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By this crap man.
2 submissions
Steam Punk Pom Flatsale  by Panfe
5$ Adopt  by Panfe
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Of Panfe and Kururi Mostly
43 submissions
Quickest Way To My Heart Is Make Me A Sandwich.  by Panfe
Panfe - Quad form Specs  by Panfe
Only gonna eat your sandwiches when you're guard's down.  by Panfe
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As in FROM me.
53 submissions
[COM] Jingle-Bell : andogg  by Panfe
[COM] Ghost Light - Shadow Seer  by Panfe
[IA2] Insouciance - Grumpy Face.  by Panfe
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Dur. <3
15 submissions
[GA] Cat for Tamyra  by Panfe
[GA] Basalt  by Panfe
[GA] Why Can't You Share!?  by Panfe
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Self explanatory.
11 submissions
Box Trade  by Panfe
[AT] Technicolor Phase - Lehmamoo  by Panfe
[AT] Lonely Lullabies : xpastelchanx  by Panfe
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Not My Work (obviously).
9 submissions
Mao?  by Panfe
Panfe - A Living Wonder  by Panfe
The Music Moves You  by Panfe
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Works in Progress for Commissioners.
4 submissions
[COM] Smug Smiles - WIP  by Panfe
[COM] Ready The Guns! - WIP  by Panfe
[RAFFLE] Flopped Fuzz - WIP  by Panfe
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This includes all livestream freebies, and Christmas specials ordered.
7 submissions
Christmas Special Livestream Freebie - 1  by Panfe
Christmas Special Livestream Freebie - 2  by Panfe
Christmas Special Livestream Freebie - 4  by Panfe
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For my contests when I do have them.
4 submissions
Contest Lines - Haired  by Panfe
Contest Lines - Haired Ref  by Panfe
Contest Lines - Bald  by Panfe
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Because I did too damn many of these.
19 submissions
Magenta Continues Distracting Me  by Panfe
Kururi - Chibi  by Panfe
Cabana Chibi  by Panfe
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Gallery of Hers~
14 submissions
Kururi -- Corgie  by Panfe
Kururi's Favorite Victim - PrinnyEx  by Panfe
Kururi - Chibi  by Panfe
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From back when I actually did them. :U
9 submissions
Lily : Hakai's Fae  by Panfe
Owen : Puu's Guilty Pleasure  by Panfe
Livestream - 2 - Marla  by Panfe
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Most of this is NSFW, so you have been warned.
8 submissions
Iron Artist - 3 - Rayve_Kyuu  by Panfe
Iron artist - 5 - Sarah-Grey  by Panfe
Iron Artist - 6 &amp; 7 - Kewney  by Panfe
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Oh duh?
3 submissions
Livestream COM: Deskai  by Panfe
Livestream - Comm - 2 - Drayk  by Panfe
Livestream - 3 - Folseh  by Panfe
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Mainly characters from the LoL rp between me and a friend of mine.
1 submission
Martie  by Panfe
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