV.

She had another backpack-- and as Bunny spotted-- no sleeping bag.

As usual, he saw the absurd theatrical play of his Aunt eagerly greeting little Ketzio and Ketzio becoming a timid and militant turtle; and as usual the display made Bunny laugh a little. He had a loose grasp that grown-ups seem to make her nervous and frightened. Even the bookstore and video store clerks made her shift around and Bunny usually had to do the talking. "Oh, these are R rated... well I'll have you know we are very mature and we watch R rated movies all the time."

Ketzio sat in her marvelous dress and instantly they fell into banter, hours of it in fact, from table to couch. All day they were absorbed in their nonsense as evening crept slowly on them.

It was time to go outside and set up the tent.

The back yard took  a new shape in the evening. There was a plastic and billowy blue cover shielding the pool: a task that Bunny's Aunt Sunny was amazingly adamant on. The avocado trees seem to now consume shadows hungerly and though, by the light of day, looked innocent were clearly now full of monsters.

There was a large patch of grass surrounded by the avocado plants that were looked after by a lemon tree which was where Bunny and Ketzio would set up their tent for the night. Though, Bunny felt an urge to finally take a bedroom or even the patioed game room beside the pool for the night. Despite his hesitation, he couldn't show Ketzio his weakness.

Sunny moved with eagerness, almost excited for them, as she gathered up a few things from the garage - a lantern- a flashlight- a few extra blankets for padding. Had Bunny have been older, even slightly, his mind would assume that this was her way to set up Bunny with sex but, in complete honesty, she was just thrilled to see such a depressed kid do anything other than mope, play games, or read his funny books.

Frankly - she didn't really see a gender difference, she was raised around brothers and male friends, and without even a spark of a lie, Sunny was unaware of sex until her early 20s. Kids these days might be a tad goofier with their hair and 'grunge'-rock music but not much has changed.

Suddenly Bunny and Ketzio were alone. Even 20 feet from the house, it might as well have been on mars.

Comics sat in a mess around them; a sort of halo of color and characters. Ketzio was still in her lovely dress and Bunny was still stealing small mental pictures of her, everytime she looked away, he stole her image. He simply placed it inside of his heart and mind.

The tent was larger inside than they had expected and it was easy enough to nearly stand, they had loaded it up with cushions and blankets and yet Bunny still couldn't let the simple fact that she had not brought a sleeping bag go. Was she... going to sleep with him?

"Cool!" She exclaimed looking at their small abode. From inside the house they both heard an explosion of muffled music "I love the nightlife- I love to boogie"~ Bunny stared at the silhouette of his aging aunt shuffling to her disco in the living room. Sewing supplies, eh? It was cool.

She was probably going to have a little wine and enjoy that record player tucked inside the hutch beside the TV.

"Well then," Ketzio carried on. "Close your eyes. I need to get ready."

"For what?" Bunny said flatly his hand rested on the Game Gear he had instinctively brought out.

"I need to get into my pajamas." she said while unfastening her hair. It came undone in a waterfall of beautiful white strands and, in his gut, Bunny wanted nothing more than to run his hands threw that fallen lock. Weirdo.

"In here?! O-O-Okay." He mumbled; trying hard not to become hysteric from the wild perfume her hair suddenly filled the tent with. It was like a sweet lilac tea now mixed with her honey graham cracker smell.

"Close your eyes!" She insisted again and, quickly, his lids locked. Silence. Darkness... then a slow shuffling sound.

Dear El-Ahrairah!

She was actually undressing! His huge ears could hear it! If only something would stop her someone would tell her the fate of the mouse boy -- history can't repeat itself, it simply cant!

Another thought crept. He should peek.

'NO NO NO" his mind raged rampantly, but his eyes slowly pushed up only a sliver, the thinest crack still obscured by a web of black lashes. That small voice hissed inside him - STOP IT STOP IT and STOP HER - Suddenly he could hear the mouse's mom and her torrent of screams. His heart thudded.

He could see her soft bare back... all of it. The sharp shoulder blades, the way the hint of her ribs ran along her side and the crease of her spine... and two small but infinitely entrancing dimples on either side of her tail.

Ketzio was not wearing a bra. Though the front was not to be seen, the simple fact that she was without one cause everything in him to scramble.

He thought girls of all ages wore them so this blew his mind anyways.

She was tying her hair back into a ponytail and she was tilting -- meaning he could nearly see some of her chest. Just barely. Why in the world did she decide to change here? She could have easily done it back home... unless this was planned.

His eye slammed hard; sealing this time. Some magical gum was now sealing his eyelid shut and yet despite realizing that as retribution he may never see again. A penance for his guilt of peeking. He still slowly brought his legs into each other and felt the shape of his carrot between his thighs.

There was no explosion, no woman tore into the tent, less a mouse and more a monster to tear them apart... just nearly 2 minutes of shuffling.

"Okay." she proudly announced, "You can open 'em!"

He didn't want to. What if it was a trick? What if he really had gone blind?

"Helloooo? You can open your eyes, Bunny."

He anxiously obeyed- slowly- and she was dressed. A baggy pair of pajama pants and a tank top. He let out a sigh of relief.

"Well aren't you going to get ready?" she bounced. "The sooner you do, the sooner we can work on stuff." She gestured to the pile of papers they brought.

"yeah" He nodded dreamily. This was history repeating itself alright. He knew what happened next.

Ketzio's papa was probably a marine or something. He might just be watching with nightvision and waiting. He could feel a sniper's beat on his chest... but then there was a look on her face. This soft anticipation. It almost looked like longing.

"I usually sleep in my shorts." He said looking down at his body dumbly.... he really hated the tire of kid fat he knew sat bulbous under his shirt.

"I Got To Boogie on the Disco Round~" the muffled song played from the house and his long ear twitched.

"Well... change your shirt then." she sounded really eager, she even seemed to be gnawing at her lip. Though, her logic was sound. After all, wearing a shirt ALL day was fairly gross.

"Yeah." He softly muttered and fished up his Cooper shirt. Bunny saw no ill in his love of hard rock. He appreciated the modern stuff fine but he was still spell bound by these old guys. His shirt came up and he caught as Ketzio (hungrily) seemed to eye his body.

"You should probably sleep shirtless." she said with an odd contentment and nod.

Yeah, right, and get shot by her sniper military spec-ops daddy. Probably. No way.

"It is warm." he admitted. Bunny sat shirtless for a bit, feeling warm and blushy; knowing that she was looking him over and, he finally pulled the Cooper shirt over. He really really didn't want to risk it- He couldn't lose her forever.

He was also foggily aware that his (carrot) was still super stiff and that sort of dictated his reserve. An older girl once told him about how boys become teenagers and become these horned monsters... horned? Horny... something like that. She told him their dicks get big - though his was... big... from what she said he imagined that they became mammoth-like and spiked. She also remarked how their teenage boy-minds would cloud over with lust. That conversation ended with this strange teenage girl handing Bunny a pamphlet for some Christ thing and that reminded him of his mouse friend.

This Christ guy sure loved carrots. He seemed to come up a lot when talking about them.

Better to be safe. If the monster in the avocado hadn't had them by the morning, Bunny certainly didn't want to be a threat. Resolved not to suddenly grow spikes and a titanic... thingy... Bunny Suddenly grabbed his Game Gear. It was rude but it was for her sake.

"It is super warm actually," Ketzio remarked. "You should probably take off your shorts~"

"What? Huh... what...?" He looked up briefly and that... that look of playfulness she had was stunning. His chest felt tight. He ignored her for a moment, playing his game. "You're the one in pants." he blurted; again not to be sexy or smooth but it seemed like a hip comeback.

She looked taken aback a bit. Her yellow eyes lifted and almost grew behind her glasses and suddenly the smile returned- "You're right, actually!"

She shifted and began to slide those pjs down her long legs -- long legs like a soccer player or something. They were with a hint of tone from all her running and climbing and a little chub from youth and... NO NO NO!

Dinosaurs! Remember the mouse boy!

His face really was betraying him though. He looked troubled and eager; playing his game unknowingly.

When he glanced up, he could tell she was scared and hurt. In fact. He hurt her. That was clear. She was being so much like that mouse boy and Bunny was pushing her away so hard. He was hurting her and she had started to tear up.

She quickly grabbed her pajama pants and sniffled.

"I'm sorry." She mumbled with her voice sounding a little raspy. She awkwardly rubbed her arm sitting there in her panties and tank top. "I really like you... my heart is all full of bees when we hang out, I'm like totally... in lo- in like with you." She sniffled up a glob of white goo and wet streams slid down her cheeks.

This was the hardest thing she ever did. Harder than being forgotten and left behind by her family. Harder then her brothers almost malicious insults. Harder than being an 11 year old diabetic. Harder then being a tomboy in an age where girls were all spice and Backstreet. Bunny was her only friend in the whole world.

"I... I ... uh... like you too." He said very vacantly not wanting or able to look up. Not daring to even lend her his eyes.

This was the part of the night where she would scream 'SUCKER' and laugh.


"I like you a lot. I guess." he mumbled a continuation. "And I think about you all the--"

Without any warning, Ketzio had leapt forward and kissed Bunny on the cheek as her arms wrapped around him.

His shorts didn't come off that night but her pants didn't go back on. The kiss was the highlight of their nights... probably lives.

They lied together as she buried her head in his neck and he held her. She watched him play his Game Gear as they both shook and trembled.

It was such a weird feeling that both of them were experiencing but neither wanted the night to end.

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6 years, 7 months ago
Beautiful story. ^_^
6 years, 7 months ago
These 2 are so adorable <333 >w<
6 years, 7 months ago
You two are so cuuuuute!
6 years, 7 months ago
Those two are just too cute together.
6 years, 7 months ago
I love the braces on GBB's teeth. they're a nice touch.
6 years, 7 months ago
Their affections for one another are so totally well-conveyed in the story... you guys have done a marvelous job emphasizing the highs and lows of teenage romance! Funny, touching, weird, heart-warming, adorable and very engrossing. I feel as if I can totally relate to how they feel, where their minds are set, their perceptions and persuasions... all so well-written. <3

The picture sweetens the story ten-fold too. Fascinating job with the lighting and pop-culture references! Bunny is the cutest gawky young lad ever and Ketzio is such a sweetheart! Freckle-faced, pony-tailed, beautiful kitten. <3 <3 You two make such an awesome pairing, its simply meant to be. :D Love it! Love reading about y'all, love seeing y'all... dude. I love you guys. 8D

Way to go with this story/art combo!
6 years, 7 months ago
Couldn't say it all better! :p
*thumbs up*
6 years, 7 months ago
Mew-mew-mew-mew~! <3
I can't have enough of you two!
This is simply heart-melting and wonderful story that I want to read forever! :p
It's written in such a smooth and lovely tone and words are picked up so well, aligned together to create a true beauty!
I just wanna squee now, it simply made my night! >^w^< <3 <3 <3
6 years, 7 months ago
Gotta make that bunny tail wiggle X3
6 years, 7 months ago
Kezio always wearing purple panties
6 years, 7 months ago
very nice work I love the scene very much it's very adorable too. 💗💕💗💕💗💕💗💕💗💕💗💕💗💕💗💕💗💕💗💕💗💕
6 years, 7 months ago
That game is difficult enough without a distractingly cute girl lurving over you while you play it D:
6 years, 7 months ago
See, it occurs to me, that while you draw porn good, your artstyle is meant for those goofy/silly moments. This is so cute guys, I love it. ^^
6 years, 7 months ago
Game Gear!  :D
6 years, 7 months ago
yes someone saw it! ^.=.^
6 years, 7 months ago
Good lord, each of these is even sweeter than the last! It's like you're trying to give us diabetes.
6 years, 7 months ago
" Darkewulf wrote:
Good lord, each of these is even sweeter than the last! It's like you're trying to give us diabetes.

I know, right? I've had to cut out the sweets from my diet. If this goes on for much longer my teeth are gonna fall out. =P
6 years, 7 months ago
I call bullshit on this. I'm not seeing like 2 packs of 16 AA batteries laying there. That'd be the shortest gaming session ever for a camping trip.
6 years, 7 months ago
Well you're not wrong there XD
6 years, 7 months ago
Let's not forget the batteries exploding after you put the Game Gear down on the kitchen counter to get something to eat :(
6 years, 7 months ago
I miss my Gamegear, had a lot of fun memories of that.
6 years, 7 months ago
i have 2 with some games and a carrying case along with the magnyfier lens and light xD
6 years, 7 months ago
Oh I remember that. Also...shouldn't realy say miss it. It's around here somewhere...
6 years, 7 months ago
Oh god, they just keep getting cuter. How can it beeeeeee <3
6 years, 7 months ago
" It was like she said: "Bunny, here's a million dollars", "Bunny, I will take off all my clothes and you can touch me all over", "Bunny, lets get married", or "Bunny, I'm an Alien".

This Christ guy sure loved carrots. He seemed to come up a lot when talking about them.

These are two of the greatest line's I have ever read in anything ever. XD
6 years, 7 months ago
Amazing story as always. Gotta say though, the thumbnail made me think she was uh....Gripping his carrot...And that things were moving to a more intimate setting for our two young adorable stars. Can't wait to see what cums...I mean comes next!!
6 years, 7 months ago
Bunny is way too cute here!
6 years, 7 months ago
I don't know if you guys know this, but it's not that easy to make a truly depressed person feel happy. But here you go. Making me smile and laugh with these stories every time. This is just so sweet and adorable I can't even think of words to describe it. Thank you for giving me something to smile about c:
6 years, 7 months ago
We're happy that these stories have that much of an effect! ^w^ Thank you so much for letting us know because that's a real day-brightening thing to be made aware of :D We hope to not disappoint in the future too, of course :3
6 years, 7 months ago
Oh, I couldn't imagine being dissapointed by your guys' work.
6 years, 7 months ago
alice cooper POIIISSOOOON =D
nice arts ~
6 years, 7 months ago
this is a lovely story ^^

and is That a Game Gear I see?
6 years, 7 months ago
Why yes. Yes it is :) and thank you very much~
6 years, 7 months ago
Braces+ Alice Cooper shirt + Battery eating sega game gear= awesome
6 years, 7 months ago
Oh my God that story was so adorable that I can't even handle it <3
6 years, 7 months ago
I really love these stories. They're always great and so adorable. Heh, though a little frustrating. I kept thinking, "No, dammit Bunny stop being so awkward and oblivious!" Though to be fair i would've been no better.
6 years, 6 months ago
This is a very sweet and thoughtful comment- thank you from both of us- sorry we saw it so late ^^
6 years, 6 months ago
No problem. Just glad you saw it and enjoyed it. Keep up the good work! :)
6 years, 2 months ago
This little trilogy was super cute. I really loved it. you guys always have the best stories, and art too of course! I always look forward to seeing something new from you two,or finding a story I haven't read yet. Seriously, so cute, amazing job on these.
6 years, 2 months ago
thank you very much- we anticipate doing more soon honestly
6 years, 1 month ago
Omg those braces are just... ♥_♥
5 years, 8 months ago
Holy balls this was nearly a year ago now.
5 years, 8 months ago
O.O damn, well, we haven't forgotten -- We'll definitely be picking up this narrative again  soon :3
5 years, 8 months ago
oh man that'd be cool, this has been one of my fave series from you guys.
5 years, 4 months ago
The part where Bunny was in the shower thinking of if kelso did something to his sister had me feeling really bad. Really well elaborated; I felt it, I really did. When Ketzio was in the living room I felt so relieved
5 years, 4 months ago
Thank you so much, Ketzio and really appreciate that.
5 years ago
Will we be seeing more of these Alt-reality cuties?
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