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Commissions, trades and gifts I've done for others
60 submissions
Skoxy Lady  by SilentRavyn
Making his Mark by SilentRavyn
"Blaze" - cover image by SilentRavyn
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Art painted with digital media
65 submissions
Duma by SilentRavyn
Snow Spirit  by SilentRavyn
Sinz Badge  by SilentRavyn
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Feral or quad critters
114 submissions
Ball!? by SilentRavyn
Snuggle by SilentRavyn
Duma by SilentRavyn
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Cartoon style drawings and paintings
250 submissions
An Unlikely Couple by SilentRavyn
Bunny Bottom by SilentRavyn
Got Tail? by SilentRavyn
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Fursuits that I have created
10 submissions
Blond Husky Fursuit by SilentRavyn
Kirara Suit by SilentRavyn
Silent Ravyn Fursuit by SilentRavyn
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Art colored using real media
204 submissions
Got Tail? by SilentRavyn
Ball!? by SilentRavyn
Bunny Bottom by SilentRavyn
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Realistic style drawings and pantings
27 submissions
Daydreaming by SilentRavyn
Sanctuary  by SilentRavyn
Autumn  by SilentRavyn
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Anthropomorphic critters
162 submissions
Got Tail? by SilentRavyn
Bladin` by SilentRavyn
An Unlikely Couple by SilentRavyn
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Any character references I've designed, whether just for future commissions or for a fursuit to be made.
18 submissions
Paul Shepherd Character Sheet  by SilentRavyn
Tamara Tigress Character Sheet  by SilentRavyn
Dyani Ref Sheet (Personal Character)  by SilentRavyn
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Any uncolored work
14 submissions
Spots on Silk - greyscale  by SilentRavyn
Coonie!  by SilentRavyn
Autumn  by SilentRavyn
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Smaller works like badges and ACEOs
18 submissions
Sinz Badge  by SilentRavyn
Lupus Londonwolf Badge  by SilentRavyn
Ravyn Squee Badge  by SilentRavyn
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Artwork about love or romance
28 submissions
An Unlikely Couple by SilentRavyn
Licks  by SilentRavyn
Your Eyes  by SilentRavyn
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Book covers or interior illustrations
6 submissions
"Blaze" - cover image by SilentRavyn
Saudade by SilentRavyn
Fur-Eh! Conbook Cover by SilentRavyn
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Any art that I've submitted or been asked to do for past conventions, including conbook art, badge art, website art, etc.
23 submissions
Scaredy Pup  by SilentRavyn
Serenity  by SilentRavyn
Punksky  by SilentRavyn
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Art done to specifically reference a show, comic, etc.
12 submissions
Pridelands Vitani by SilentRavyn
Flight Training by SilentRavyn
Harry Potter Badges by SilentRavyn
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Handmade plush animals that I`ve created
5 submissions
Ravyn Plush by SilentRavyn
Grey Fox Plush by SilentRavyn
Red Panda Plush by SilentRavyn
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